Taylor Swift & Scooter Braun Have Bad Blood | TMZ TV

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  1. Taylor should just forget all of this crap and move to South Carolina with me.

  2. It’s a real shame that Philip DeFranco, a Youtuber, covered this story better than you people who get paid for this stuff. I expected nothing less or in this case more from you anyway so not disappointed. However, it’s unfortunate that you have influence.

  3. Taylor Swift should have every right to her masters. It’s her all life hard work.

    • She fucked that up when she missed out on buying HER OWN catalog.

    • Nope no offense. This is the pc police again. Just bc your mad doesn’t mean your right or desever things back. Taylor has had beef and thrown shade towards ppl. Taste of her own medicine

    • She was not the only one to put work on the song it takes a team and which means other people had a part on making it happen and making it sound good if u want 100% of the rights then pay

    • WASTED YOVTH GLOBAL bich she had to sign a contract to “EARN” one album at a time. Know your damn facts before start lashing out.

  4. I hope she doesn’t get the songs Back. Fight me and i can defend this point

    • @jazmyn ortega she knew what she was signing on her contract, if she didn’t still her fault. B/c she ain’t relying on the courts instead on her fans’ outrage to get back the music. Hypocrite, she threw shade towards people. Taste of your own medicine

    • @Feedsomefood Burchetta promised her that if she signed he’ll give her albums back! He suddenly changed his mind because he never predicted that she’ll be this big!!! Whomever owns Taylor Swift basically owns the music industry.

  5. Why isn’t she yelling at her parents for signing the contract? There are kids eating dirt in Africa and I’m supposed to worry about this rat faced drama queen?

    • Her net worth should surpass scooter with her next albums and tour…. So she can buy it but wasn’t given the opportunity. Basically Burchetta said she can “earn” all her albums back by giving in one album for each. Taylor has 6 albums under Big Machine that’s 12 years of her life……..Burchetta said if she makes six more, she can have all if them back.

      Taylor wasn’t aware that he was going to sell it and Burchetta though he could blackmail her by making her stay but Taylor left, she was the only one making money for Bug machine without her its nothing and I think he knew that so he sold it her entire catalogue without her knowing as I don’t know revenge?.

  6. Shes worth 300+ million and shes complaining bout this? She should move on and focus on better future projects.. just my opinion..

    • I thought the same thing, but I mean we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Taylor seems to hate Scooter with passion.

      If you hate a dude so much, would you not also be mad when that dude profits off of your name and your work? Imagine, for example, Cardi B somehow did a deal with young money where she would get a percentage of Nicki’s earnings. Nicki would be missed even if she was already a millionaire. Maybe it’s a pride thing

    • But I mean why would she refuse? Not a swift fan, but like Why?

      Every single artist would buy their music bc it would mean they’d get more money in the long run. Who doesn’t want That?

      Especially Taylor Swift of all people? She’s one of the biggest female artists in the world. Her music videos tend to generate over a hundred million views. She has the highest grossing tours. Like she of all people would not deny buying her own songs especially because she writes her songs.

      Taylor has so much money she could afford her master’s too. It doesn’t make sense

    • She wasn’t given the damn opportunity to buy. Y’all need better reading comprehension.

  7. that woman loves playing victim, perhaps . I heard CEO of Big Machine offer her to buy her master and she passed. And then she pissed off? is that woman a trouble maker or loves playing victim card or what?

    • riyadi riyadi he offered to give her every album if she made a new album with them, so more or less she would have to be enslaved in the record company for another 12 years, and she didnt want that. It was a completely unfair deal, and she never had the opportunity to straight up buy her old music

  8. She’s the bully. Then plays the victim. Worst kind of people in my opinion

  9. No johnny depp news? When he was being accused you guys had no problem making videos about it now amber heard is the one in trouble and you got quiet real quick

  10. I don’t own my life’s work either. My company owns it, and if I try to get my IP back when I leave they can sue me. Sorry Taylor it is call a contract. Once you sign it, you no longer own the rights to your work. Normal people do this everyday to get a reasonable income. You got millions out of it. Be greatful!

    • The girl was 15! Burchetta also promised her all of her albums but she left big machine and he was probably mad cause no one is making money for him anymore so he decided to sell as revenge..

      P.S she signed a 13 year contract, Burchetta promised her all if her albums back, I don’t think anyone would have predicted Taylor’s success. He was just sour that he wont make millions of her anymore.

  11. Taylor is the real victim here periodt. I’d rather ride a bicycle than SCOOTER

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