KUWTK | Scott Disick Is Literally Under Fire at Dinner | E!

What do Kim, Khloé, Kris and Kourt know about Scott but aren't telling him? See the awkward tension on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Scott Disick Is Literally Under Fire at Dinner | E!


  1. I don’t understand . Why are they upset with Scott ?! Scott and kourtney are not together !!!! Kourtney admits she only wants family time from him.

  2. The moment you can’t leave the table because you know you guilty AF LOL What a awkward dinner for Scott.

  3. I don’t understand why they treat Scott so badly they claim to be all about family but they are all very disrespecty towards Rob and Scott ( the black Sheeps of the family) and before they used to be very disrespectful towards their mother. I feel like if their dad was still alive they wouldn’t act the way they do sometimes😴

  4. Omggggggggggg – poor Scott. Like i get they’re loyal to Kourt, but she says she doesn’t want to be with him, but then he can’t move on? And then everyone is turning against him? smh

    • Mariam it’s the fact that he kept it a secret flew her in on a family holiday and was trying to get kourtney back at the same time as I’ve heard

    • It was a family vacation
      And Scott brought a girl an their vacation and tried to hide it from them.

    • Mariam I mean its a family vacation 😂for him to bring another girl is kind of disrespectful

    • because he flew her out there without even letting the family know. its supposed to be a family trip not a place to just get your rocks off

    • Well, nobody told Scott that Kourtney was dating another man so those bitches are being hypocrites about this.

    • loudboy317 well yeah but that was kinda after Scott got with A BUNCH of chics without telling her & plus if you’re on a family vacation with your ex’s family who were nice enough to still bring you even though you broke up with their family member after 10 years of being together it’s just pretty disrespectful to do that. Imo

  5. I’m totally over the childishness from Kourtney. Scott you have given enough of your years trying to please Kourtney. She doesn’t show any intentions of marrying Scott, but wants to hold on to him so that nobody else would get him. Scott you’re handsome. Get on with your life. Kourtney is doing what she wants. She’s very selfish and has not been very fair to Scott. You have called him out on everything he has done wrong as if you have a perfect, clean life. He’s your children’s father. How dare you continue to expose his weakness to everyone. Would his kids appreciate this when they are older. Keep that in mind and change your immature behavior. You are wrong Kourtney.

    • jbfanjha858 but at the end of day he’s trying, like some men won’t even bother with her & her family. Cheat it’s not a excuse to keep Scott looking like a criminal. this man try a lot and no one is appreciating it. I hope he find someone else cuz this situation is very stupid.

    • Lola Love I just don’t blame kourtney. I don’t think she wants to put up with it anymore. She went through so much with Scott. Him getting drunk all the time, not caring for his kids, depression, partying, cheating etc. I’m so on kourtneys side. She deserves better.

    • She has every reason to have issues with him, and nobody is saying he can’t hook up with whoever he likes… just keep it in your pants for a few days on family holidays. A few days. Where it’s about keeping the family together for the sake of your kids, not about booty calls.

  6. I’m confused?!! Isn’t he single? He can do whatever he wants 💁🏽

    • What got them so mad is that he had another woman there at her family vacation with their kids there to me that’s disrespectful

    • Not on a family vacation with his exes family and her, it would be different is it was his wife he’s with in a room.

    • The problem is that this was a FAMILY trip. He can’t go a few days without getting laid? seriously? Especially when they have all their kids there. Its just disrespectful to the mother of his child to fly a girl out behind their back. You don’t see her bringing Younes around to these family trips? Why? Because she doesnt want to make Scott feel uncomfortable. Also HE was the one that cheated on Kourtney lets not forget that.

    • B. Jonnelle he wants to go on their family trips to luxury islands and doesnt even have the respect to not bring a girl during that one week. single or not that’s disrespectful.

  7. Scott is still probably upset from the Dubai trip, from when kourtney was out on a date. Scott is still madly in love with her and jealously gets to him. Its his fault entirely but I don’t blame him. They shouldn’t have played games on him and make it awkward. They should’ve just confronted him and got to the point.

  8. I thought when you are single you can do whatever you want. I don’t understand there anger towards scott.😕

    • It was a family trip with all their kids just for a few days. You can’t go a few days without getting laid? Thats really sad. You also don’t see Kourtney bringing her boyfriend around because she doesn’t want to make Scott feel uncomfortable. Lets not forget why they broke up. HE cheated on her. If your ex brought some random hoe on a family trip with your mom and all your siblings and their kids, you wouldn’t think thats disrespectful? You’re delusional if you think you’d be okay with that.

  9. Scott is hot. If Kourtney doesn’t​ want him, plenty of women do.

  10. Scott is Kourtneys baby daddy, they broke up after 10 years together yet the the family still has the courtesy to hold no bad feeling towards him and to take him on holidays with them. Therefore I think it’s ok for them to be pissed that he’s with another girl when he’s supposed to be spending family time with them ?

    • Niamh Magennis they aren’t taking him anywhere. He gets paid by the show to go….there’s no show without drama…and by the way….Scott is worth an estimated 15 million.

  11. Scott should just leave honestly, everyone deserve happiness. This family is toxic, and its only a matter of time before he goes crazy.

  12. I hate how Kourtney acts like she is always the innocent one and that it’s always Scott that ruins their relationship. No one will never know what REALLY goes on in their relationship. All we know is that scott has a drinking problem. Her family needs to stop filling her head with negativity, because I actually think Scott is a really good guy in my opinion

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