KUWTK | Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Day Drama | E!

From Kylie's blue hair to the bouquets and her veil, will the "Kardashians" star get things in order before her nerves get the best of her? Find out!

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian's Wedding Day Drama | E!


  1. it’s funny how Scott says this Kim wedding thing you will never be able to see again.

  2. Kendall is the real star in that family…i mean look at her…she just shines without trying

  3. Kim has had so much plastic surgery. Compare this episode to her first ones you’ll see major major change on her face

    • +Slytherin Black its contouring she hasnt had plastic surgery you mad cause she looks so good it just had to be plastic surgery ,jealous anyone!😞

    • +Jackie Williams it isn’t contouring. There has been episodes where she has done botox and she has been seen in and out of plastic surgery offices. So I disagree with that. And Kim does look way different than when she first started the Kardashians. So it’s not jelousy; it’s a fact.

  4. No one in the family seems excited. They’re all like “yahh…I’m dressed. Let’s go.” Probably because they’ve done this with kim already. I didn’t see any joy in the room lol. Maybe the episode will be different.

    • Cakeandsum Rosesplease Eh, pretty normal. It’s a high intensity day, people handle it differently.

  5. Did anyone else lol when Scott said “Rob will never get to experience this again”…No shade but…hahah

  6. It was funny when Scott said “this is something you’re never gonna see again,” Right. Heartbreaking.

    • A Sorel “This is something you’re never gonna see again” – Scott. Sorry Scott, this is kims third marriage. When he talks like that i don’t understand how Scott never got married

    • Lilly Rose well the thrid still lasted and they have 3 kids so he should of been there

  7. Laughing at how Kendall is just like “no, you guys just need to get married,” to Scott.

    • +chiqichiqi1 I’m late on commenting but this is my opinion okay so you don’t have to agree with it but don’t comment on it

    • Cindy Sanchez the comment section is made for people to comment on it. Yeah it’s your opinion and that’s their opinion and they get to say that too.

    • And tell me why Kim started doing a makeup line and coloring her hair all different colors like Kylie after she saw that Kylie was successful at it. Lol

  8. You know you’re bored when you actually come to these episodes and try to think of how to fix the problems they have XD

  9. I love the dramatic life and death situation sounding music over her veil. awww poor little rich girl how you struggle so.

  10. I took my pink hair out for my sisters. Just take it out real quick, its their day, just do it for them and it can be put back in later.

    • I don’t think that was the issue. If Kim had asked her nicely and wasn’t such a bully about it, she probably would’ve considered taking it out prob. It’s the fact that Kim was rude about it and why should it matter what Kylie wants to do with her hair? What if she didn’t have the money to take it out? Would she not have been in the wedding just because of that? Why didn’t Kim’s hairstylist put extensions in for Kylie?

  11. “l mean liiiike, liiiike, it’s only my third weddiiiiinnnnggg???? And it’s so special???? And soooo liiike l’m just gonna…seriously Rob can just liiike…whatevaaar.”

  12. Maybe rob doesn’t feel comfortable because his family thinks he needs help because he’s fat. I doubt this is Kim’s last wedding lmao

  13. I wish my family drama was about looking perfect lol… Mines is how I’m going to pay my rent and how to scrape up money for my sister because she is late on her car payment.

    • Everyone has different problems. I’m sure I can find someone who can retort to your comment because they have worse living situations.

      I don’t understand all the animosity. Yes, they are able to care about other things because they don’t have to worry about money. But, who earned that money? They did. Perhaps not in an admirable way to some people, but they did.

    • Ok what did rh8s Wysteria person say cuz everyone’s talking about it but the comment looks deleted

    • You are very blessed not to be these people. Their lives are the bright shiny apple on the outside, and rotten core on the inside. Rich people often have the worst lives of all.

  14. Omg when Bruce was still around. Lol. I am watching this years later and it’s weird to see Bruce again

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