KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Helps Mediate Between Kourtney & Kris Jenner | E!

Old memories are making Kourtney Kardashian resent her mom because Kris' affair while she was married to Robert Kardashian Sr. Watch the drama on "KUWTK".

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Helps Mediate Between Kourtney & Kris Jenner | E!


  1. Kourtney Is still hurt about her parent’s divorce. She obviously resents her mom for cheating on Robert but at some point she has to let it go. I doubt she will ever get married out of fear that her kids may go through that one day

  2. Is Khloe serious??? Like Wtf?? She was or still is probably the main one who disrespects their Mom all the time!🙄😳

    • That’s what I was thinking. Khloe is always disrespecting Kris and calling her idiot and other things!

    • Khayar Diagne exactttllyyy I was just thinking that then had to scroll down to see if anyone thought it too


    • You’re right, Khloe definitely has been very disrespectful to her mom… HOWEVER, why are we blaming Khloe for that? Kris is their mother, she was the one to raise her daughters. Kris is at fault for how her daughters disrespect her! You can tell what kind of mother she is by not even having a one to one conversation with Kourtney herself.

  3. Kourtney is always the black sheep of the family. It’s no secret that Kris has different relationships with her daughters. She has never really been at Kourtneys side. She is always advocating for Kim and sometimes the others but Kourtney has always been on her own. Of course that’s a huge strain on their relationship. Kris never comes to her defense when they are fighting between siblings. She never defends her from any of her sisters. Kourtney must be really hurt from the past and their current non existent relationship. It’s not her fault.

    • I think the mom takes the side of who she thinks is right. She doesn’t take sides just to take sides. If Kourtney is wrong she isn’t going to enable her behavior by taking her side.

    • They have been enabling Kourtneys behaviour for years. She is most if the time wrong but the shelter her feelings. It’s time they treat her like she treats them. Now she is struggling with that

    • maybe thats because Kourtney acts cold towards her mum? and kim is thoughtful and supportive and defends her against her sisters when they shout at her? , khloe is always shouting and swearing at her mum? when was the last time u saw Kourtney give her mum a hug?think about that and then u will see why kris favours kim more, and its not even about favouring, when someone acts more affectionate towards you and not cold you tend to grvitate towards them more and enjoy their company. like right now, instead of Kourtney spending time with her mum , she brings up her past mistakes and brings her down, who wud want to be around someone like that who shows u outright resentment and puts u on the spot for things u made wen tyou were younget thats u now regret and cannot change? you can just click the link and watch why kris favours kim, she actually pays attention to her mum and notices her pains and is there for her. again.. when whave you evr seen Kris cry and have Kourt or Khloe hug her. the way they treat her makes her shut down on them and makes her feel rejected and the way kim treats her allows her to open up to her and feel loved


  4. Kris was so wrong for that dig. Kourtney having a boyfriend AFTER breaking up with Scott is nothing like having an affair. Please Kris.

    • kokolatte825 I think she was trying to say that her predicament besides the “affair” is the same, 3-4 young kids with separated parents… that is kourtneys life.

    • +V Wbb lol. The main part about Kris’ relationship with Todd is that she was sleeping with him while married which is what led to the divorce. But, you are right, Kris is probably skimming over that part in her mind.

    • I agree. And I think if Kourt has issues, work it out with your therapist. We don’t know if Kris has apologized for putting them in that situation, etc. But Younes and Scott are not like Robert and Todd lol.

  5. Sometimes when the youngest talks to the oldest, its goes a miss at times.
    Alot of the time the oldest was there n saw how things really went down……and their silence on certain things is out of respect, cos everyone else thinks the stories gone another way…..im just sayin

    • Elley Black it’s true my sister brings up my parents fighting in our childhood and I just had no idea. She said to me “don’t you remember I would bring you upstairs and lock the door because mom and dad would be fighting downstairs?” I said no, I just thought we were playing upstairs. This means my sister did her job I am so thankful for her she protected us and that’s why my ideas on love and marriage are quite different from hers I hope she heals she deserves the world. Peace and love to all💕

    • YESSSS! I love this comment. Totally how I feel with me being the oldest I saw things others didn’t . Khloe won’t understand cause she’s the youngest.

