KUWTK | Will Kim Kardashian West Use a Surrogate for Baby No. 3? | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star opens up about having another child through a surrogate. Hear her concerns for the process.

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KUWTK | Will Kim Kardashian West Use a Surrogate for Baby No. 3? | E!


  1. Why not use Kourtney as the surrogate? She loves having babies, Kim knows all about her health & her background.

    • Sura S not superficial reasons, its dangerous for her to carry another baby. it would be a high risk pregnancy.

    • +krista rose yea I got that 24 weeks ago lol….i hadn’t watched the latest episode at the time and was going by previous superficial things she had said with the previous pregnancy

  2. she should ask Courtney to be her surrogate we’ve all seen how well Kourtney does when she’s pregnant

  3. she literally does anything to Stay in the public how does Kanye live with that 😒😒😒😒😒

    • Bing Bong OR, she just wants to have another baby because she likes children. Being a Kardashian doesn’t mean that you always want to be in the media’s eye 24/7. They even think it’s annoying sometimes. She’s freaking Kim Kardashian, she’s in the public’s eye no matter what.

    • yes, but even if they admit it’s annoying, they’re still doing what they can to keep the spotlight on them

    • Roberta N. The spotlight will always be on them. They make headlines for the dumbest things sometimes (I like the Kardashians, but I hate how the media and how people betray them). I’m not trying to sound mean or anything, but you don’t know them, the way the media betrays them, does not define them as a person. You probably look at what you hear about them on TV and start making judgments. Everything you hear about them isn’t 100% true. They have their faults sometimes, but theirs no need to cyber bully them (i’m not saying your cyber bullying).

    • I don’t read stories about them in magazines or watch the fake news reports the same way I don’t do that with any other famous person. Because I know it’s all fake. I like the Kardashians too, all the vanity aside they’re quite lovely people. But the thirst to be on the spotlight constantly is not medias fault, that’s up to them, they keep working on it. And if you don’t think this family craves spotlight then you’re blind.

    • Roberta N. It’s not their fault at all. They don’t crave spotlight. KUWTK is edited to make it seem more interesting. Their actually genuinely nice people. The media just makes them look like fame hungry people. I’m not to blind to see it.. You look at what you see on their show and judge them, almost everyone does. The only reason why most people hate them is because some think their plastic, they have all these expensive clothes, “cultural appropriation”, and the tape… Watch some of their past&recent episodes and you’ll see how the media breaks them down and makes them upset. They could care less if they were in the publics eye. Their only in the publics eye for negative pointless reasons… but you can stick your opinion and I’ll stick to mine 🙂

  4. Babies are always welcome, you and Kanye make beautiful babies that’s for sure, good luck

  5. Strange to see Kim driving with one hand, for a second I was like why isn’t her hand on the gear stick but then realised Americans drive automatics lol

  6. Kourteney seems to be the only one in the family who gets pregnant pretty easily. Even Scott was less pleased when she announced her 3rd pregnancy…..

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