Lori Loughlin’s Kids Olivia Jade and Isabella Could Be Banned from USC Forever | TMZ TV

Lori Loughlin's kids, Olivia and Isabella, have tried beating USC to the punch … TMZ has learned they are officially out of USC by their own accord, but they're still not out of the woods.


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  1. I don’t think her kids even cared about going to college to begin with. I’m sure they majored in something stupid like General Education or Art

    • +change is here it is not jealousy trust me it is the principle they actually committed a crime.

  2. This is stupid meaningless news…find out who did Olivia’s hw would be more interesting?

  3. Nah…… USC totally can strip someone of their degree if they want.

    Degrees are awarded, and awards can be stripped.

    It happens to athletes all the time.

    • But they won’t strip anyone of the degree. Because enrollment isn’t part of the acquiring of the degree. If they do, it will make their degree less valuable. Because what would stop them from revoking degrees because of dissenting politcal opinions in the future. If you get enough consensus like an uber left or alt right administration, they’ll do just that.

    • Mike M If they didn’t take entrance exams themselves and paid other people to take them, that’s grounds to strip someone of an award.

      It’s like testing positive for steroids after winning a gold medal.

    • devynchapman good looking girls***
      No cap bro men are born with a blessing, you could be ugly asf and learn how to talk and get hella females… but I bet you know within 5 seconds if you’d lay the pipe on a female 😂

    • lina guty they know they don’t its just a thing to make a example out of her to show that it won’t be accepted they have to be shown doing some thing I gues

    • I was wondering the same thing. I think the parents would care. But not Olivia. Her parents wanted her to go to USC.

  4. Is there a list of names of other parents and students that cheated the system.. It should be published too. Why just these 2 families, are super exposed.. Spill the tea on all of them to be fair.

    • These families are exposed as you call it because they have been in the public eye.
      The other parents from various backgrounds have been named and listed.

    • +Mario Lopez Yhea, but it’s nice to know who us all in the same train wreck, we may know of a few just because there “not in the public eye”, doesn’t mean we don’t want to know. They all need to equally be used for an example to help this not happen again with stiff penalties, and sentencing to prison.

  5. The university do have the write to revoke. And if they don’t they do have the right to not respond for references etc. They scandal has been running for 25yrs says the man who ran it so USC has more than 8 alumni to look into. And seeing it’s the teachers and not an independent body who corrects papers, look into cheating to graduate as well

  6. She bought her way in, over all the people who WORKED their asses off to get in. She doesn’t even WANT to be there, all her grades were bought, payed for and her SATs were changed so she could get perfect scores by the SAT proctors. Yes USC had problems, but the U.S government needs to intervene…because this involves the whole U.S college system.

  7. Also Uni is becoming a dying breed. Slow death as it’s revealed more and more young ppl aren’t interested in Uni. It might have to go back to specialist real degrees and not these frivolous degrees that make you know money but make for them.

  8. They care. Humiliation is a very humbling experience when your a princess. I actually feel sorry for the kids. They needed a life lesson their parents never taught them.

  9. She made heaps of money from those videos in her dorm room. She had companies buy everything in her room just to be in the background. She complains about uni but it was of great benefit to her channel.

  10. I want to know if all of Olivia’s professors were getting paid off also. How was she passing any exams? Wouldn’t she get F’s in all classes for no attendance (unofficial withdrawal)?

  11. What’s really unfair is that Olivia took a more deserving Asian student’s chance at going to USC!

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