KUWTK | Kim Kardashian’s Baby Arrives Early! | E!

Five weeks prior to her due date, Kim is forced to deliver her baby girl! See the chaos leading up to the birth on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian's Baby Arrives Early! | E!


    • Susana Macias slightly true but who cares? They constantly do inappropriate things so if someone looks up to a Kardashian or Jenner then there’s something wrong with them anyway lol.

  1. kris pisses me off sometimes. I mean. really. her daughter is in labor. it’s her daughters FIRST baby so she’s probably terrified out of her right mind and she’s worrying about herself shocker. thank god khloe is keeping the peace!😂

    • Kim and Khloe are the currently the only ones with a black berry. All of them total do have iphones tho!!!

    • I really liked my blackberry back in 2009. I loved the whole BBM and other features. I wonder why no one has them anymore or why it didn’t grow like the other phones.

  2. “but is that safe?” *on the phone, turns wheel with other hand*

    • Karina Stepss I’m pretty sure everyone has driven with 1 hand the temporarily while the other is occupied. As long and her focus is on the road it’s okay. Texting and driving however is not acceptable…

    • Most people dont drive with their hands 10 and 2. Im sure you don’t either. Most people drive with one hand either at 12 or 6

  3. She was lucky though only 5 weeks bc my lil brother was born in Feb and he was born 4 moths before he was supposed to be born in May just don’t know what day on my so ya

  4. “Yeah, I’m totally the right person because I’m her mom and I’ve given birth 6 times.”
    Kris is not having it.

  5. I’m probably the only one but when celebrity’s say “I love you” to either their family,friends, or fans it melts my heart so when Khloè said it to Kim and Kim said it back my heart melted☺️❤️

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