Meghan Markle’s Father is Not Going to the Royal Wedding, Suffered Heart Attack | TMZ Chatter

Meghan Markle's father will not be walking her down the aisle Saturday … he isn't going to the wedding at all because of the fallout over selling photos of himself … TMZ has learned.Thomas Markle tells TMZ, he meant no harm to Meghan or the Royal Family.

Sean from TMZ breaks down the Royal news.


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    • Best husky buddies – We thought we had contained them to the damned realms of Instagram and Snapchat. Yet they’ve begun to litter our safe haven of YouTube with their thottery. In these dark times we must stand up for what is right brother. Cast them back to their cursed crevices of social media. Unless she’s thick though.

  1. *Yawn* Tired of hearing about these people…but prayers to her dad, the sad thing is nobody probably would care had his daughter was not marrying a prince

    • Ellie Rigby maybe that statement applies in the UK. At least she will no longer be a US citizen.

    • @leicanot

      Sorry but if you are yet to be married, will your wedding be watched in US cinemas, or if you are already married, was it a cinematic experience for those keen to watch?

      Bitter and twisted. You of course are not a nobody lol

    • The 8th Church learn some basic English grammar before making further comments.

    • @leicanoct

      You wrote:”The 8th church learn some basic grammar before making further comments”

      WHAT? You want to talk about grammar?

      Look at what you wrote earlier!

      “In America. This actress is a nobody. Not even mom her would recognize her on screen.”

      HARDLY readable. I thought you were from Puerto rico or something of that nature. Pot calling kettle black. Take you own advice. Bitter much.

    • The 8th Church to funny. Stop distorting my writing. I didn’t write that. Use s spell checker when you write back, dearie.

    • The 8th Church also why are some people so ignorant and dont realise that royalty also exists in so called third world countries as well and not just Europe!! Historical facts are so distorted and people need to know actual facts!

    • The 8th Church in many African countries they had their own monarchy!!

    • Yeah,. but that was probably a regular guy. It would take near Armageddon to be that distraught to divorce out of supposed “royalty” She’d never divorce him. Don’t know about the guy though.

    • It’s often taught in the West that the Monarchy is just a traditional thing, but this is false. The Queen / King of England is still the commander in chief and even has the final say on the Prime Minister, election win or not. Also, she/he can’t be arrested and has numerous hidden powers over the their Empire. It’s not cool to like Dictators nowadays, but since America has Ancestral roots in Europe, especially England we’re taught to dismiss it. Also TRAUMA BONDS .. The English Burned down the White House in 1800 something, and no one wants to see or think about that again. Basically it’s OLD White people stuff, and now they have a Mutt in the house, who I’m proud of.

    • DRUNKEN RAMBLE you are right the queen/king of England is the Head of state so like the president of the United States she is the commander in chief of the British armed forces and the prime minister needs permission from the Queen /King for military engagement, but the Queen has no power to make military decisions herself unlike the president of the United States, the elected prime minister makes the decision and normally passes a vote in Parliament . In reality decision of serious matters of war have to go through parliament by a vote and in reality the decision from parliament is never refused by the ruling monarch, on fact the monarch cant refuse due to the constitution. When there is the general election by tradition permission is given by the ruling monarch and then she gives permission to reopen parliament, or the House of commons so Britain is a constitutional monarchy existing as a democracy, but in reality the Queen cannot refuse an elected prime minister, of course there were constitutional changes to give parliament primary powers but there is of course the unelected House of Lords which is the second House like the senate but they are unelected but Lords of course. The British people have shown on numerous surveys they are not interested in becoming a republic overwhelmingly.

      Yes the white house was destroyed by the British empire on the war of 1812 and most of Washington was destroyed as well. But I don’t think that’s the reason why Americans may not be interested in the Royal family many are.

  2. Riiight…” I was buying the beer for some friends” riiight 😂😂

  3. Poor guy 💔 Can’t even go to his own daughter’s wedding without people trying to make him out to be a fool. This didn’t happen with the other royal marriage.

