Proof That Kris Jenner Is All Our Moms | KUWTK | E!

From awkward workouts to backseat driving, here is definitive proof that Kris Jenner is just like all of our moms. Watch!

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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Proof That Kris Jenner Is All Our Moms | KUWTK | E!


  1. Devil works hard ; *KRIS* *JENNER* *WORKS* *HARDER* 😹❤️❤️

    EDIT :- thanks for the likes 💜

  2. They are an awesome family, people should appreciate them for what they are and not what they want them to be, God bless you all. Remember subscribe to my channel to see and hear more of my inspirational words.

  3. She’s raised such amazing kids but she gets so much hate ? She is such a strong person and hilarious and keeps going no matter how hard things may be. Much Love to Kris ! ❤️ #KUWTK #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians

    • They may not be amazing but she has raised them all and no matter how they became successful, they have managed to continue the brand and stay successful and you can’t deny how well they are doing!

    • i love pizza I actually want to know why you hate the Kardashians? They do respect their mother! The Kardashians haven’t done anything to you as a person so there’s no point in hating.

    • People raise drug addicts, murders, sexual offenders and alcoholics and you complain about them? Ok. I personally think she did pretty good specially since she lost the father of her kids when they were at a really young age

  4. Lmao when Kim says it takes a strong woman to pull off this hairstyle as she has the same herself 😂

  5. It’s so interesting how people react to this family. They have never been rude to people. No one has ever complained about working with them — no one says they act like diva’s or require a lot of “extra” and they all work for their money (you can agree on the type of work they do or not, but they get paid for it and that’s all that matters) they are not on drugs, they are not alcoholics and turning up every night; yet the hate for them is real. It’s much better than it used to be — especially towards Kim, but people are so hateful and there is no reason to hate any of them. Well, I guess there is one…jealousy.

    • i completely agree wit you. people in the comments talking bout how bad the jenner’s and kardashians are. like what if sum1 made a video of you about every bad thing you’ve done, people would dislike you just as much. we’re human, just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes. yes sum of the things they’ve done we’re wrong, but we shouldn’t hate them because of it. just remember we’re all human, we all have emotions, and we make mistakes. periodt 💅

    • They’re in a reality show some are scripted some are not. They don’t have that much rooms for mistakes or else people around the world watching them would judge them like they haven’t done anything wrong too. I’m sure they’re just like us. I’m sure they’re trying there bests to avoid mistakes that’s why I love them. They make drama for a living. It’s their jobs. Which is smart tbh because drama is everywhere. That’s why they’re too rich and famous. I love them for being who they are…

    • Chica have you not seen her on twitter??? she literally called a dude out for wearing fake yeezys cause she was mad that kanye wasn’t doing the job that he was supposed to do. then she went on and said that she planned on taking the organization that KANYE created for HIS mom (that she never even met by the way) and running it the way she wanted to run it. she calls people out all the time cause she refuses to acknowledge that she fucked up. she doesn’t even think about the fact that she has millions of followers who will go attack whoever she’s going after.

    • ? Kylie scammed hundreds of people when she launched her ky-lighters.. I understand what your trying to put out and I kinda agree, but there in fact is a reason to hate Kylie so?

  6. ” I bought her a pair of shoes to go with these AMAZING tracking devices….” I’m dead…

    • +Abby Dji are you actually defending her..? she was TEXTING while DRIVING. That might seem like a normal thing, but it’s a completely fucked up thing. Maybe our plane pilots should start texting while they land.

    • Bigbfa she wasn’t Texting lol. She didn’t stop on time hit a car, the car moved to the other lane and a car hit the women. She didn’t get away with it. She payed what the family wanted.

    • Bigbfa So did Laura Bush (former FLOTUS) and Matthew Broderick. And I’m sure many other celebs who have the money to get away with murder.

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