    • But it was admitted that Kris never brought him to the house. She only hold resentment cause she believes that is what broke then apart.

  6. Kourtney has every right to feel that way about her mom’s cheating. Kris is dead wrong for trying to compare Kourtney to her.

    • I feel for Kourtney. I know things about my mother nobody in this family does. I see her a different way. Dating back to the day I read her diary.

    • I think most affairs come down to a FOMO…people think there’s something (or someone) better going on somewhere else. Usually, it’s not true, and life has other plans for you.

    • ishualcharron her mother’s choice destroyed their family so I think she now resents her. Kris isnt a good example for a mother to begin with. She cheated on all her partners not just rob.

  7. I totally understand Kourtney. Kris cheated on their dad a million times and ruined the marriage. Kourtney loved her dad and I can completely understand why she’s angry at her mother for cheating so many times on a great dad and ruining their marriage/family. Parents make a million terrible mistakes and just expect the children to accept and deal with it all…

    • and for Kris to compare Courtney to her shows how little she understands her mistakes. How can you compare cheating on your husband and have a boyfriend after breaking up with a man who cheated on you. You’d think the mom would be a little more sensitive.

    • Jamie I don’t think Kris ever expected Kourtney just to accept it but probably hoped that after this length of time, and being a parent herself she might realise that parents aren’t perfect and make mistakes. As an adult, Kourtney has the choice to move on and leave the past in the past or hold onto a grudge. As much as her family can’t force her to move on, she can’t force her family to be ok that she still holds this grudge.

    • Cheating a million times is not a mistake, it’s a choice. And then attacking Kourtney with a lie to make herself feel better is disgusting. I love Kris but she’s wrong for this.

  8. To be fair to Kourtney, Kris does treat her very differently than the other daughters. So it’s not so easy to give the benefit of the doubt when you are clearly the least favorite and get treated as such

    • Maybe because she won’t let her in… You can’t force it, only be there with open arms when she comes..

    • or maybe its the other way around. Kris always sides with cheaters because she relates and doesn’t see it as such a horrible thing. Even when Scott and Kourtney just broke up, she would find him at her mothers home being comforted by Kris when he was the one who cheated. Kris has never been loyal to Kourtney and took her strength for granted when all a daughter wants is to be comforted by her mother.

    • Kris is a shitty mother.
      And kourt is the only one who knows exactly what happened or what she saw or heard …
      The Jenner sisters even act weird with her.esp Kendall.just around coz Kris knows how to make money for them all.

    • Mazi Tom but they were much younger back then it’s odd to watch grown up women behave this way towards their own sister

    • +Saltanat Dochshanova girl Kourtney was still a grown up throughout this whole show. And Kourtney has had the same attitude throughout the show. If she had matured I would have felt bad for her. But she is just more butter than she was in season 1. She is the one who needs to find a therapist that doesn’t let her gloss over her issues and actually go through them because clearly she needs the help. I’m not saying that she should forgive her mom for cheating in her dad but she is 40 years old harbouring a grudge? If her mom dies then what? She is just going to add to her already numerous issues. She needs to forgive for her own sanity.

    • +Mazi Tom what do you mean exactly? I’ve watched every season and have never had a problem with kourtney. She is (almost) always right and seems like a very nice and loyal person.

  9. Kris definitely needs to understand the difference between and affair & relationship because Kourtney definitely was not in an affair at all. Also Scott was the one who cheated why doesn’t she remember that!?

  10. Really Kris? You NEVER clap back at your child who you deeply hurt by cheating on their father. Kourtney having a relationship with someone after ending it with Scott is NOTHING like what you did. Own up to your actions and start acting like a parent.

    • It’s funny when this family say “do not judge us”. But I wish kourtney kids behave the same way the way she’s with her mother. What goes around comes around.

