“Life of Kylie” Recap Season 1, Ep.7 | E!

Kylie travels to Peru where she helps treat young children who are suffering from cleft palates. Plus, she and Kris Jenner discuss her business practices.


About Life of Kylie:
“Life of Kylie” will follow Jenner as she navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics. After spending over half her life on TV on E!’s hit series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and with over a hundred million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, people feel they already know Kylie, but this series will allow her fans and the public to see behind the scenes of her ever-expanding world.

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"Life of Kylie" Recap Season 1, Ep.7 | E!


  1. She visiting kids who’s lives she changing and people in the comments are worried about what she chose to wear…… 😂tf

    • +Doot Doot exactly! They always do. They are so racist these days. Can’t even appreciate a good gesture

    • +simply sarah lol showing skin? Only thing that is showing is her stomach which is very common because Peru is a very warm city in the mornings . And she’s not disrespecting anyone. U should not notice what she’s wearing, u should see the fact that she helped these kids and basically changed their lives HATER! 😒

    • +b kelly that’s what u presume. And when it comes to class, oh hun she definitely has more class than u or me have 😂. Don’t judge someone u don’t even know. U don’t know her or her heart or brain. You don’t know why or what she’s or anyone doing, u don’t know anything about anyone’s life until or unless u know them!

  2. it’s a good thing that she realized she can xhange others life with her money at a such young age no fucks given to what she’s wearing doh she’s amazing!

  3. I thought that people would stop ranting about her doing such good cause , but no , someone said it right haters gonna hate

    • people like yourself describe the term “Hate” because you cant stand others to have opinions of someone you happen to like. im sure you quite often voice your opinions about the celebrities you dont like!? get over it, i found it disrespectful of the choice of clothing Kylie chose, she is at a hospital, around littl kids, Kylie could have choosen something a bit more tasteful and made it about the kids.. and NOT herself or her enhanced body, as per usual with her and the entire family! btw the celeberity charity gimmick is bullshit, they give to charities and seem all charitable, then tax rolls around and they get a slog of a percentage back. good work! 😂😂😂

  4. I would love to see Kris Jenner life!!!!! I die to see what doing this incredible women!!! A job,relationship,how she teaching girls the bussines!!!!!EVERYTHING!!! JUST WOW!!!!

  5. King Kylie counting her coins while bitter broke whales leave comments about a life they wish they had

  6. still people keep hatin on them coz they say these kardashians and jenners doing nothin. lol stfu this video speaks a lot mate

    • +kristiana Perez well as we all know she did it for herself not anyone else. It’s her life, her choice. She still looks the best tho 😍

    • +Mary B no shade to kylie but she has redone her entire face. there is literally no doubt about that. its funny how her fans are just gonna continue riding the makeup/puberty train. the girl still looks completely diff without makeup. her nose is different. her chin/jaw look slimmer. it used to be square and now its the heart shape that everyone wants. she has a ton of fillers. that’s why she always looks so off when she smiles. google pics lol. something about her eyes has changed as well. they turn more upwards now whereas in older pics they turned more downwards. maybe an eye lift.. idk. she has mad money and her face is literally her business so i get it, but lets face facts here. imo the only reason she even admitted to the lip injections was because kids were harming themselves by sucking on shot glasses.

    • vondonstrut218 tbh I can’t even remember that I even wrote my comment as it was like a year ago so I don’t really feel the need to comment any further, but you’re probably right. Not that I care if she has fixed stuff on her face etc tho since it’s her own face. Yolo you know ahaha

  7. Kylie has a genuinely kind heart, which is probably why she is so sensitive. I feel sorry for her being born into a family of fame, you can tell it’s just not her thing

    • Miko Yeah….and makes them insecure about themselves and her bodies so even 12 year old start to think about lip injections and make up and being fake

  8. Isn’t it weird that people say that Kylie does nothing good but when she does they focus on how she looks?

    • Exactly! People are so racist these days. They can’t even appreciate the fact that she helped these kids and basically changed their lives

    • +XAVI XAVET Yea you just know everything right? 😒 Sorry to break it to you but you don’t. Kylie has helped these kids whether it’s for the cameras or not. We don’t know that, we don’t know anything. You should appreciate a good gesture, not blame the one who did it cuz u couldn’t possibly do it yourself so you should be happy that these kids are taken care of.

  9. Her show is a success and she earns money from it and in return she gave some to the needy people who might not even know she exist. Where’s the problem guys??

  10. “Has helped over 1300 poor kids”
    The way he said that just got under my skin. 😬

  11. People bash her for getting her lips done but if you and an insecurity and had a chance to Change it you would

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