KUWTK | Rob Kardashian Angry Over Blac Chyna Leaving | E!

Kim Kardashian West tries to calm down her brother after his split with Blac Chyna. Watch on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Rob Kardashian Angry Over Blac Chyna Leaving | E!


  1. He looked like he literally was about to kill himself, like he was losing it

  2. Kim is really rude…her brother is all over the place and she is using her phone WTF

  3. Kim’s right on some things, but it’s funny hearing her of all people talking about healthy relationships.

  4. God look at them both on their phones when their “loved one” is having a crisis. Thank god rob Kardashian died long ago. Despicable

    • That’s a terrible thing to say…shame on you. It’s their lives, let em live it

    • Everyone is complaining about her looking at her phone while Rob breaks down. Honestly, I truly believe that she was concerned about the press branding him as suicidal and was checking her phone to see if the story had broke out yet. Rob is vulnerable right now because when he gained weight, the press tore him up. He has been battling the press, especially because they are antagonistic and his sisters have been ground up and spit out by the holiday numerous times over the years. RESPONSES To T

  5. Am I the only one that thinks Rob is normal and everybody just be doing him dirty smh

    • Remember when he cheated on adriene bailon??,,ywp he got onw good one and blew it,,,i dont feel sorry for him

    • This is a lesson to learn and to see how blind those losers and weak minded people in USA and the world had become for admiring and praising others just by their looks and fame, This is how sick our world had become, you sick weak minded people of he world had made and created of a very dysfunctional, sick and twisted family a public phenomenon and gods and Mr. Rob, what happens to a man that look so tough and is full of tattoos, how can you had become so weak for a woman that does not deserve a inch of your crying and suffering, and your sisters showing how hypocrites and soul less they are that the only thing they really care is for their Iphones, money and fame, I can see they are very hypocrites and that they really don’t care about you or anybody like they intent you to believe. Our world had become a very blind, sick and twisted and is so sad. God save us from this evil.

  6. I feel bad for Rob. I think he needs to go away from Chyna and his family for a while. Move to Montana on a farm with some horses and cattle and just live a life without all the bull.

  7. I always said they shouldnt be a couple and they should not have had a baby. I hope this neever happpens to anyone I know

  8. Am I the only one who think Kim looks like Cher, well especially now that she has the long straight hair

  9. What a sad, sad world that two people go to “comfort” a very distraught person whose life is falling apart, and spend the time texting on their phones… reality CHECK

  10. Just because you have a baby with someone doesn’t mean they love you or they have to love you. Anyone can have a baby. People have babies for different reasons. Just saying …

  11. Kim is rude af why come there just to stare at your phone just rubbing your insincerity in his face.

  12. I like how kim said “cory and I are coming over to see what’s going on” and then they’re on their phones when he’s talking about his problem😂👌🏼

    • yeah but they’ve probably heard this so many times. I have a brother similar to Robs situation, you try and try to talk to them and you never get through. It gets to the point where you just have to be a listening ear while letting them learn on their own. Eventually Rob did get that clout chasin, gold diggin biotch out of his life. BUT, he had to do it on his terms. We love Rob! I hope he comes back fierce and amazing. We are all rooting for him!

    • @LyfeToons Y’all are so blind. Before Kylie & Tyga started dating – he & Chyna use to be real cool with The Kardashians. So why are they acting brand new ?! Plenty pics of Kim & Chyna, a few with Chyna n Rob. Check who is the producer of ‘Rob & Chyna’ ? … KRIS JENNER & KIM KARDASHIAN!! So she’s cashing in on them to. Chyna is so evil but they produced her show & were on it. 😏
      Also Rob was cashing in on to. In this footage Chyna did not take the baby & run – they were moving into Kylie’s house. But Rob acted like Chyna left him. 🙄 Probably did it to boost show ratings.

    • Lol but using him for what . Hes not nearly as famous or rich as the rest of them and he was not exactly the most attractive or healthy at the time..I dont get it what did she gain staying with him all that time , a depressed man with insecurities and low self esteem not to mention someone who is or was obviously battling some kind of mental issue isn’t hitting the lottery

  13. corey and kim were probably texting the rest of the family incessantly letting them know Rob was ok.

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