KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian & Scott Disick’s Art Shaming Prank Continues | E!

When will the "Kardashians" stars tell Kris Jenner about her fraudulent pieces from Art Vandelay? Watch the duo weigh their options on "KUWTK."

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian & Scott Disick's Art Shaming Prank Continues | E!


    • Mama Bear ill mannered because it’s different to your tradition. My sister calls my dad by his first name and I don’t call him anything at all, I just go straight to the topic.

    • +IrishClaire Bear – I agree with her, who told you she’s ‘pissed’ off?
      Shes just expressing herself, what you are doing is assuming and judging.
      Which is wrong.

      Secondly – Mama Bear was truthful in her description of ‘khloe’, that is exactly what she is … rude, disrespectful and ill-mannered just like the time they throw cake all over her (kris) and the time they throw water of her (kris) and all the other times….

      But the only thing is that she is not a ‘child’ shes AN ADULT!

  1. Nice to see Scott always welcome in the family. His parents are gone and he will always be apart of that family.

    • Karen Hardie yeah but he sacrificed his parents for the money and fame that comes with being around the Kardashians.

    • Both parents have passed away and Scott is an only child. He needs to be a part of a family that loves him.

  2. i don’t know why. but i feel like Scott’s can’t leave The Kardashian’s family because he fits them perfectly

    • After their first child Mason was born Scott complained about his and Kourtney’s relationship and how it did not have the same spark it used to. She then got pregnant and had their daughter Penelope but Scott made it clear to Kourtney that he did not want anymore children and when she got pregnant with their third child, Reign, that pretty much ended their relationship. Kourtney was only really staying with Scott so that all of her kids would have the same father. Kourtney wanted to be a mom but didn’t want to be in a relationship with Scott. When her family was telling her to leave Scott all those years ago the only reason why she didn’t was because she wanted more kids who had the same father.

    • Kourtney kept Scott around, her family grew to love and accept him and once Kourtney was finished with Scott, she gets an attitude that her family considers Scott to be family but it’s Kourtney’s fault that her family loves Scott. Kourtney kept Scott around and now she expects them to cut him off when he has no other family but hers and Kris is not going to do that. Kourtney is just mad at the situation she created years ago.

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