Megyn Kelly’s Judgement Day After NBC Firing | TMZ Newsroom Today

Megyn Kelly and her lawyer are set to have a call with NBC brass today and we're told that she is going to demand $50 million as a settlement for her sudden firing. Also, we've got exclusive details on a domestic dispute between Ronnie from the Jersey Shore and his baby mama Jen Harley over child custody.


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    • Or how about I dress up like Karl Malone? I mean, Jimmy Kimmel did it on live television. It wasn’t even Halloween and he specifically did it to insult a black man’s intelligence.

    • And Jimmy Kimmel actually put on Blackface and made fun of Jimmy Kimmelz but he still has a job at ABC.

  1. Jens a psycho.watching jersey shore last night confirms its not Ronnie.she was drunk and he didnt want her drinking to much so she calls him all sorts of names.shes destroyed his house,dragged him with her car, black and desire eye several times, spit on him. Sounds like she has an alcohol problem. And what’s even sadder is that he won’t leave. He needs to get custody of his daughter. And unfortunately she has a 12 year old too.

  2. Just because we don’t agree with someone putting on black face I don’t think she should be fired. At the end of the day EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion.

    • Theres people who make much more and still think their entitled to a large sum after their seperation/termination from their work. I.e. wells fargo CEO who was “fired” but got a severance package of over 133.1million as a retirement fund. Lmao yeah ok makes sense

  3. This firing was in the making, why did they hire in the first place, her ratings continued to drop every quarter since her first month on the job. Guys, so this is no surprise

    • Megyn Kelly isn’t a racist, she just lives in a $63 million dollar a year white privileged bubble.don’t hate, educate! Trump is a racist.

  4. Megyn Kelly is fired because of of what she said, and because of her history of saying things.

    • And yet Jimmy Kimmel still has a job even though he PUT on blackface on made fun of Karl Malone and how how he spoke.

    • usssanjacinto1 that was twenty years ago. I was also in black face for an opera I was performing in at that time. Times are changing. People are changing. It is not acceptable from any of us but at this point in time Megan should know better but she’s from the good old boys group and thinks she’s tough being a bigot. It’s not cool.

    • +accordionizethis So you’re admitting to being a racist and a bigot for putting on blackface. It wasn’t okay 20 years ago! So now you get to decide when its ok to put on blackface? Typical white person mentality. It was wrong then just like it was wrong 60 years ago when it was rampant in movies.

      Its upsetting for a black person today to watch blackface movies from the 1920s and 30s. So you think black people would be ok with watching you in blackface 20 years ago? Ignorant!

  5. All of a sudden she is the victim, I am tired of seeing certain people play victim and acting as if they did nothing wrong.

  6. They don’t play any games , one racist rant and they have no mercy, I think we should educate not just take the job away. I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. She and Bill O’Riley can sail off into the sunset together. That’s Roland Marin for low key hammering the nail in her coffin.

  8. She good ” she has millions…💰💴💵💶💷💸💳 she should start a YouTube channel if she misses being in front of a camera 😋

  9. Ya the devil pays really well.
    most hard working men will be lucky if they make 2 million during there whole life.

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