KUWTK | Khloé’s Naked Truth | E!

Khloé confronts her body image issues when she has to take it all off for a PETA photo shoot. See how she does! For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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KUWTK | Khloé's Naked Truth | E!


  1. she is beautiful she is not fat its all in her head she is sensational and real.

  2. I feel so bad for her she struggles so much with her insecurities, I’d feel the same way though I mean if kim kardashian was my sister

  3. I think If she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it then I think it’s very wrong to peer pressure someone in doing something naked in front of people

  4. It’s sad how Khloe is sad how the rest is skinnier than her. Her body is perfect, she probably eats well, and she should embrace it

    • Simply Syd102 she just didn’t have the lifestyle they had. Ate whatever and drink whatever. But she was not fat. It’s just her BMI was different. She also has curves. And on top of that she was always compared to her sisters.

    • They All eat well. Her body just handles it different because she’s not built like the rest of her sisters since she has alex roldan as her biological father and not Robert kardashian Sr. Or bruce Jenner’s genetic makeup..

  5. I’m so proud of her now. She’s really worked hard to get the body she wants and shes so confident now it’s such a nice thing to see.

    • Madi T Bruh she got her body reduced then she worked out to the size she wanted and put the remaining in her butt…

  6. Honestly I’m 13 and I’m prob fatter than Khloe, like come on you’re gorgeous💖

  7. Omg Malika is always acting so thirsty around khloe 🤔
    I just started watching KUWTK so let me know if I’ve missed something here

  8. Maybe its just me but I felt like Kim was trying to intimidate her  and she felt some type of way about Khloe weight loss.

  9. This doesn’t make sense. She’s doing a naked photo shoot for PETA, for animal rights… But she wears fur and leather… And I’m pretty sure she’s not a vegan/vegetarian. Explain to me how this makes sense?

    • JJ X ikr that stuff happens in the movies ( photographers + directors but I didn’t think it happens in real life

  10. The “drop the rope” part made me uncomfortable asf! 😷😷🙄 geez he could’ve said something to make her feel comfortable…

  11. BIBLE one of the most famous words in kardashian history DID ANYBODY ELSE NOTICE THAT HE MIGHT BE a perv cause i felt even more uncomfortable when he said drop the rope BOI SHE SAID NO LEAVE HER ALONE

  12. The photographer did nothing wrong. She set up the shoot, it’s not just for fun, it’s for PETA. Going through all the prep and then quitting last second was unprofessional of Khloe. I get why she did it, and I’m sad that her insecurities got the best of her, but she made a commitment. The photographer was doing his job and trying to keep her focused.

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