Mariah Carey Is Excited to See Bryan Tanaka | Mariah’s World | E!

The "Mariah's World" star gets a visit in her dressing room from her dancer Tanaka. Plus, see what Mariah thinks about him meeting her twins!


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Mariah Carey Is Excited to See Bryan Tanaka | Mariah's World | E!


    • I know right!! That was adorable. His crush is so obvious seeing these clips(not that it wasn’t before, but now even more so! Plus that chemistry!!). I’m glad Mariah is letting us into her world like this. She’s just having fun! Nothing too deep. 😛

    • +Ambrosial Songbird I don’t blame her lol, he’s a cutie. & yeah it’s not that deep, people are reading more into it.

  1. Say what you want about Mariah, but one thing you can’t call her is one dimensional. She has so much personality. Her and Bryan actually do have a natural chemistry. I wasn’t sure if they did at first.

  2. That’s a shame most lambs are praising her flirting when she was engaged. I’m a true lamb and think it’s all fake. It’s like jlo and Chris Judd

    • Selina Davis she not flirting with him she getting along with him and everybody if you watch the show I’ll understand better

    • Ricardo Young
      HUH??? Confused! Why are you explaining a show to Selina Davis that you need her to watch in order for you to “understand better?”

  3. Mariah has always been flirting with guys, even when she was married. She even said it herself! Doesn’t mean a thing, it’s just the way she interact with people.

    • Nonna D hahaha you do know this was scripted? She was already hooking up with Bryan while she was with James. They started hooking up in April 2016 and this one when she says nice to see you it’s from November 2016 lol. They played y’all

    • Sai CaliLUV that’s right! If it was like 30 or 40 years older, maybe, but he’s age and her age it’s ok! And why when a woman is older than the man, they make a big deal! But when a man dates younger woman it’s ok!! SMH!!

    • Tanaka is very talented he got a lot of achievements and lovable to his kid brother..hes full of energy i think it will help mariah and make her happy Tanaka is a wondeful person look at all his videos in youtube.he works hard being a choreogrpher and even achieved his dreams

  4. Wish Tanaka would shave that mustache. He kinda looks like the pringles guy with it.

    • Juju Lipz hahahaha they were sleepinh with each other here lol it’s from November 2016 she cheated on James with BT and left him for him

  5. I’m so EXCITED they finally did an awesome NEW reality show about Mariah Carey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. She looks like a really funny person to be around! Which is great because everyone thinks she’s some monster who lays upon gold satin all day drinking champagne while someone does everything for her.

    • Virgo Blue I see what you’re saying. that k fed guy exploited Britney for her money and got her pregnant then dumped her

    • +The Conrad Right! Mariah is too Diva to settle fir the men she goes with. I guess when you have that much money you can pick and choose.

  7. she goes ‘ you gotta meet the twins’ he trying to keep his eyes up and thinking ‘ I’m meeting em right now, stop playing wit me Mariah ‘

  8. I think their relationship is only for mariah show.. i prefer other mature guy for mariah..

    • midge M : Tanaka is too thin and young for her. Mariahhhh he is after your money honey!

  9. omg I have never seeing mc shy and blush around a guy ever lol this is so cute you can see right here they were falling for each other. people saying that Bryan had the crush on mc well you can clearly see mc does too. she keeps eyeing his body, touching his shoulder, and looking away like she’s shy and omg she was seriously blushing which is new to mc lol. love these two

  10. All the people who think Mariah is a total diva needs to watch this video. You saw her down to earth side in this video.

  11. Classic, he asks if its a good time to see her, sure let me get her, say the assistant, then mirah walks out in full on ms universe crowning all set!! lol

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