Marco Rubio Praises NASA’s Mars Landing | TMZ TV

Nice handshake though!


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    • Roberto Ramos Hernandez … really, because thats what they say. That could be a movie set 😶 and NASA reports it’s Mars!!! Hell …who can confirm if it’s real or not!!!

  1. Lol they can’t land on Mars lol u gullible freaks it’s flat Earth Mars is a star u can’t land on it

    • Simple read the book of Enoch it explains this very well..the earth is square lSU river earth model…it’s in your face walk outside..the sun is local a few miles up my thoughts is the sun bout 124000 feet up and very small..the sun isn’t heat it’s light ..the same reason it can be 20 degrees outside but the sun be out all day..if the sun were fire or heat it would warn up any area it cross above almost the can be in Alaska and when the sun come out it barely change degrees..but be in Aruba and it’s 85 degrees year around.. read Enoch then do your own research…it explains the cosmos to the year and eclipse which has nothing to do with the moon..if it did what shades the moon all month long..also were is the axis on your ball ?

    • so then what is the exact point for lying to us this whole time just to say that they can like I don’t understand where you people get this from

    • I don’t even feel like debating this with you lol. It gets you absolutely nowhere what is the point of this. Nothing comes from you constantly screaming the Earth is flat like some autistic, so you have a great day. Unless you’re going to do something about it then let me know

  2. Love how NASA people are starring at their computers and all we see is them acting like a bunch of ‘tards when it supposedly lands. 🙄

  3. Love how this video focused on some stupid handshake and some lame argument at TMZ instead of actually showing some of the landing

  4. Wait are republicans aloud to believe in Mars? You know because of Jesus and all…

  5. Rubio got put in his place by Alex Jones here on YouTube. Plus the mars crap is fake just like the moon landing. It funnels tax money to the military not any space program. Wake up already

  6. What a huge accomplishment for NASA! it’s a touchdown dance when the lander touched down!

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