KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Explains Ex Scott’s Reaction to Her BF | E!

Kourt reveals to Khloe Kardashian that Scott Disick didn't handle the topic of her boyfriend very well. See it on "KUWTK."

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Explains Ex Scott's Reaction to Her BF | E!


  1. Wow I actually now see why Scott is with Sofia… always tying to one up her… she got a young man, he got a baby 🍼… he is exactly what they say he is, a head case, controlling, psychopath…

    • Colton Vanderwall but they have almost the same age difference. Kourtney is older than Scott. There’s a 15 year difference between him and Sofia and a 14 year difference with kourtney and her bf. why does everyone have such a problem with his relationship but not hers?

    • Mia CW Kourtney never dated Justin or Quincy ♀ and I see you on EVERY comment bashing Kourtney for dating a 24 year old but praising Scott for dating a 19 year old because Beyonce was 19 when she started dating Jay Z. you sound dumb AF ♀

    • It only took her almost 10 years. He would have been gone 8 yrs ago if it were me, maybe sooner. Don’t put up with infidelity, drugs & alcohol. Esp. with kids.

    • Huy Tran Then he should have stepped up and been there for Kourtney. Not bedding everything with a paulse

    • More like a special place in his wallet. That girl was his sugar momma for a while. He would’ve never opened any of his businesses without her money and family wealth. It’s just as bad as Kendall claiming she worked and found her success without the Kardashian’s. Lol!

    • +Mia Vodopija Behave! Scott has proven without that negative influence he can be in a happy committed relationship, Kourtney is now yo yo-ing between guys…

  2. I’ve always loved Scott and Kourt and always hoped they get back together but now I think otherwise. They do not belong together.

  3. So let me get this straight….It’s ok for Scott to date 19 year olds but if Kourtney dates a 24 ur old its an issue??? Pff boy plz😩😩

    • Holly Wood iunno, seems more like you’re the immature childish one thinking you’ve any opinion on somebody else’s relationship 🤷

    • levi dude you an agent..most people conplain about scott age gap than kourtney . stop lying

    • Yes! It is an issue! She is mother to three children and needs to give a good example. Having 24 year old in her life is NOT going to give emotional security to her children and she will have to mother him too. So it is life !

    • kkkkkkk Kourtney is alot better looking than fake SR wanna be Kourtney. She will never be Kourtney and if she thinks Scott will ever give up the Kardashians to marry her she better think again. And this girl will leach on to anyone that she thinks might marry her. She lets them mold her into someone else completely

  4. I feel like kourtney likes the fact that Scott is chasing her cause why would you pick up the phone at 2 am if you have a boyfriend

    • If my babies daddy called me at 2am I would pick up too. It could have been an emergency.

    • Olivia Madison uuuuum they have 3 children together.. you don’t know if she thought something was wrong, maybe he had the kids.

    • Jackie a to reply to all you little girls since every single one of you are trying to say it’s an emergency #1 Scott never has the kids over night unless kourt is out of town I watch the show faithfully #2 kourt a made it clear that Scott calls her saying 90% of the time is him trying to get back with her but she doesn’t want to #3 she has a boyfriend her baby father isn’t her concern anymore hence her wanted to move on and she stated that in the show as well she even admitted that she needs to learn to not pick up his calls #4 she clearly says in the video he called her at 2 am to talk about them and what’s they’re doing. So all if you trying to argue it could be an emergency it clearly isn’t and never is and kourt has security at her house and assistants they could do more than Scott could he’s never in the country anyway he’s to busy hanging out with is 21 years old girlfriend so get your facts right I clearly have mine and she needs to stop picking up his calls and making it seem he has a chance cause he’s taking it as an indicator that they could get back together cause she’s still picking up her phone at 2 am when she has a boyfriend

    • Because she is coparenting with him and he is her baby daddy and they had a 10 years Relationship and she thought this call was an emergency?

  5. I dont get scott if he loves her why not change and win her back why not become a respectable partner and father??? I dont get it 🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. He needs to let her go!!! She’s tried and tried now it’s time for her to enjoy her life

  7. They have the most childish relationship…smh no wonder they are both with someone younger than them….they act like teenagers

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