KUWTK | Kylie Jenner Feels Insecure About Her Post-Baby Body | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star isn't feeling confident doing her first photo shoot since having daughter Stormi. Watch her sisters rally behind her.

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KUWTK | Kylie Jenner Feels Insecure About Her Post-Baby Body | E!


  1. this celebrities just over do things most of the time I don’t see any baby fat on kylie’s body

    goshh get over yourselves

    • The problem with the youth these days, no matter how extremely beautiful they are they need someone to stick their heads up these lots bums for confirmation and approval.
      This is coming from a mother of two with c section scars and she’s there complaining about hips looking wider?? WTH that’s what babies do sweet pea

    • R akaza At least you’re at university and are aiming to get a degree. Sometimes, it’s good to have real things that actually make a difference in your lives as opposed to buying designer bags or expensive clothes.

    • +Ash R The vast majority of people who have degrees never use them. Just look at Jenna Marbles for example. People get degrees to get jobs and earn money, if they could go straight to just earning money everyone would. I’d rather be a billionare with no degree than a person with a degree who’s broke, in debt for thousands of dollars, and probably wont even get a job anyway.

    • Solvetis I disagree with you. The majority of the middle class who get degrees obviously get jobs. Those who get degrees and don’t use their degrees, I.e. by getting the jobs that relate to their degrees, are those are rich and just want to perhaps get a degree in order to learn more. We all know that getting a degree gives you a better opportunity in terms of getting a good pay job as opposed to not having a degree, e.g. to be a lawyer, you have to have a degree.


    • ​+Reece Kylie had lip injections (which explains why her face changed so much, if you’re not sure how much some people change from those google it) and added more butt. Kendall had a nose job, eyebrow lift, lip injections, chin pronunciation and according to hollywood stars (don’t trust them tho) she also had some of her ribs removed.

    • +Consuelo J. Kylie has definitely had more than just her lips 🤦🏾‍♀️ in fact, it sounds like you’re mixing the two sisters up with that list.. and you’re really freaking stupid to believe a source that claims anyone has had ribs removed 😂

    • +Reece First of all I did say she got more than her lips done (learn how to read moron) and second thing I did expressed how I didn’t believe that particular source that claimed that Kendall had some ribs removed and just for you to know that is an actual esthetic surgery and it’s pretty common, go learn some things before you call someone stupid (which you totally are btw)

    • Ki Ki omg u fake af you were hating don’t front about it 😂😂👌 you just “mad mad” cuz I’m making actual sense when you just want to hate lmfao fake fr

    • QueenB you are seriously watching a one minute clip 😂 how can you say it’s the only thing she’s complaining about in her life 😂

    • assuming that that is their only concern, not their CHILDREN or literally anything else also. Famous people aren’t aliens

    • Ash R you seem to forget that their physical appearance is literally how they make their money. of course they feel the need to look perfect 24/7.

  3. Why is it that the Kardashians, including Kylie, Kendall and Kris Jenner, have to speak so slowly and drag their words? Speak normally! They sound so dumb and boring!

  4. honestly, it is exhausting seeing Kylie bullshitting about her body bouncing back to what it is now without any help. Sis please… her lies are always outrageous. Her whole body is plastic for god sakes.

    • Every woman’s body is different I had my first born at 18 I was about 150 swollen from head to toe (preeclampsia) and within 3 months I was back at 105, didnt look like I had a baby at all. For all you know she could have been breastfeeding directly or pumping either way or didn’t some women just have those good genes going through birth and pregnancy has a huge traumatic effect on a woman’s body, mind, EVERYTHING. It took me years and pictures from then to realize that for having a baby that was 3 months old I looked good as hell. So yes every woman can feel insecure about their post baby body. So hush up

  5. Why are people so nasty to Kylie? Just because of surgeries? Everyone knows what it feels like to feel insecure… so much jealousy in the comments it makes me sick

    • It’s not jealousy, we’re all just in AWE of how someone can be so famous for being good at literally nothing.

    • Amanda Marrone why would anyone be jealous of a person who had surgeries to enhance their bodies? If she did not have any surgery not one than it would be understandable of others being jealous of her. You cannot be jealous of someone else’s fake body.

    • Cause the attention is alwayssss on kylie, throughout the whole 9months it was on kylie…okay we get it🙄

    • Raquel R lmao when you’re skinny your whole life and after you have a kid and your whole body shape changes dramatically, you’re gonna care about your body shape 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t even like Kylie but I’m speaking from experience.

  6. She’s just fishing for complements. I don’t think she’d be dressed in a sports bra & short shorts if she felt that insecure.

    • If she is fishing for compliments then she is insecure because people who are confident dont have the need to fish for compliments. So, I dont think that she is fishing for compliments, she does show some fat and bumps on her stomach so I am sure she is not fishing for compliments when she has to compete with super skinny supermodels. I think that perhaps her family members are pushing her to take photos before she is ready and that is not right.

  7. I just think it’s funny how different Kylie looks when she’s not taking selfies from a specific angle. Still a pretty girl but….not as attractive as she portrays herself

  8. I love the Kardashian’s but I noticed how they pay more attention to Kylie than Kendall. The funny thing is Kendall doesn’t seem to care 😂

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