KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Calls Khloé a “Big Bully” | E!

Khloé thinks the family isn't spending enough time with her in Costa Rica and Kim is having none of it! See it on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Calls Khloé a "Big Bully" | E!


  1. I Think Khloe just really misses her family. She spends a lot of her time in Cleveland now

    • M Moneyyy in one of the scenes from this vacation Kris asks how are things going with Tristan. So they were together at this point

    • Yeah but its her choice. In every situation she always manages to victimise herself

    • SIMLINDILE CHALOT Nyathi she sure won’t be now after Tristan cheating on her while she was pregnant!!!

  2. you know you’ve been rich for a long time when you fight when in Costa Rica 😂

    • I’m from Europe and I had a huge argument with my parents at a Broadway show in New York.. You don’t have to be rich… It happens. I had hives all over because of all the walking and I didn’t want to go to the show they booked and we got in a heated argument because they already paid and stuff. If there’s an argument you’re going to have it regardless

    • What about the families in Costa Rica that have fights here and there 👀lmao

    • +ulli1235 exactly, you can be in Costa Rica as a rich person or taking a family day trip to the shore a few miles down the road as a very-not-rich person, families still fight when forced to be in close proximity to each other unnaturally for extended periods of time.

  3. I can’t believe Khloe is going from being my fave sister to my least fave sister and Kim is going from being my least fave sister to my fave sister 😭

  4. Khloe is seriously so annoying and whiny. What I’d do to be there. Glad Kim put her in her place.

    • EWTN WEBSITE the problem with pple who insist on speaking their minds all the time (FYI most of them have the thinnest skin they can’t take it when you dish it back) anyway .. there comes a time when you find yourself going ok ok I know ! heard it all before now shush. she always gets her way! Kim was right to shut her up

  5. Khloe has a very foul mouth. I just never liked her based on how she disrespects her mom by cussing at her and treating her as anything but her mother.

    • Rose Nguyen She does that cause she’s really not a kardashian…. she’s mad at Kris for not knowing who her dad is😒Caues it sure ain’t Robert Kardashian !!😬

    • People have different relationships with their parents. Some have more a friendship type and they can speak how ever they want to.. it doesn’t mean they love or respect their parent any less.
      Although I do agree she has a foul mouth, but that’s just some people’s personalities. My dad cusses like every other word.

  6. I think khloe went by herself and the other siblings had their partners or kids with them, I think she’s lonely.

  7. Khloe has turned into like a 2007 kim when she would complain about everything.

  8. Khloe is still my fav I understand her, sometime I feel like she is really the one treated like the black sheep her and Rob. She sticks up for her family they never do it for her.

  9. This family is so controlling. They all want to control each other’s actions. They get so annoyed when one isn’t in formation.

    • Yup. They care about public image so much. You can see it in the Caitlyn drama both Caitlyn and the family are trying to control the other side and they get revenge through the media. They are a dysfunctional family. It’s the same thing with the Rob and Chyna drama. The family uses fame and danggles it to get complacency.

    • +Shady Tyrell not Kourtney though. She honestly just minds her business and keeps to herself.

  10. Khloe is a miserable person. Clearly money doesn’t always make you happy

  11. Kim’s turning gangsta lol… look at her sitting position and her walk away look lol!

  12. I love how Kim shut her up real quick. Khloe doesn’t know how to express herself without being super rude or passive aggressive, and that is very annoying. No one is going to want to listen to that.

    • Exactly when it’s a issue or a situation I like to have a calm and a professional conversation that ends with a clear and mutual understanding. I have to deal with passive and aggressive people every day and it’s really annoying and frustrating.

  13. Kim has changed alot after everything in paris. She is bolder, more genuine, & her personality seems stronger. She’s finally standing up to Khloe who has been the family bully for years.

    • Aurora Judith-Ramirez

      I understand Khloe wants to spend time with the family, but that doesn’t mean one MUST do something they’re uncomfortable with doing. Quality over quantity.

    • Yeah I notice the change in Kim’s personality usually she was the sweet and quiet one. I love how Kim put Khole in her place and it’s true Khole is always the negative one.

    • In my opinion Kim is a savage. I love this Kim much better she’s more confident and bolder.

  14. Genuinely love how Kourtney is just sitting there like “Not my problem”

  15. Khloe responds to feelings of hurt, not with sadness, but with aggression because she is so sensitive. It is a defense mechanism.

  16. okay, but can we talk about how Kourtney always remains neutral in situations like these. she’s sitting there for the entirety of the video lookin like a whole snack and a friggin’ boss. she’s honestly my favorite.

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