    • minta doll that’s not a fair thing to say…whatever you say about Kourtney she is a great mother. Kourtney’s resentment towards her mother is due to the fact that she being the eldest witnessed the cheating and saw how her dad suffered and how their family suffered. Kourtney put her children before herself in so many situations going as far as forgiving Scott for cheating (forgiving as in being friendly with him for the sake of her children and letting him around ). Kourtney’s attitude towards her mother is justifiable due to what she been through but saying that her children should behave the same way with Kourtney isn’t justified since Kourtney never did her children wrong and never hurt them the way Kris hurt her

  11. khloe is the one always disrespecting her mother and kourtney is the oldest so she probably remembers more what happened

  12. Kourtney is the eldest, and no two siblings have the same experience. She is in the right to feel the way she does.

    • L E I completely agree with you.. However, holding onto that feeling can be extremely toxic to not only herself but to others. Kourtney is not wrong for feeling that way. But eventually it’s going to eat up Kourtney day by day if she doesn’t learn to let go of that hurt. Speaking as a child from divorced parents who’s mother also started seeing other people during her marriage, it’s really hard.. it’s not easy to forgive and let go and I completely understand how Kourtney feels.. But I also know how deeply it can affect you by not letting that pain go. I hope Kourtney can find a way to let go of that hurt and be able to be free from that pain.

    • +Freddie Mercury problem here is that kris herself doesn’t even seem to be sorry about it…did you hear what she tried telling kourt?? Trying to make her feel like she’s doing the same with her own life?? Did u really catch that?? Kris hurt her kid esp kourt and am sure kourt knows something that she’s never shared out loud …maybe she even saw them together who knows …but Kris ruined kourts outlook on love n relationships and she doesn’t look like she ever really was remorseful or attempted to deal with it with her first seed …. surely u can see the problem here..

    • lavidavi86 I completely agree with you and I definitely saw what her mom tried to do to her. I definitely caught it. However, people need to forgive others for THEMSELVES, not because they think that what the person who did them wrong is okay now. No, it’s to progress in life. You must move on and forgive those so you can be free from the pain those people gave you. It might take Kourt years and years because you’re right, she probably saw or heard a lot more than we know. But as long as Kourtney tried to forgive, for herself, it’s going to make Kourtney toxic. And I would hope and pray that anyone who has gone through some traumatic experiences would be able to find peace with what happened to them for them to reach their optimum happiness. Does that make sense?

    • +Freddie Mercury yap.totally true. Forgive for yourself to be able to move on. It’s just this clip shows what a vile woman her mum is by what she says to her ..it’s no wonder she’s still hurt till now.the mother doesn’t even acknowledge what she did.kourt has a right to feel how she feels. I think she needs to leave this fakeness of their life behind once n for all. She’s clearly never loved it n it makes her have to be around her mum probs increasing her hatred for her as she probs knows she’s pretending n views her as a lier. She needs space to heal.

    • lavidavi86 lavidavi86 I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m sure that’s why Kourt seems so distant now a days in this season. She’s probably over how their family deals with situations or lack morals and values. I don’t blame her trying to push herself away from the family because they are all toxic and the first person who started it all was their mother. Who really doesn’t give the love and support she should be giving to her child. I’m sorry, but if you hurt your child and they can’t get over it.. Kris needs to step up your game as a mother and be there for her first baby. You can just see it all over Kris’s face like she’s not even fazed by how hurt Kourtney is. Their mom can be very selfish in many ways. I think the only way she would heal is if she took a break from the show and tried therapy with her and her mom alone. No cameras, nothing. Just them two to talk about it and try to create understanding between Kourtney’s hurt. If I could roll my head further back into my skull I would lol. This family is becoming so irritating!

  13. No she does not mediate at all. They are bullying Kourtney. A mediater does not take side. This headline is a big fail. And why cant Kourtney feel the way she feels? Thats really not any others business.

    • For real!!! Kourtney has every right to feel the way she feels. All they do is bully her. They just refuse to hear her finally tell them their truths to their face so they attack her and make her feel like she’s the crazy one when in reality she’s being the realest and the rest are living in their fake world.

  14. Kourtney has in my opinion a lot of unresolved issues with her mum and there is a lot of anger but she shuts it down and deals with it in a passive aggressive way instead of just letting it out it explains why she’s so emotionally disconnected she’s seen and heard things as a child and being the eldest she remembers it better than the others she’s carrying a lot of childhood baggage that’s why she had a messed up relationship with Scott

    • I agree but her messed up relationship with Scott was because of Scott’s cheating, alcoholism, and abuse.

  15. *Kourtney’s situation is COMPLETELY different than her mum and dads. Kourtney is 100% right! She is NOT having an affair*

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