Daniel Bryan Loses His Cool With Brie & Nikki Bella | Total Bellas | E!

A conversation about raising kids leads to a heated discussion. Find out if Daniel Bryan thinks Nikki Bella is humble on "Total Bellas".

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Daniel Bryan Loses His Cool With Brie & Nikki Bella | Total Bellas | E!


  1. I love how this is being characterized as “an explosive argument.” Bryan is so chill. This is basically a small disagreement with slightly raised voices lol

  2. Honestly, it makes me really mad that Brie said “why don’t you go and have kids of your own” like really? I love them both but this is really fucked up. you can see the hurt in Nikki’s eyes.

    • R_ M0412 She wasn’t judging. Brie said that if she lived on a big house her kids would “consume a lot” and Nikki probably got offended cause she lives in a big house and Brie is saying that if she ever has kid they will “consume a lot” just bc of the house.

    • Brie said she doesn’t want her kids to consume a lot that’s why she doesn’t want a big house and nikki said just because you have a big house doesn’t mean your kids will consume a lot that’s all in the way you raise them that’s when Brie became defensive and Bryan called nikki not humble.

    • laaang what’s fucked up is a stupid moron like you thinks this isn’t scripted. Idiot

  3. Nikki is the way she is and wants the things she wants because she had nothing at first and has worked her butt off her entire life to get where she is at right now. They both did. They all did. But, obviously the room is filled up with different life styles and no one can criticize anybody for the way they oneself chooses to live.

    • Legendary Vogue X she didn’t get a decent amount of pay and popularity up until people found out that she was with cena.

    • +Ali Imtiaz why is it that you keep mentioning the names of male wrestlers when comparing their financial worth to Nikki’s financial worth and earnings? What about the fact that all of the female wrestlers are grossly underpaid compared to their male counterparts and they work just as hard but you don’t see it because they don’t get the same amount of airtime! Equal wages for women now!

  4. from the outside looking in….most guys view brie is the humble, bohemian, quiet one & nikki as the wannabe kardasian one….thats just how nikki portrays herself lol…..so naturally bryan would pick up on that

    • Ola Akande every woman that works hard and dresses herself all fancy is suddenly a Kardashian wannabe?

    • its not how u dress bc i never mention anything about her clothes….its how u present urself as a person. thats what DB was talking about. she comes off as an egotistical person. ill give u an example. look at John Cena & look at somebody like Diddy. Both men are successful & work hard in their profession. Cena has his quirks but as a guy he comes off as a fairly humble individual. Diddy at times can come off looking very egotistical…there’s an arrogance & swagger to him. That can rub some ppl the wrong way….THAT is what DB was trying to say.

    • Ola Akande I agree but you have to remember this is reality TV. I’ve met Nikki at a fan service along with Sasha Banks and she is really nice. Better than most wrestlers honestly. You don’t have to believe me but I have nothing to lose by saying this.

  5. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they can’t be humble. Whether you’re poor, average or rich, humbleness doesn’t come down to how much you earn.

    • But people ……sometimes go out of control….and swank to much…….and hurt others feeling……that’s what Nikki did….I know she did not do it purposely……but she was the one that raised the voice …first …..then Daniel lost his cool

    • He meant more that she feels entitled to those things, a non humble way of being, rather than the fact that she actually has those things. He’s not saying she didn’t work hard, but he’s saying that hard work shouldn’t fully entitle you to whatever you want because you say you’ve earned it.

  6. “People work as hard as you and don’t get as much as you” that has absolutely nothing to do with her being humble or not. That’s like saying because he works as hard as John Cena and doesn’t have as much as John that he’s not humble but then stated that John is? He’s such a hypocrite hahaha

    • KingGolDragon I would say he had a point. What bugs me is how Brie said his comment was bs. Did she really have to put it like that?

    • JohnAbattelli10 did it ever occur to you he could also have meant “humble amount” ? Humble as in less. There are ambiguous contexts for humbleness. I totally understood what he meant and everyone else including the stupid Bellas took it out of context

  7. I dislike how Brie always rubs it in Nikki’s face about how she’ll never get married or have kids. 🙄🙄

    • Jenna Starr so I’m not the only one who noticed that Johnny L is in the room.

    • It may not be “scripted”, but quite a few disagreements/fights are manufactured by producers. They’ll say something like “Why don’t you say this to (insert name here)” and film the outcome. It happens on loads of reality shows. Total Divas, Total Bellas, Dance Moms, Jersey Shore. They all do it, because it creates drama.

    • Louie Keating Total divas was never scripted. It’s based on real life situations, see how the cast mentions “Storyline”? When they’re in WWE they say something for their storyline feud, not in a reality show, because Maryse has real beef with the bella twins over a banned contract, Cameron and Naomi argued because Cameron wanted to go back to NXT to gain herself up, Natalya has real problems with her husband. How does that even make it a scripted reality show?

  8. I like the fact that Daniel speaks on how he really feels because I know he’s going through a lot of anxiety and I learned that one way to heal from that is to have a VOICE and speak on how u REALLY feel from the heart ❤Don’t keep holding everything because I can only get worser. I’m jus happy he’s telling how he feel👏👏👏

  9. I personally love how down to earth Bryan is. He speaks his opinion and doesn’t back down when people disagree.

    • Olivia end of the day it’s his opinion and we should all respect his opinion just like you would like him to respect yours, and ours.

    • Olivia I couldn’t agree more. Why did Brie all of a sudden side with Nicole when Bryan said she wasn’t humble?

    • Umm not true. He was very disrespectful to Nicole. And Brie clearly saw this and Brie hates a bully. She doesn’t want her sister being insultes in her home. At the end of the day she will have her sisters back over Bryan any day

  10. dude Nikki is always bringing up the house. in most conversations like chill we get you live in a 15 thousand square home give it a break for once

  11. I agree with Bryan… cmon guys this is stupid Nikki acts like she needs everything and she doesn’t do as much work as Brie & Bryan and they just lived in a small nice house and Nikki is just a freaking gold digger enough said ^^😤😂

    • Brandon Cooper in that case that’s were her attitude comes in………..that’s why she suggests on how to live

    • One she is not a gold digger. Two if that is how she would like to live than let her it’s her life not yours. Plus she works hard for the money she gets you do not see her hating on people that you have not even meet so just back off

    • if nikki wants to be more glamorous and rich let her be. u jealous af 😂 its brie’s choice to live in a simple house with daniel. nikki is not a gold digger cuz she makes her own gold and she works godamn hard for it

  12. Bryan is an butt and he is always coming at Nikki. I am glad that for once Brie didn’t go along with his bull. He is always shading her. Just because she doesn’t want to live like a hippy does not make her wrong. Anytime I buy myself something nice I say that I deserve it because I work hard for it and I should be able to buy whatever I can afford.

  13. I would honestly hate to have Bryan as a brother-in-law. All he does is judge and nitpick at things he disagrees with. If you have different views than him, he’ll make you feel bad for them.

  14. People who are humble don’t have to call out a vote to ask people how humble they are. They also don’t brag about how humble they are. That’s literally the opposite of being humble.

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