Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Disappeared | TMZ TV

They can just be Rumors?


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  1. Figured it wouldn’t last, she got her money and now it’s gone lmao typical ☺️☺️

  2. we all knew the show was gone fail it was only a matter of time before something went wrong with her…

  3. MTV paid for all that I’m sure. For whatever reason they didn’t want to do the show anymore therefore no more beach club.

  4. I wish Lindsay would just go back to acting. But i guess nobody wants to hire her she never shows up on time but she is a very good actor she’s just not good at real life.

    • Gayle Bertinelli yup sadly no one is interested in casting her but maybe she will get a shot if a good director decided to pick her

    • Interestingly, she’s of interest to directors but it’s nearly impossible to hire her because of insurance. She could do independent cinema but again, would you trust her with your personal finances at stake?

    • LeroneClarkeOliverYT oh yes that’s very true. The insurance…damn people like TMZ putting all of their personal matters out front. It’s gets hard for them

  5. She brought a bunch of Jersey shore wannabees , a very bad mood for a business . She hired the wrong people who were just there to play love Island and Jersey shore.

  6. Was this really Lindsay Lohans Beach club? I think she just loaned her name to it.

  7. She really should’ve just stayed in America and started acting again instead of blowing all her money on a beach club all the way across the world. She’s 13mil dollars in debt.

    • thats her business dude let her live her life. Let her make her choices at least she’s trying to do something with her life

    • roxanna mavakanian I guess she’s allowed to open one if her heart desires. I was a bit judgmental so I apologize. But it would’ve been less expensive to open a club in the US then and spend her money more wisely. I know it’s her choice, but her money could be spent in a wiser manner for her own security to make her life easier.

  8. Duhh it was fake🤦🏽‍♀️it was only for the fake reality TV show🤫

  9. She never owned the club .. MTV probably gave a paycheck in advance for her to build the club ..

  10. Can you even call it a “hit” show when like ratings were horrible?! The show was super boring and had no plot whatsoever.

  11. She keeps trying and trying to do something but everyone keeps laughing at her lol

  12. The show failed because it revolved around a bunch of people nobody cared about. If she started a reality show showing her real life and it revolving around her, like that series Oprah did on her…I would watch THAT, but that beach club show was trash.

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