KUWTK | Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian’s Tense Stand-Off | E!

The famous exes come face-to-face to discuss where they stand on co-parenting their kids. Don't miss the confrontation on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian's Tense Stand-Off | E!


  1. Scott and kourtney scenes are back finally the only reason this show is even 15 seasons deep

    • I think she looks a lot older than 39… When you watch the video and her making various expressions there’re wrinkles and signs of ageing everywhere

    • Anastasia Paparang exactly ! People only look at her Instagram and think “omg she looks 27” but no they’re filtered! She really does look her age or older , she does have a lot of wrinkles

    • All of you haters kill me😂 you all be looking a mess yet have the balls to say someone else looks old or ugly. People could say a lot worse about you!

    • She looks good but she’s starting to really look like her age regardless. You can tell by her face

  2. It’s one of those moments when you outside of a relationship. And you just see how bad someone is.

  3. Wow Sofia did Scot so good he’s much healthier and stable. Kourtney and the whole family just put him down and black sheep him CONSTANTLY. You tell her Scot!

    • +Nancy Loyal you are so right. However it does go to show that she needs guidance and is immature in so many ways. I say that only because Sophia has been partying and shacking up with all these men which proves that she’s not mature ebough to make wise decisions.

    • +chloe couturier yes I think that her family loves him but because she is their sister/daughter They take up for her in her wrong. All those years that Scott was with Kourtney sleeping alone and lonely, they thought that was ok. They thought he should just follow all her rules, an be unhappy. When they finally broke up for good an he was seeing other women they accused him of being insensitive but when she was running around partying with Larsa Pippen and then started to date that little boy no one said she was being insensitive. They expect him to taylor his life around her wants but she doesn’t have to do the same. Even when Kris knows he is right about introducing the kids to Sofia, in the end she makes an excuse for Kourtney. She’s a mom an to know that another woman is around her kids is hard but they didn’t think about how hard it was for Scott to have another man around his kids.

    • The black sheep and because he’s not a part of the family not to mention he literally cheated on Kourtney and was an alcoholic

    • Sheema Naaz no because she always thinks shes right and everyone elses opinions are inferior

    • Even when she got into it with kim she never apologized for disrespecting the ENTIRE family all because Kim said something mean in a heated moment but apologized later. Kourtney is a little unhinged if she can’t admit to imperfections, time to grown up kourt.

    • +Angebabe Gibson yeah. Scott is a thousand times better than kourtney…atleast he admits his mistakes and even appreciates people in his life

  4. Whatever scott does she is always gonna find something bad in it..when he parties he is no good and when he is doing just fine he is no good ! She is a psycho and the one with issues but she will always put that on him to convince herself that she is alright… she seems bitter to me cause someone else brings the best in him and not her

    • I think she’s fine with him partying if he were to do it responsibly but he never does? Any female would be the same tbh and if you don’t care how loose your partner gets that’s good for you 😂

    • ame6002 Kourtney is becoming so annoying lately and so bitchy i know she has kids and wants to be there for them but like come on she has the show she should of thought about it from the begining im just saying idk if im right or wrong but that’s my opinion

  5. Glad Scott has moved on from her! ! She always puts him down and belittles him. He seems much healthier now he’s with Sofia 😗😛

    • Patrice girl I see her side because it happened to me too. I am so happy kourtney is moving on and enjoying herself.

    • Les Lavy i al glad you got out. That kind of relationship is no joke. And then your crazy partner will want to make you look like the lunatic to avoid responsibility.

    • Rachel Prewitt Scott has always been the one that’s right sure he has done some things that are questionable but they were flexible and he fixed them but Courtney is really codependent and feels like she needs to control everything in her life hence her perfectionism comment she made I think her therapist tells her all the time that she is in the right to feel her feelings and she does have the right to feel her feelings but also she can’t alter other peoples opinions and feelings they have set on her because of her codependency

    • +McKenna LeeAnn yes. What she does is a form of domestic abuse. It doesn’t have to be physical. When you constantly belittle or demean someone.

    • +Santiago Escudero disease-shaming? Are you talking about all the STDs Scott exposed Kourtney to by cheating so much?

  6. In total agreement with Scott. U can tell he’s hurt by her comments. Her family is his family now too..has been for 10 yrs. She needs to respect that fact that they chose to be in his life as well and want to be. She is beyond controlling. Starting to be borderline repulsive by her attitude. He seems to have changed alot. I applaud him in that.

    • He is only there because kourt allows him to be n that’s Coz she is a good mum n doesn’t want her kids to suffer not having a present father around… Plus it’s a TV show too n he brings some entertainment to the show although since they are not together he could be absent n the show would go on so he’s essentially irrelevant… Again he’s only there Coz kourt ALLOWS it… Owise if it was irl n they broke up chances are he’d not even be around his kids KOURT could have gone to COURT 😂 and with his alcoholic violent past could hv managed to get full custody of the kids… He was not a good partner to her at all and she truly loved him… That’s a fact… He should not be whinging about the treatment n negativity he’s getting from kourt or her fam Coz he brought on himself n he really doesn’t commit to working on himself ever… Useless man..

    • Raisa it was Kourtney who said from the very beginning no matter where they ended up for the sake of her kids she always wanted him to stay close to the family. I do just think she’s resentful of the fact that he’s doing okay without her. She always acted like if they broke up she could be mature enough to still have him around and still be close to everyone and be like best friends, but now she can’t seem to handle it because everyone’s happy except her.

    • Raisa he is family, whether you like it or not. Kris said she would always treat Scott like a son.

  7. Wow! Scott was able to express his feelings well. Hope they can be great parents for their kids.

  8. Scott is so mature now, that I think maybe Kourtney is annoyed to see him happy with someone else

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  9. Kourtney is a psychopath, I remember when poor Scott went through a hard time after losing both his parents, she did not help him in any way!!

    • thank you…. I mean ya kourt can be out of like, but can you blame her? He made her that way.. Best bet is for to focus on herself and her kids.

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