    • basboosa Meghan’s evil stepsister set the whole thing up. He should have known better than to trust her.

    • Kate’s family knew better not to sell pics to the paparazzi. They’ve worked almost all of Kate’s entire life to get her to where she is, why would they ruin it for some cash?

    • andrea meza The father doesn’t take care of himself. They all seem unhealthy, even emotionally unbalanced. No reflection on Megan.

  4. Harry, get on a plane and go and fetch your father-in-law. For your new wife… and to shut this down. Go in person and fetch him. The world will swoon… you’re welcome.

    • Debby Sainsbury Is not safe because the heart feels so weak after a heart attack . So the pressure of being 30,000 feet off the ground can kill him .

    • If Meghan Markle has any Ragland or Markle uncles she could ask them to walk her down the aisle. The black man who played her father on Suits is a close friend and might volunteer to walk her down the aisle.

    • I know…it’s like watching a car crash is slow mo. I think if my daughter was marrying into this nasty dynasty of evil I’d be having a coronary as well. I will always remember poor Diana. She suffered terribly before they murdered her.

  5. The way people attack others these days is clearly quite literally heart breaking. Your all killing each other with your words and your all to blind too see it and/or too cold to care. It truly is a sad sad world we live in.

    • agree sad times, i think everyday how people should help someone everyday whether it be giving a compliment or much more but it just just not register to most.

    • Misty Johnstone, it breaks my heart the level to which people will go. I can only pray that we all will realize………sooner, rather than later………..the depths to which hate will take us and choose not to go there. I send Love and Respect to everyone!

  6. I remember harry’s grandad Princess Diana’s dad giving her away and he was not a very well man at the time. Get well well soon they can always visit him as part of their honeymoon maybe?

  7. Wait, he isn’t going because he staged and controlled the pics that were released of him? All celebrities do that. What’s so embarrassing and why is she embarrassed about it?

    • Steel Magnolia Yes. Better to be staged than get caught off guard. You’re right, most celebrities do this type of stuff.

    • Steel Magnolia She doesn’t care according to sources. She just wants her dad to walk her down the aisle, but I guess he doesn’t want the attention on him. It’s sad because none of this would have happened, had he listened to Megan’s evil step sister.

  8. Honestly, I don’t know why her father and siblings are feeding the media. What happened to support and respect? Meghan has found someone that she believes will bring happiness to her life…. as a dad, he should ignore any B.S. and just be there for her.

    • IF she just invited her siblings then this crap would not be going on. Her sister gave their Dad the idea to do this. A person who works for the palace told her(Meghan) to invite them. Kate had some jealous relative who was talking to the press and she did not want to invite them but she did after being told that will be a good idea and we never heard anything since.

    • Bk353637 C I really don’t know anything about them…. but by the way her siblings are talking about her to the press, I wouldn’t give them any satisfaction.

  9. Well done, media. Always pushing and prodding and interfering in people’s lives. I look forward to the day that people begin to turn away from crap reporting like this and “news” outlets such as yourselves are eliminated. You’re horrible for what you do!
    That poor man. 😢He will NEVER get this opportunity or moment back!!

    • Sheli I hope something good comes out of something bad… i know it would be too sad for me

  10. Best way to cover the truth: No wedding and they went to plan B, fake a heart attack. Sympathy . But okay to drive up the coast to LA and drop off flowers and a card. Let’s not forget, he brought Nyquil, gas X, a bucket of chicken, happy meal, yahoo. All this after a heart attack, the Heineken a pack of smokes too. Popcorn time to watch kabuki.

  11. This was not by accident that he had a heart attach right before the wedding they were probably stressing the man out. Also the Royal family probably didn’t want him and the wedding anyway because in actuality he doesn’t fit the profile to be hanging out at the Royal Castle! Open your eyes people….

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