Newt Gingrich Says Trump Critics Are Reaping What they Sow

Newt Gingrich does not seem to lay any blame at the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania for the recent bomb attacks … he's more focused on the media, Maxine Waters, and Robert De Niro.


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  1. He isn’t wrong… The lefts rhetoric is somehow ok to leftists…. but right wing, ooooooooh no!
    Don’t forget… Ricin was sent to right wing leaders just a few weeks ago. Do we blame the leftist rhetoric for that?

  2. When a pipe bomb shows up in his mailbox I have a sneaking suspicion he will see things a bit differently……

    • +Thomas Gassett Right. In this week alone two African Americans were murdered by a Trumper in Kroger’s after unsuccessful trying to enter a black church then another Trumper sends pipe bombs to former Presidents and others then finally yet another Trumper enters a Synagogue and murders 12 Jewish people of faith. And you have the NERVE to talk about ugly? Trumpers are always looking for terrorists they need only to look in the mirror.

    • +Michael Miles Unlike the ugly Left the right isn’t blaming murders on them, even though the case could be made. Why? Because there is more to our lives than the hate that rules you!

    • +Thomas Gassett Nah bruh. We on the left hate Nazis and Fascists. We fight for an America that killed Nazis and Fascists during WWII. You on the right welcome and abide present day Nazis and Fascists. Or is my memory failing me? Was it not white nationalists on the right who were chanting, “Jews will not replace us?” during the Charlottesville where ANOTHER Trumper killed an innocent by plowing his car into a crowd of people? Keep on defending the Nazi Fascists. It only keeps making my point.

  3. Damn they send bombs to your house now I hate to see what’s going to happen when they take guns away

  4. I just want one Trump Administration-supporting conservative to document one concrete policy that actually has any potential to raise up poor-low-middle class Americans…

    • I can’t provide you with one specific policy, but the number of unemployed americans is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. A job is a good thing when you’re poor.

    • WE have more jobs than we have people to fill them. Tax cuts, and deregulation. That’s how you lift people up … not by some damn government program that will run forever and not solve a thing.

    • You will never get to 0% poverty. Never. This is the real world. Most people not all but most at the very bottom are there for a reason. If you create opportunity the ones that deserve it will rise. There are lazy crazy and stupid people out there who will be so for the rest of their lives becuase they have a virus in their head. They deserve it. But you should not throw out real and proven policy that helps out many regular ppl for a fake utopian policy that claims to help all but has proven to help none.

  5. My god this idiot is as crazy today as he was a few years ago!!! What an ignorant pos!!!!!!’

  6. I will vote Democrat because the corporate media told me I have to in order to be a good person. If I don’t I’m a WAAAAACIST.

  7. Trump bashing the media is NOT the same as telling people to harass or kick people, Trump has NEVER said attack the media or anybody, I bet this is a liberal or antifa member sending these bombs out to get people to hate republicans and vote blue, ever noticed not one bomb has gone off? it was planned that way and not a coincidence just wait and see after the person or people are caught.

  8. This is exactly what I mean they don’t take no accountability for anything they sit there and they flip back and say this person said there’s this person said this so it’s okay to get pipe bombs we just need to pray to God that nobody gets hurt in Jesus name this world is turning into Russia and Iraq

  9. It’s so obvious. These pipe bombs were all bogus sent by a slimy Democrat trying to make it look like they were sent by a conservative that is just as crazy as them. It’s laughable.

    • it’s pretty obvious that the guy the fbi arrested was just a leftist paid by the jew soros to pretend to be a right winger. You are so smart.

    • Thomas, you’re full of hot air, just like your name. Why do all of you deplorables have the same stock comments? Can’t think on your own?

    • +Thomas Gassett – You’re laughable and so predictable. Don’t you have a Klan rally to attend?

  10. The Fake Media is dying to make a connection between a wacko and the Trump movement…One has to be intellectually dishonest or a democrat shill to make that connection…Watch the RED WAVE and pour out more liberal tears on Nov. 6

  11. I think by far most Trump supporters want to see perp walks not pipe bombs. I do believe the democrat
    leaders and their sugar daddy Soros have done a lot to provoke the public to violence. I think it looks like
    the dems are way more violent and unsettled.

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