Nattie Niedhart Connects to Uncle Owen Hart | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

"Total Divas" wrestler Nattie has a profound experience over her uncle's death. Watch the moment on "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry."

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Nattie Niedhart Connects to Uncle Owen Hart | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. All the respect to the poor woman who lost her uncle, but this is appallingly offensive. He feels a pain in his chest and the back of his head?! Thousands, possibly millions saw what happened to Owen live. It’s no secret at all. This is incredibly distasteful.

  2. This is offensive not only to her, but to the whole Hart family and the thousands of Owen Hart’s fans. Playing with someone’s emotions just so your tv show can get views is deplorable.

    • Elisha Concepcion They don’t want to have anything to do with the WWE. Owen’s wife is still extremely upset with how Owen died when he was still signed to the WWE and the harness that ultimately killed him.

  3. So this guy is just going to play dumb as if he never heard about Owen Hart. Come on Nattie you’re smarter than this.

    • I don’t have a clue who that is never even heard of him sooo what’s your point ?

    • Same I bet hes probably gonna act like he doesn’t know who Michael Jackson is wonder would he say to Janet about that if he dont someone needs to wake him up or something

    • +Jon B It’s more mainstream in Japan and in certain places in Canada than it is America. Plus it’s huge in Mexico and England

    • Whatever acting school he attended, I want to attend as well; maybe then I can F with people’s emotions and get paid for it too. #Fthisguy

    • I’ve met Nattie. We had like a 30 minute long conversation. She’s probably the nicest person I’ve ever met in the WWE. I wish she would put this guy in the Sharpshooter for this bullsh*t.

  4. its not like he couldnt of done some research before meeting with her i mean the people hes doing this stuff for are famous so it isnt hard for them to look up a few facts before meeting with them

  5. Owen died in 1999. Not everyone knows about him or is a fan of wrestling. You have to think that. Does anyone know where I can watch this full episode or is there a link to this. I would like to know what else happened.

  6. This guy is a fraud. He already knew the Owen situation before this taping. And he’s just playing with her. By the way she’ s feeding him info. He ain’t tell her anything.

  7. Idk, with celebrities its so easy to do the research, Owen’s death is so well known, he worded it pretty good, but he knew exactly who he was talking about

    • Xavier Washington he even says Owen had such passion in his career. Uh hello guy basically gave himself away with that comment.

  8. What a FRAUD

    Taking public information and using it to manipulate someone in pain.

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