KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Recounts Scary Stalker Incident | E!

The "Kardashians" star reveals to Kris Jenner and Scott Disick how she reacted when faced with an intruder at her home. Watch Kendall tell all.

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Recounts Scary Stalker Incident | E!


  1. yea. he stays in jail until trial so they can squeeze an unfair plea deal out of him. If he was rich he’d simply bail out and await trial in freedom.

    • ThinkLascivious I wish he would do that at my house I would shoot him where the sun don’t shine you have the right to defend yourself.

    • Await trial for traumatizing somebody by following them into their home uninvited and completely unknown? No, he deserves jail time. “unfair” plea? Please. It’s not unfair, he made the choice to do something so incredibly stupid.

  2. why would she call her friends before the cops if she was so scared??? if someone is following you, calling the cops is the logical thing to do.

    • Yes cuz I mean it’s the middle of the night and yer going to call your friend and say……”hey (insert name here) I guys following me wanna come over I’m crying “

    • Emily Rose Erwin cause the cops have millions of things to do so she could have been hurt because the police don’t come up n 10 seconds they come in probably 3 minutes

    • Emily Rose Erwin maybe her friend lives close by and can get faster than police who knows. 🤔🤔

    • Tbh cops take FOREVER…Calling a friend who lives nearby or something makes way more sense

    • Because she has Anxiety. Anxiety has the ability to make those who suffer with it make rash decisions at times more than logical ones.

  3. You know whenever they are at someone’s house it shows the outside of the house and says who’s house it is. They should stop doing that.

  4. i do feel bad for them but no one really knows the truth it bugs me to death wether it’s crap or not…they are public figures but at the end they are people

    • They’re faking it for material for the show. It creates drama and drama = views. You want to know what happens next so you watch. Their everyday lives aren’t that exciting. We only see pieces of their lives. So with the show, the producers and writers of the show need to come up with exciting material for the viewer. So coming up with all this stalking stuff and anything else that comes up on the show is interesting. None of it is real, the stories are all made up for your entertainment and they’re bad actors.

    • It really happened and they really did talk about it, but they do it again in front of a camera. Thats reality TV

  5. wtf why does it seem like her mom is just finding out about this and doesnt know about the trial lol

  6. its cool that hes getting in trouble for it, but if this was an everyday person getting stalked the police wouldn’t arrest them that easy and have a trial for it lol, funny what Money can do in terms of making you more entitled to safety

    • And your point is?…. If she didn’t have that money and fame, she would not be stalked in the first place…

  7. how do hell is Scott so invested in the story also it’s on the verge of mockery jeez lmao

    • It never happened, it was material written by the writers and producers of the show for your viewership to create drama. I know someone who works on the Kardashian show, they say 90% of what you hear is fake to get you to watch the show and think “I wonder what happens next”. It works like a charm.

    • jetliFAN you can look up public police records and find out the stalker was arrested and there was a trial. It’s all public info that you can cross reference and fact check. Police departments and courts don’t fabricate public documents and arrests/charges for reality tv shows.

  8. Idk what she was expecting to happen after moving to a non gated residential area her address and home are literally on TMZ, Dailymail, and every major celebrity news source. Although gated communities aren’t 100% effective at all times in my opinion that would be a much more logical decision.

    • Jimmy Kimmel lives their to, but nobody dared to stalk him or his family.
      It doesn’t matter where she lives, it doesn’t change the fact that the stalker should’ve not done what he did.
      Stop the victim shaming.
      Even though they show part of their lives to the public, it doesn’t give people the right to tresspass their property if they’re no juridical reasons.

    • dear god, these responses! nobody is shaming the victim, what the hell is wrong with you people? it’s like people just sit around waiting for the apportunity to use this phrase! nobody is saying that the stalker had any right to go inside her house, and nobody is denying he’s in the wrong, all they’re saying is that living in a non-gated residential area is gonna make it easier for stalkers to find you, and we know this familly had their fair share of stalkers, she needs to be more serious about her security for this not to happen again. nobody is blaming her, they’re just stating the obvious.

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