KUWTK | R.I.P. Goldfish | E!

Uh-oh, one of Mason's goldfishes bites the dust! See if Kourtney and Khloé can dispose of his beloved pet without him finding out. For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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KUWTK | R.I.P. Goldfish | E!


  1. u guys are so rich why cant you buy a proper ten gallon tank bowls are cruel and bad thats why that sad stressed pebbles died in a unhappy life

  2. all the negative comments can can Stop being so Salty Lol I thought this was funny. one of my fishes died and my kitten ate it 😂😂

    • Tasha Rodriguez oh my gosh I’m dying😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 because when I was 5 I let my brother feed my fish but he fed it way too much food and killed it and now he did the same thing to my turtle and killed it so now I only have 1 turtle and I had 5

    • +Birthday Cookeh Goldfish can live for 20+ years, those 4 years were probably miserable, it was surviving (barely) NOT thriving, and it’s 20 gallons for the first goldfish and 10 gallons for every other.

    • Silly Cupcake! Your really stupid. It was small aswell as over stocked! Bowls are bad because of the little space they have and the rim of the bowl. There’s little surface area for air and if you do get a airiater it will still die without a proper pump and then it will still die from stress if you have all that. They will especially die from stress in a small over stocked bowl. You said you were vegan in another comment but you still say it’s okay to abuse an animal and neglect. Your vegan…I️ THINK NOT! I’m not vegan and I️ know these things as well as I️ don’t promote abusing or neglecting fish. ‘Just fish’ And your just a horrible neglectful imposter of an actual good person you’ll never be! You probably just don’t eat meat because you think you’d look fat, or get fat. Do your research for once, fish are breathing,living,thinking creatures like us! But not like you or anyone like you, because their better than that. They don’t abuse or neglect other things like you do and say their vegan!

    • Silly Cupcake! Don’t be stupid.. those are gold fish who required 10 or more gallons that is a tiny space with no filtration.

    • +Bridgid Frost FYI goldfish should live 15 yrs or more with proper care. Can live up to 30. Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard.

    • +Andrea Kae we where kids and had to leave it at our old home when we moved. If we still had it, it would be alive, but the people who lived in the house never cleaned the tank or fed it.

  3. I remember when my goldfish died. I was too scared to go down to the basement because I thought it’s evil spirit would haunt me.

  4. That was NOT a goldfish. It was a dwarf gourami and they need air bubbles to live. I know because im looking at mine right now lol.

  5. “I never had a dog because when I was little I had a dog…” Wise words

  6. I’ve had 25 dead fish in countinging. I was a bad child, gave them chips, and named them all Angela

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