Magic Johnson’s Son — Out with Boyfriend! | TMZ

Earvin Johnson III, Lakers legend Magic Johnson's son, is officially out as gay which is surprising… because he's wearing a faux fur coat with a purse in one hand and a dude's hand in the other. Yay gay!

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Magic Johnson's Son — Out with Boyfriend! | TMZ


  1. I don’t mind gay people at all but why do some gays like Magic Johnson’s son, flaunt and parade it like that? He’s too flashy and I don’t even see women acting like that. I have a couple of gay friends and they just act like regular people and you wouldn’t even know they’re gay unless you ask them. I just don’t agree with being all flashy and all the extra gyrations, looking for attention. That screams insecurity to the highest degree.  

  2. Wow this is just wierd.  Ok, I get it, you are gay but you are STILL A MAN!!! Damn even most gay guys still act like men.  This guy is a total woman.  WTH??

    Hell, there are effeminate men out there who aren’t gay that also seems wierd to me.  It’s not the fact that they are gay, it’s that he is totally acting like a broad.  

    • +UncleBiscuits79  honey just be real and say the truth, say that ” i never came back to reply to this because after i read it i had no excuses or bullshit arguments left so im just going to label your paragraph as a “waste” when in reality it is correct and accurate and im wrong and i dont want to admit it! if thats not true then please tell me why. I wont agree to disagree because what im saying is truth, you can do whatever you want or you can grow up and admit you were wrong. Think whatever you want, it is america you can think the grass is purple and that zebras are pink but that doesn’t make you right. There is no such a thing as “normal” for a guy. you seriously need an education asap!

    • +Nema Khalil as I said, we aren’t going to ever agree on this.  such as the nature of people.  Have fun, enjoy whatever lifestyle you like, and be happy. 

    • +Nema Khalil  it’s not that I can’t argue with you, it’s just I no longer want to.  Regardless of what you, one man (or whatever you call yourself) says, People like this will never be normal.  Arguments tend to break down when they don’t go anywhere.  

    • UncleBiscuits79 “a total woman”?… i’d hate to see your girl/broad…eewwww.

  3. the way a vagina feels i dont know why any man would wanna lay with another man

    • Born that way? Lmao this is pure and simple mental illness. Its a sexual preferance. Its is exactly they same mental illness as pedophilia

    • dahrealistMurray19 thats what In saying. Chocolate Wizway Blvd. is a one way traffic for out going traffic only. And a mans mouth was not made for Cadillac Now Or Laters.

    • Nema Khalil he is right though, there is no scientifical evidence that supports homosexuality since it goes against the biological meaning of life, also although a lot of people wont say it out loud, because it became politically incorrect due to libtards, but most people are actually grossed out by homosexuality….its ok…I have my opinion and you have yours…

    • put a bullet in your own head. His son might be very stereo-typically gay but I am sure the world knows who magic and his family are, but who the hell is Ryan Heard? LOL

  4. I’m sure magic loves his son, but deep down he’s got to be a little disappointed that he turned out like this instead of some nba superstar lol

    • Gary Morris thank U whats wrong with this world epically since a racist rich dictator is are pres

    • Ryan Heard lmao it’s not even that deep. I’m not for the gay community either but that’s over the top lol.

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