KUWTK | Kim K. Is “Dying” to Go to Her 20-Year HS Reunion But… | E!

Find out what is holding the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star back from committing to her high school reunion! It's something huge.

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KUWTK | Kim K. Is "Dying" to Go to Her 20-Year HS Reunion But… | E!


  1. It sounds selfish as if she is choosing the reunion over her sisters birth; but to delay her arrival a few hours so she can attend her 20 year reunion is reasonable. It doesnt have to be either or. The most important person to be there for Khloe is her mom, the sisters can be a bit late.

    • She’s just giving birth, it’s not like she’s giving birth to the Jesus reincarnation.

    • It’s not selfish when everybody’s always popping out babies in that family, sometimes people just don’t have the time to see every child being born 😆

    • Khloe was there for everybody giving birth to their child except Rob and Kim last daughter. If Kim was having this baby and Khloe wanted to go to her class reunion Kim would have had a fit

  2. on what i saw in kim’s IG story. She went to her 20 years high school renuion she slayed and wearing a purple dress

    • I think you should experience it. You always say you want to experience things but I don’t think you actually want to experience things because you would experience it if you wanted to experience things

    • I so agree with we are living in the last days but part that you got it wrong it the true creator name is not Jesus Christ or Lord or God its Yahusha which it means he saves and his name is Abba too which means father in hebrew

  3. Why are people saying she’s being selfish? I don’t see any problem with her wanting to do both!
    Reunions are meant to show people how much you’re slaying at life & hala at haters & forever lovers😁😆🔥

    • Munch Maila because it was a I have to be there and I’m sure I’ll make it to the birth aka second choice lol

    • Ya baby is not going anywhere and will still be a baby once it gets home! 20 year reunion is once in a life time!

    • She is being selfish because she wants to do the reunion first not her sisters birth and some of her sisters were there for her birth

    • A 38yo who is still bent out of shape over something that happened in high school? That is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. If you’re over the age of 20 and still caring about stuff that happened in high school, you fail at life.

    • +Tiffani Farrington exactly what they’re doing because Kim texts them…. Hahaha yeeeah totallllly.

    • +Maria Kalb We were trying to find ourselves. I used to live by her high school… All those kids have money… None of them had to struggle and they couldn’t last a day in a regular person’s shoes. I actually thought high school reunions was a thing of the past because of social media

  4. She wants to go back to her reunion and look down on everyone and show off. Shes a multi billion dollar celeb while everyone else is living a normal life. 😂😂 kims gonna go around askinf everyone…..”so how you been? What do you do for a living?”….then she responds with…..” ohhh im jus a famous multi billion dollar celeb married to a very famous rapper, oh and did you see my porn video?”…😂😂😂

    • +Diorama Ma 900 million 1 billion….either way shes filthy rich idiot 😂😂😂 either way you put it shes a multi millionaire soon to be billionaire. She is super rich either way you put it

    • +HITMAN 808 Yes she is super rich lol I can tell you, a rich person knows the difference between

    • I’m just talking about actual numbers, if you don’t know the difference between a million and a billion you need to go back to school. Hahahahha

    • Diorama Ma girl, shut up. where did i say $900 million? i said YEEZY’S are valued at $1.5 BILLION

  5. A 20 year reunion is a once in a lifetime thing, but so is watching Khloe give birth to her first daughter. Kim’s not selfish for wanting to do both & In the end she conquered both bc the universe knew she couldn’t chose ha!

    • I think what was selfish was asking her mum to change her flight plans to suit her needs instead of Khloe’s. She should’ve just said she’ll make her own way there after the reunion.

    • +Flutterby 84 she asked that bc she wanted to fly there with her & didn’t want to fly by herself. She wasn’t be snooty about it all either. She just simply asked & Kris said no & it was the end of that lol . It wasn’t anything about it really.

    • They could video tape the birth and baby will still be baby once it gets home! 20year reunion is once in a life time!

    • +katt brown yeah but when you’re there witnessing something is always more meaningful 💓

    • @ieasha edmond exactly! That’s why the reunion is a better decision! But at the end she did both so way to go Kim!

    • IRK!!! sometimes they show them getting their glam on and the shades they use for their faces are sooo different, it shows in camera light so much… IDK if it’s the different light they use when filming or if video cameras just have different color sensitivity, but it looks like they go like 3 shades too dark for their faces always

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