KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq Fight to Save Friendship | E!

Khloé's BFF is feeling neglected! Watch Khloé and Malika have a heart-to-heart about their friendship on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq Fight to Save Friendship | E!


  1. Maliqua and Jordyn both need to find their own way and get out of their bestfriend’s shadow. I feel like they could be bigger than what they are

    • Jordyn has come out of someone else’s shadow, maybe not Kylie’s but she did get a modeling career without the fact that she’s Will Smith’s niece following her the way some people have “so and so’s wife” following them. Does that make sense?

    • They need to find something they are passionate about like a hobby/job instead of being in their friends shadow

    • +Selena Bagby you do her and her twin sisters been in movies tht how i new bout them from skyhigh and ATL

  2. When people are in love they tend to forget the people who have been there since the beginning! Life is too short… spend time with each and every loved one.. don’t ever take then for granted!

    • Tina Hang the next time the haters attack you there mouths take it because to dealt it with your words it’s not like miss Kardashian is going to attack you back with mean words but they have a way of coming back around what u sow u will reap. ..

    • I used to love khloe the most out of all the sisters. Now she looks ridiculous. Fake. Those lips and that stupid vacant face she makes like Kim. Yuck

  3. Nope..I think Khloe found a man and forgot about her oldest friend who has been there for her through it all.

  4. I just couldn’t take Khloe serious with those lips! All this serious talk and all I can do is laugh at those duck lips ^^ I feel horrible but I can’t stop!

  5. It surprises me that Khloe is totally missing Malika’s point. They’ve been friends since they were kids and Malika clearly feels like she’s no longer important to Khloe. I have a friend like Khloe who every time she finds a man, everyone else is irrelevant. It’s annoying.

  6. Khloe is really good at fixing the prombles she makes. Most people probably would have been defensive if someone would tell them they’re not doing something right.

    • Danielle Laplune uhm sorry coz that was nt genuine… that was nt a conversation between best friends malika should really let khloe go coz now we jst sw that she really isnt of khloes level no more look at khloes reaction… if I was malika I would hv walked gv me raw emotions… nt fake

  7. She’s not needy she’s being a friend who’s missed her friend. Malika has been there since all of Khloe’s relationships especially the ones that have failed and she was always a shoulder for Khloe to cry on. Now that Khloe is in love with Tristan and moved its like she forgot about the one person who was with her through everything. People tend to do that a lot in real life. They forget about their friends who have been there for them and God forbid they die that’s when they wanna act like they’ve always been there. Life’s too short to be forgetting about the most important people in your life. At least call her a few times of week to show her that you care. Stop being selfish 😩

    • Shanice, I love your comment….beautifully written. And guess who’s gonna be crying on who’s shoulder now? Khloe probably crying RIGHT NOW on Malika’s shoulder since it came out that Tristan has been cheating on her. I wish I had a true female friend like Malika, I would never let go. Khloe better wake up. Oh, but I do love that hug Khloe gave her in this episode, that was nice. They both needed that. 🙂

    • Malaina Johnson and my comment was written a month ago and look what happened. And she’s definitely crying on Malika’s shoulders right now. Malika flew out to be with her and was there for her when she had her daughter so to everyone else above me that disagreed with what I said. Y’all dumb AF and I’m glad Tristan cheating proved that 😂😂 and thank you Malaina for being one of the few smart ones in this post. We need more friends like you and Malika and less selfish folks

    • Let me also add that black MEN who marry non-black women (specifically white women) have the HIGHEST DIVORCE RATES, over all other couples combined. So when these “brothas” date out, they typically don’t last very long anyway. And once again the reason for that has to do with the silly, superficial reasons a lot of black men choose to go outside their race to begin with. Not knocking interracial dating, as I participated in the past myself, but the point I’m making is that a lot of black men do not stay with their white partners for the long-haul. I’m surprised Kim and Kanye are still going hard. Although, let’s not forget the breakdown Kanye had a couple years ago, oh and the fact that Kanye West is NOT black. Lol!

    • Well… I could see SEASONS ago that Malika wasn’t all that nice to Khloe (giving her attitude, being jealous, mad at her for little things, etc.). I remember thinking, “Khloe is tooooo nice, why does she even stay friends w/ this girl?” Malika may be loyal, but I don’t think Khloe really enjoys her company lol

    • Rhya Weeks No, Malika is in LOVE with Khloe. She’s jealous of Tristan. I don’t blame her, Khloe’s hot.

    • Malika is always 2nd…a friends dont drop u bc u have a man….why she has 2 say that?

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