KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Thinks Kylie Looks Like a Bratz Doll | E!

The designing sisters gear up for their clothing line to be reviewed by "Vogue"–and Kendall gives Kylie a zinger! See it on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Thinks Kylie Looks Like a Bratz Doll | E!


    • Mariah Burgos she did not mean that…she just told that kylie has done something to her lips n it looks fuller

    • She already told the world that she uses temporary lip fillers it’s no surprise and anyway she stopped them now

  1. OMG Kendall is so stressed out, her life must be so hard. Picking out clothes someone else designed and signing contracts.

    • You don’t know what the pressure of being famous does to you so leave her alone, you can’t just decide how other people feel

    • Their lives are actually hard. They have to deal with all the hate all the media, the paparazzi

    • Yeah but she has to walk runways and maintain these diets everyday and making sure to keep a good image for the public, it’s tiring.

    • hi boo fitz whos pretending? If she has a new pair of shoes does she need to announce it? stfu! idiot!

    • Jenzterrifico Loco You shut up

      Kendall is just a big hypocrite with Kylie about her lips and everything else, while she did the same

      As long as she keeps being that double face people can say whatever they want about her lips

  2. I remember when people called Kylie the ugly sister way before she had any augmentations done. As a child that eats up at you. Children are easily hurt. It was social media that made her so insecure. I would feel the same way. When I was 13 I hated the way I looked and I was bullied and teased a lot. I can’t image how much worse it would have been to have complete strangers all over the world call me ugly, so I know for a fact if I had the kind of money they have I would have gone under the knife. I’m older and wiser now and learned to love myself. Unfortunately, Kylie hasn’t. What makes it worse is that she did all this to look and feel better and people STILL talk about her. She will never win. I do, however, believe that she does have thicker skin than Kendall, though. Kendall whines more than anyone else in the family.

    Also, that choker Kendall wore looks hella tight. She sounds out of breathe at the beginning of the clip.

    • You are just a miserable person that is still under the mental control of your family. “Older and wiser”? That just means you have become complacent with probability. Kylie has accomplished more than you and your family ever WILL. I’m sure you feel that transgenders are ok but when a woman or man gets augmentations, “they don’t love themselves”. You’re a follower

    • THAT GOES WHERE?!? Tbh I thought Kylie was really pretty without the plastic surgery

  3. Kendall really saying she worked hard to get to Vogue??????????? For real, these actual supermodels work TURBO HARD every single day to try to get an editorial, show, etc and also they go to actual castings to see if they get in shows and stuff …NOT her case, she gets everything SO EASY in the modeling world SMH!

    • Criss if she was ugly as she wouldn’t be in vouge or vs if Kourtney did Tried for vs do u think she would get in with her height no. If khloe tried before with her old weight would she get in no. She has face figure and height. Yes she it’s comes easy but she didn’t just a free pass.

    • Tio Gabriella Some people’s struggles are far more considerable than others. Let’s not act like this girl went through half of the struggles and hardships that other models who started at the bottom of the barrel had to put up with. Not saying she ISN’T a hard worker, but let’s not act like she hasn’t had most of this handed to her. Modeling is very difficult to get into. Much less SUCCEED in. If she weren’t who she was and had a boatload of connections, she’d be working in some office with another girl named Sarah filing papers…. And let’s be real here: As a model, Kendall is pretty vanilla. She is decent at best.

    • Criss what yall yapping about. she has the face of a model. quit being so jealous. you dont know anything about the modeling industry. yall got something to hate about

    • I’ll admit she did get it handed to her but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard to maintain it and also she is modeling material she’s tall skinny and gorgeous and doesn’t even look like she’s had work done although I’m sure she has so it’s not like she looked like before Kylie

  4. I love Kylie but Kendall is constantly complaining or giving someone attitude. Like that’s all she does.

  5. why would you be so mean to someone who’s obviously trying to calm you down and be nice to you?! 🙄

    • Charlie Hervé cuz that someone is ur sibling😑 u r not normal if u do not insult ur sibling.

  6. Kendall….. we can tell you got a lil bit of filler in your lips girl 👄

  7. Kendall: “I worked really hard to get noticed in the fashion world”… Is she joking? Because the only reason she has been noticed is because of her family. Most models have to work a LOT harder than her.

    • Are you jelly that you will never become as successful as Kendall. This girl is in the spot light people , fans always will judge her no matter how well and hard she works. People will never see the good things from Kendall always find an excuse to judge her. Come on give Kendall a break It’s enough that she can’t enjoy a normal life.

    • Shwimmy Wimmy exactly I bet you the fashion world didn’t see her as a model they just saw her as a girl who does nothing but makes money. She had to work to get in the fashion world and prove them wrong.

    • Well her family did make it easier for her, but still the model industry is definitely hard for anybody…

    • just because people have to work harder doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard either. and it’s harder for models with a reality tv show background and a family like hers because people don’t really take her seriously either.

  8. wtf is wrong with her Kylie was saing sweet stuff and kendall just said that 😧

  9. Why Kendall seems so mean to Kylie? She mocked Kylie lips yet she also get fillers later. Give it some time then she will also have the same bratz doll face~

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