KUWTK | Kanye Raids Kim’s Closet | E!

Kim's boyfriend Kanye West brings in a stylist to help update her wardrobe. See which items will be the first to go. For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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KUWTK | Kanye Raids Kim's Closet | E!


  1. I thought she was a stylist…  so who coordinates Dash ? …  I used to like how she dressed… she wore more colors.. now is all blahhh

  2. why be with someone that is going to change you. you should be with someone who loves you for you and not someone that is going to control you and run your life.

    • +Barbara Boronda
      they have no life? how old are you cause your the one on youtube spazzing out on people you dont even know. no one said she was god. he is not controlling and if your in a relationship its not a sin to change for that person. he knows alot about fashion so he has an input. its not like he held a gun to her head and was like throw away them boots of ill kill you.

    • I have a right to my opinion and even her family says he is controlling and not right for her. its why rob has nothing to do with her 

    • Your obviously crazy and obsessive over this family. And yes you do have a right to an opinion but you are expressing false accusations. But it is what it is

  3. i actually love them together. people make comments on things they know nothing about. kim obviously asked him to do this because she says at :28 that he’s inspired her to change. i’m pretty sure being the control freak kim is, she wouldn’t just let someone change her style without her say. kanye is really not a bad person and he treats kim like a princess. 

    •  It is even more special when your man cares about how you dress out in the public. Ladies, you do represent your man when you are on his arm out in public. How you look is a reflection upon him. Seriously, man of integrity does not want HIS LADY to dress in a manner that reflects negativity upon her. Save that less material and more skin ( especially breast and butt busting out, and images of the vajayjay being apparent) for the bedroom or the privacy of your home. Only a man pimping out his woman wants her to dress the “less is best” out in public. Only a less secure man would trout his woman like that as if to say, look fellas @ what I am banging.

    • +blessed14real well she does wear see-through clothing a lot and shows off her cleavage plenty. Plus she’s been naked a lot. If kanye wants kim to look presentable or respectable then she can do that in a classy way. I guess he has no integrity youre saying?

  4. It’s so funny kim told Kanye she should keep something for her daughter one day

  5. Lol I love how she predicted her future accurately in those last few second’s. 

  6. she says she’s inspired to be more of an individual, then proceeds to have two people come in her closet and tell her they hate everything she likes. lmao

  7. ” I want to be more of an individual”  as her controlling boyfriend goes through her closet and tells her what she can’t wear.   Sad. 

    • +Nicole Zerone Plus, like he re-organized her wardrobe but to his taste still so it is a tiny bit controlling..

    • MrsDarcyfans u dumb af she asked him to go in her closet tf wrong with u type of person to start problems out of nowhere. Sad 😭😭😭

    • MrsDarcyfans you’re dumb he was asked by Kim to help and he isn’t forcing her to change anything. You sad human being.

  8. **wannabee ratchet voice** Oh hell no, pretty sure North ain’t gonna want that bag

  9. She dresses absolutely amazing now thanks to him. And is now a complete fashion icon. She’s so high fashion and sleek now. She always looked so tacky before this makeover.

    • It was so sad. I didn’t watch this until this year and I could not believe how ugly her closet was.

    • And yet you can’t tell the same for you. I don’t need to see how you dress to know that. People with no taste are always like that

    • +carmonkey Same – but in this case, Kanye is truly an expert and Kim seems open to developing her aesthetic. Ladies do it for their men all the time! Kim was so tacky prior to Kanye’s input and now she’s a fashion icon so I’m sure she has no regrets. I think it’s empowering in it’s own way to recognise that maybe this isn’t something that is her forte and to relinquish some control. Sometimes we grow from accepting advice, rather than being stubborn. Because Kim has a public identity, this was a good business strategy. If you can’t do something well – hire someone who can! (if you got the means obv)

  10. Kanye be like: hello no. I ain’t letting my daughter carry around that trashy bag

  11. “Shouldn’t I keep this for my daughter one day?” Hoarder alert! LOL

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