KUWTK | Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Go to Planned Parenthood | E!

"KUWTK" takes a trip to Planned Parenthood, where Kim, Kourtney and Khloe learn firsthand that the nonprofit does more than just abortions.

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KUWTK | Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Go to Planned Parenthood | E!


    • +Sharon Cross 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and that’s not counting stillbirths. The largest provider of abortions is mother nature. Enough said.

    • ohwellwhateverr yeah. Let’s get rid of Mother Nature. Good plan. Wait I have a better plan. Get rid of the people who intentionally kill babies instead of the natural cause of babies’ deaths. Also miscarriages are not abortions

    • They have also talked about racism and how Kim never experienced it before until a woman kept shouting n saying North’s father is black. I think this was season 9 if I’m not mistaken

    • It’s pretty obvious to me that they are being paid to convince the people that watch this show that pp are good ..

  1. Planned parenthood is really good for underserved communities. I don’t know if they still do but they used to offer a lot of services for free and just asked for a donation.

    • Not since the current administration cut funding for planned parenthood!! Theres going to be no place for millions of women who rely on planned parenthood as their only source for healthcare. That’s why they’re airing this issue — to bring awareness. Fight back call your congressman!!

    • There are thousands of free or low cost health care facilities across the country that offer more than Planned Parenthood and will hopefully start receiving more funding for their services to their communities. Find one in your local area here: http://getyourcare.org/

    • H H there are also millions of babies who rely on their mothers to not kill them

  2. Hearing and seeing are two different things. Daaa!!! Abortion clinic, they need to go into the clinic.

    • Grace Bediako I literally just said I’m not hating lol she’s gorgeous for her age I’m just saying I never noticed her ageing since in her Instagram pictures you can tell she edits them to make her look somewhat different

  3. Wouldn’t the elimination of abortions just increase the amount of children in orphanages, being abused and or born into horrible situations.

    • quality of life doesn’t make anyone any less of a person. this doesn’t justify killing the fetus

    • +sara sara Read back what you wrote: “For something to be seen as a life it has to fulfill 6 qualities, which is what the baby does from the second it’s born” – What kind of planet do you live on where abortions happen after birth? A newborn baby is entirely different from a first-trimester foetus, which is when 99% of abortions occur. You’re just being disingenuous. There is NO WAY in which a cluster of cells, especially a non-viable or dead foetus, should be regarded as equal to a living, sentient woman. Don’t you realise how insulting and belittling that is to women?

    • Janelle Haines yeah. All those starving children across the world too. All they do is cause us pain and beg for money. I say we just murder them all. They are a pain

  4. a mothers womb should never be a graveyard for her unborn child, what a selfish generation you will pay!!!

  5. She could have had that service at plenty of other free clinics across the nation that do not murder and dismember babies for profit.

  6. It’s pretty obvious to me that they are being paid to convince the people who watch this show that PP are good

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