Meghan Markle Shows Off Her Baby Bump | TMZ TV

It's there .. if you look hard.


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    • +Amethyst Rock She doesn’t use relaxers. She uses a Brazilian blow out they are two different things. Her hair isn’t nappy its curly. And the woman doesn’t just look white she looks like she is mix with white n black and that is what she is.

      The kid hair isn’t gonna be nappy. He or she may have curly hair like her mother or wavy, straight hair.

    • +Mary Smith James not exactly it has the same tension of that of relaxer. It actually is banned from the UK because of the toxic ingredients that are with the bottle. And yes it can turn a nappy headed women into a smooth straight hair. I’ve read and watched many videos upon this

    • +Amethyst Rock i don’t even know what a nappy hair looks like anyways.
      I know all type of races uses Brazilian blowout.
      A relaxer and Brazilian blow out are both no good for your health.

    • May I know why some people hate her I don’t really know abt her so could someone explain? (Yes I live in a rock don’t judge me)

      Edit: I did a mistake oops

    • +Syahirah Elvis I guess because she’s pretty plain and “normal” which makes people think that she’s unworthy of royalty.

    • She’s super hot… Was a successful actress and suits was her big break… If she didn’t marry Harry she would’ve started getting HUGE movie rolls but instead she gets to be hugger celebrity then an actor or actress can ever be… She’s part of the royal family now… She’s a dutchess! Her children can become earls or. Prince’s and princess depending on the queens orders… How jealous are you??? I bet alot!

  1. She married him in May and got pregnant that quick? At 37 that’s pretty lucky. I think they’ll have twins. 😁😁😁

  2. We all know they are both attractive and spectacular human beings, but even White people know that baby is going to grab more European appearance than Africa being mommy is only half. The only African thing might be a nice curly-haired child but we all assume it’s going to be a ginger baby with barely olive skin.

    The baby will typically still be Black and White but let’s be real his DNA is going to come out more than her African.

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