Lil Xan is Going to Rehab, I Need Help Getting Over the Hump with Opioids | TMZ

Before he left for rehab Thursday, Xan came on "TMZ Live" to explain exactly why he's going, and it's interesting … he says he's nowhere near "rock bottom."


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    • +Christopher Roscoe He’s also a young man who has his own struggles in this life, as we all do. Have some respect for yourself and shh with your weird toxic comments.

    • Fr though musically i like a few of his track like all of mac passig hit hard at least for me. You always wanna see people better themselfs no matter who they are

  1. Good luck kid..I did it..u def can too…. getting clean is hard and not much fun at all, especially in the takes time to reprogram your brain to feel “normal” again, literally months .but you Can do it.. hey even if it’s using subs to help you get by for three months or so watevs. A doc can easily help you with a plan so you will not have to go through the evil of withdrawals. It looks like its a good time to get away from the drug scene for a while my dude.. you really have zero chance of sobriety if you dont.. maybe go get a chill pt job out in the country, get yourself a good girl to hang out will be happy AF in no time. Once you get some time clean you will start to love how you are feeling and changing for the better. Soon Everyone will be jealous of DIEGOs sobiety and have mad respect that you actually stuck with the program. So Chin up. You got this..these comments really suck so I wanted to give you some support. . If you want it bad enough you can make it through this.and get your life back.

    • +Gabby C for me I would get sick when ever I woke up in the morning . So I tried to take my last hit around when I woke up so I could try going through the rest of the day not feeling sick so when I went to sleep and woke up the next morning it would be 24 hours and I could start the sub. It took me a few trys I’ll admit. Don’t use at night then go to sleep and wake up sick and go through the whole day sick af. I tried that didn’t work. I also didn’t wait 24 hours I waited 19. If your withdrawaling hella fucking bad to the point where you can’t take it no more. Then just take the sub because If your withdrawaling that bad the opiates are most likely out of your system already. There should be a chart online you can use to determine how bad your with drawls are and if it’s safe to take the sub yet or not. Hope that answered your question 💙

  2. As much as I think he’s a joke I respect the fact he is admitting he has a problem and at least attempting to get help

    • +FolkLaurr guess we will see then, maybe we should wait to find out first bc. a lot of rappers announce what there doing before they do it bc they have a coff coff thing called a “fan base” where there’s groups of people trying to find out what’s there next move. not saying you’re wrong just saying Maybe wait and see before getting all spectacle

    • Darth Star Killer that’s his only marketing scheme….he thinks it makes him a tortured artist and gives him credibility even tho he had a great suburban upbringing. Dumbass

    • he admitted he has a drug addiction problem over a year ago the junkie should a sorted it by now

    • He needs mental help as well, thinks he’s black and has actual rap talent. Hope he gets treatment for both.

    • METalGod66 true. coming here reading these comments will probably give him a panic attack and trigger him to reach for pills everyone bashing tf outta him

    • He’s a celebrity. The only support that really matters is your friends and family. Don’t worry about him.

    • METalGod66 facts asf plus you can’t judge people for their addictions we all have our demons

  3. Lord, he won’t have any material to rhyme about if he gets sober. Hell, get sober anyway! Good luck, kid.

  4. *for this young blood to see how detrimental this culture is and for him not to encourage kids to take drugs anymore, you gotta give respect where it’s due*

    *There is Rappers twice this kids age still rapping about drugs, as much as I don’t like this little guy I respect the hell out of him*

    *Keep your head up dog, Good luck*

    • he only realized it after 3 people died. hes no genius. and there’s no respect due here. if those other people didnt die he would still be doing it. its not like he figured it before all that.

    • +MN Creek Water *it’s all part of living and learning, now think about all the people that still haven’t learned after 3 people died*

  5. Getting clean is the easy part…..Staying clean is an everyday question only he can answer…recovery is forever…Good luck lil Whack Job 🙏🏼

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