KUWTK | Which Sister Will Khloé Kardashian Pick to Be True’s Legal Guardian? | E!

It's between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian West, so who will Khloe pick to be True's guardian? Find out on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"!

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KUWTK | Which Sister Will Khloé Kardashian Pick to Be True's Legal Guardian? | E!


  1. Kourtney is like 100% always with her kids, her kids truly come before anything even money… Kim still seems full of herself, not that she’s not a good mom but kourt will give up anything to be with her kids and Kim is just always busy…

  2. Honestly, people say this show is all meaningless, ridiculous drama, but this was a real conversation between sisters and I found it interesting. It was a little petty, but that’s lowkey life

    • K Parker How is this petty? It’s Khloe’s decision after all, and Kourtney is a single mom who doesn’t work.

    • a sporty enigma people like what they see she chose her friend and wanted her to raise her child. I think you felt minimized because she prefers another raising her child. Xo

    • Your Ego

      No. I said, she minimized the importance of legal guardianship by telling me I’m the still aunt. I’m blood. But this was only said to me when she saw I was hurt I wasn’t considered.

    • I’m sure y’all think it’s funny and it kinda is but to claim that she “forgot” I mean… I know it’s 2019 but we haven’t exactly figured out how to read people’s minds yet. You don’t know what happened, you just watched that lil clip and made up your own scenario like everyone else did.

    • +Alicia then why was people reminding her and why did she look so upset coming back out with North

  3. Khloe made the right decision. Kim manages being a mom and working pretty well, which is something Khloe also aspires to do

  4. Kim is managing both sides and that’s what is best about her.kourtney isn’t good at multitasking

    • You mean kims nanny and dont try to tell me i am wrong cause she has someone take her pictures ssooooo

    • No! Kourt says it all the time. She doesn’t choose to work and multitask, she wants to be with her kids all the time and be hands on with everything. That is why they all have been fighting and why they fought over the Christmas Card. Kourt didn’t want to do a Photo Shoot all day she wanted to get it done and go Home to her kids.

    • Kourtney has 2 full time nannies but doesn’t have a job other than filming KUWTK. Also that photo shoot that she didn’t want to do was actually not a photo shoot but the family Christmas card and her kids were there.

  5. Kim was with her throughout her whole pregnancy and held her legs when she was in labour she deserves it

    • Salsaabby actually she walked out to check if north’s car seat was in the car and then when she saw it was she went back to get her. Let’s not condemn her for making sure her child’s safety was first when plenty of parents leave their kids unattended and alone in cars all the time. It’s not like north was on her own either.

    • Kali Obviously, why would Khloe just choose Kim she explained in the the whole video.. I just said it was only fitting that she is to become the legal guardian of True.. so yes, she deserves it.

    • So, someone being there during your pregnancy and holding your legs means that they should have legal guardianship of your child if you should you die?….. No wonder this moronic generation is doomed if people seriously think that’s all it takes to be a good parent while ignoring the fact that those things have absolutely NOTHING to do with parenting 😒

    • You guys don’t see what I’m seeing. Khloe’s daughter is mixed and It would be more ideal for her daughter to grow up with Kim’s kids rather than kourtney’s. They both have different parenting styles and kourtney seems a bit laid back when it comes to taking care of her Children.

  6. I would of picked kourtney because she is not so much into business and her priority is raising her kids above all else!

    • +Les Lavy what does she do then other than this show, which she complains about doing?

    • +The Boss ManTing i Had to work with my boys being lil and they got abused in a couple daycares. I think someone needs to be home even if it means putti g kids before work to ensure safety. Alas, kim has nannys n money n cooks

    • Patsy Sadowski you always see Kim’s kids having tantrums never see kourtneys though how is Kim stricter

    • or maybe it doesn’t make a difference either way because it’s none of your business

    • You don’t know them personally or their real parenting styles. Don’t get it twisted, it doesnt look like Mason and penelope are raised better than North at all.

    • +isingtomyownbeat08 actually Kourtney always takes her kids with her and does a better job as a single mother then any of the Kardashian and Jenners

  7. Kim is stricter than kourtney?
    Kourtney doesn’t even let her kids eat non organic gluten free foods.

    • What’s sad about that is that Khortney and Khloe were really close years back and it was Kim who was kind of doing her own thing. I’m very surprised at Khloe for saying that and doing this.

    • If this is True,It shows how Jealous Kourt is of Kim,Because Khloe is the one who decided this,Yet Kourt still tries to Punish KIM by changing her mind about who should have her kids…lol,Jokes on Kourt,Because I know Kim’s thinking,Nobody wants responsibility for your badass Bay Bayz kids!!😂😂😂😂😂She couldn’t even act Disappointed😂😂😂😂

    • They are. My mom and my sister do it to me. They’re not as beautiful so they do their best to make me feel small. I get it

  8. I would definitely choose Kourtney because Kourtney is less materialistic and actually cares about her children.

    • TheQueenAriel It might only be on camera. We don’t know how their lives really likes off Camera or how they true parenting style like. Khloe know how her sister are like so I’m thinking that how she made her decisions. We need to stop believing everything we see on TV and stop judging people from it cause it may not even be their true personality in the end.

  9. Bye kourtney , Khloe chooses kim because kim was actually their for her through her first pregnancy, and kourtney says she want 2 more? By who scott? 😂

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