Marlon Wayans: Taye Isnt Saying It Right | TMZ

Marlon Wayans seems to be siding with Taye Diggs and his thoughts on how mixed race kids should identify, Marlon just doesn’t think he said it right.

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Marlon Wayans: Taye Isnt Saying It Right | TMZ


  1. Mixed race people are mixed race, they’re neither white nor black, they’re a combination of the two, is that so hard to understand? Jesus christ…..

    • +Nothing surprises me anymore i’m mixed myself and you’re totally right, you hit it right on the nail.

    • +Nothing surprises me anymore I was being semantic. You said “neither” then in the next sentence, you said “combination”. The use of “combination” would imply “both”, not “neither” which have opposite meanings. My comprehension is fine. I understood what you were trying to say.

    • Well, scientifically, babies mixed with black are black regardless of the other race, since black is the dominant gene for race…hence the beginning of racism…race mixing would annihilate white race, as we know it ..look up up genetics before you reply ignorantly to this comment.

    • +Ranesha Breezy but blake griffin doesn't have a black looking nose nor does he have nappy hair(his got soft big curly hair)

    • +ashura zoldyck his nose looks black to me and his hair isn’t that curly when you look at it

    • +Ranesha Breezy you must not know what a stereotypical black nose look like then, and yes his hair is pretty curly, he’s got definitely those soft mixed race hair, naturally black people don’t grow hair like that.

    • +ashura zoldyck it depends on who you are there is a lot of all black people with hair like that and curly hair could still be nappy how would you know if his hair is soft or not it may look it but you wouldn’t know unless you touched it his nose isn’t a “stereotypical” black nose but he has facial features of a black person

  2. welp this is what happens when we start race mixing…. maybe it’s an answer to racism ? Or maybe it’ll create new racism? who knows…

  3. Fact is 80 percent of black Americans are mixed with something and won’t be up to 85percent black.. I’m 100percent African from Nigeria. If one has different race parents they should be called biracial. Simple. If the mixing occurred with grandparents or above,then they shouldn’t claim biracial because they ain’t 50percent that race. In this case the child is biracial to me and should claim both sides

  4. what did Martin Luther King Jr, fight for,for blacks to not even call them selves black,but they love Jesus, hugh?

    • +Abe Rod your right,slavery the will to fight for freedom and the rights to all things in America and then we forget who we are and we’re we came from and the fight so many black leaders who lost their life so blacks can have a voice in America, didn’t mean a thing to some blacks, yeah it’s sad that the devil still win,blacks are who we are and some things will never change, whith the spirit of GOD all things are possible, GOD bless you.

    • What are you talking about? Taye never said he wasn’t black. His son is half black and half white and all he said was that he didn’t want society to force his son to only acknowledge his black half and negate his mother, her lineage and the 9 months she carried him.

  5. I’m half Rican half black and I consider myself more black than Rican I love having black in me and I love my black side of the family it’s a shame there’s mixed people in the world who would rather not have black in them be proud to be black, black is beautiful


  6. tbh bing mixed in America is having black and white parents…only because 2 different skin tones because my friend is half African and half Haitian but because her skin is not light shes not mixed…mixed is to be 2 mainly different races but in America being mixed is having light brown skin

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