Marlee Matlin Wants to Know How She Became Deaf | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The Academy Award-winning actress asks Tyler Henry to help her discover the truth–watch the shocking reading on "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Marlee Matlin Wants to Know How She Became Deaf | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. he doesn’t even answer the question. it’s obvious, he just knows what he reads online. he’s not a real medium

    • He did answer the question. Also, not everyone watches TV. If one doesn’t watch TV, then the things on TV are unknown.

    • Jay i don’t think he means he doesn’t know who the celebrity is… But rather walking into the reading, he doesn’t know who the producers have set him up with (I.e. no available prep time) which is a valid answer

    • You guys do realize that this is a reality show and it’s fully scripted including a statement that says he doesn’t know all of those celebrities at all. These people are thirsty for fame and they will do anything to maintain their popularity on tv.

    • Because God gives man discernment. These gifts come from the Lord but yet also the devil himself depends on who you allow in.

    • Saliuds
      Bang on correct . He is a con artist and he is a poor liar!

    • Ireallydon’t Care
      Really, do you have any clue how ridiculous that sounds.Believing in sky wizards is delusional.However to each his own . As long as you don’t expect people to believe as you do.

    • Ciarra Johnson
      No that’s completely illogical as everyone dies from heart failure in the end . You can be brain dead but your heart will still beat with machines.Say you are dying of Cancer,the final mechanism of death will be heart failure.Infection will always cause heart failure. So it’s not really a stretch to tell a man who is not in top shape and almost eighty with a family history of heart and stoke that there’s a spirit named Rob , Bob or John or Dad or his grandfather that wants him to take care of himself with his health. It’s not remotely close to what really killed him. Also , I find it disgusting that this twerp is starting to give medical advice! As he couldn’t even passing his nursing degree exams!

    • jrae
      Wow than it’s totally correct! WRONG! The Bible several books that were written by individuals who have zero first ,second , third , forth , fifth or sixth hand knowledge of any of the events in it. The people who wrote the books translated from an oral history.
      Kind of like when people tell a fishing story and they seem to add details as the years go by. The fish goes from twenty pounds to a whooping 140 pounds and then things become ridiculously false . You know what else is in the Bible? That no Man should wear robes ( clothes) made from 3 separate plants as well as weaves?
      This means all clothing must be made from the same plant and weave ..referred to one person.This was considered a big deal. It’s also a huge SIN against the lord?
      The individuals that translated had put their own opinions in their writings and its evident.No God wrote that false bullshit!

  2. He gives generalized answers. Alot of people were ill and that’s how they became deaf, that’s a very common reason. They’ll say something like “im getting a male figure coming through, does that mean anything to you?”… ummm most people know of a male that has passed that they were close too… or “Im getting an image of a dog, that may not neccessarily mean there’s a dog. that could be a symbol for a pet of any kind”… and then you elaborate on the topics. It’s basically just trickery.

    • Kate Perry okay so how did he know her father used to say she’s not deaf she just stubborn to everyone when she was growing up? A lot of his readings are specific stories that only that person would know. That’s not something you would know or be able to find anywhere it’s very specific to the individual

    • You all need to know that every reality show that you are seeing on TV is scripted. All these celebrities need something to raise their popularity. They may give all the details to the crew before and pretending to be completely surprised after ‘reading’. This Tyler is just a puppet who plays his role as a ‘medium’. These celebrities will do anything to be on screen more often.

      I would like to see someday people who meet him on the street or anywhere ask this con to read them spontaneously like what street magician always does. And of course this con doesn’t have any nerve to do it because that would reveal him as the biggest con and liar ever. Sooner or later, all of his lie will be revealed in time.

    • Yea <3
      And even when Marlee speaks using her voice, she's very easy to understand <3
      She had speech therapy for years and she talks very well <3

  3. p.s.-i am a psychic/medium.there are people with true abilities and sure,there are fakes-just like in every profession/group etc….there is what we call evidential mediumship-when someone gives specifics then you KNOW its real…Vague and generic: “i feel a grandmother energy ,she is proud of you,and loves you very much” too vague…versus : “i believe this is your grandmother-you called her Noni,she is drinking coffee from a teacup with a crack all the way down one side,she wont get rid of it because her mother gave it to her for a special occasion and it means alot to her,She LOVES baseball and for awhile in her youth,she dated someone in the minor leagues-his name started with an “H”.she had 6 kids,plus one that died shortly after birth,one of the 6 died in his 30’s in a car accident and he left behind 2 children,one had a physical disability” THAT is evidential mediumship-if you find a medium who can do THAT-stick with it.i HAVE seen some of Tylers reads,and he has had that kind of accuracy MANY times-watch a few more of his interviews and i think you will be pleasently surprised….

    • Mental illness is very treatable these days you don’t have to be embarrassed that you hear voices.

    • I have been watching. Not sure on this guy quite yet. In this video, he mentions “stubborn” and the guy sitting next to him says, “Oh, just like the story she always tells.” Hmm, how about if Hollywood Medium reads for people he can’t easily look up and listen to their stories ahead of time? Not saying he is doing that, just wondering to myself.

  4. Very generic answer and Web MD probably has common causes for child hearing loss.

  5. I miss watching Marlee Matlin in that old court drama Reasonable Doubts. I love her!

  6. This is confusing because the interpreters voice sounds the same as the mediums hahah

    • That would be awesome, Especially if he said Tupac is still alive in Cuba. LOL

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