Tyler Henry Connects to Caitlyn Jenner’s Late Father | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

While reading Kris Jenner, Tyler gets a message from Cait's deceased dad and brother Burt. Hear the message on "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry."

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Tyler Henry Connects to Caitlyn Jenner's Late Father | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. i love tyler. and i love the kardashians. but a tree surgeon lol. like. a tree pruning business? lol

  2. It’s a technique called cold reading, mixed with good old fashioned Google. You’re welcome!

  3. *cough cough* fake. Anyone can cold read and look this up. It’s sad that he’s fooling silly people.

    • +Nevaeh Williams how do you know it was a lie? were you there? no.. I was quite skeptical until he did the reading. He’s 100% legit

    • +Jøsh’s Crybaby we didn’t pay anything! he was doing a workshop in down town LA. This was before he blew up all over the internet etc. But I truly believe he has a power as he said so much accurate things about my deceased even though we didn’t give him anything. Even things we didn’t know and yet to find out days after.Only a photograph 🙂

  4. I would give anything to be able to have Tyler read for me unfortunately I cannot afford it 🙁
    as I would imagine it would cost a pretty penny to have him do so

  5. everyone can say its fake or its a “cold reading” or even a google-thon until it actually happens to you.

  6. Omg EVERYTHING is PUBLIC information ….. Like soooo bad acting “oh what’s that ” ughhh

  7. i watched this ep – was so hoping nicole brown to send a message. it’s like when tyler mentioned “i have like a couple of people who passed in tragedy” – i was on the edge of my seat then, fizzled. lol.

    • +Lil’ Poundcake “wifi connection” *I CAN’T.* 😂😂😂😭😭😭😵

  8. Everyone is saying that Tyler is a fake but his team doesn’t tell him where he’s going or who he’s reading. Celebrity or not.

    • Arden Elle now day nobody believe anything unless there proof, which is sad. Sometime people could telling the truth, but some people be wanting proof, which sometime we can’t prove.

    • Arden Elle God is against mediums; this is an abomination towards God; read the Bible and you will see; when you seek out mediums you are an opening a door for demonic entities to come into you and your families life. The Bible says ” No mediums, No sorcerers shall enter the kingdom of God”.

  9. everything he brought up can be found on wiki
    William, arborist, bro died in car accident….*yawn*

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