NFL Cancels Maroon 5 Super Bowl Halftime Show Press Conference | TMZ TV

Maroon 5 will NOT be taking questions from the media about their Super Bowl halftime show — the NFL just announced the pre-show press conference is officially OFF.


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  1. The Half Time Show will be the only part of the game worth watching…. so I will be sure and watch it….new respect for Adam Levine and his band…not intimidated by Hollywood…good for them !!!

    • I’m not a hater but this won’t be a good halftime show. They are playing in Atlanta, a place that’s known for its music and hip hop. They could have had migos or any other Atlanta native musicians, but no they got maroon 5 a band with meaningless pop hits.

    • +Diego Aldair what are you talking about maroon 5 has plenty of hits i dont know any of them but whatever….

    • Chris Williams yeah I know they’ve had hits and they’re kind of fun to listen to, but I think there were so many better options

  2. Canada didn’t want Amy Schumer and all the other libtard losers working for Lucifer threatening to move here…

  3. Why are we still talking about Kaepernick? He’s not playing football anymore. Let’s move on.

  4. There are two reasons why I will not be watching the super bowl.

    1) I think the refs helped the Patriots gain a significant lead over the chargers during the divisional round and as a chargers fan I’m not going to watch cheaters playing the super bowl.

    2) CBS rejected a PSA advocating for medical Marijuana… it was a 30-second ad that had three patients in it the first was a guy who was from Oakland who is a veteran he lost his leg and suffers from PTSD, the second was a kid who suffered from grand mal seizures hundreds of times a day… And the third was a woman who suffered from cancer who ended up in remission because of cannabis…. Because CBS is anti weed because of their “policy” > the truth and science..

    this has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick but everything to do with the truth and the truth is…. Weed is not harmful it is helpful in more ways than one… And the New England Patriots are cheaters.

  5. Keep throwing your damn negative comments on maroon 5 but at least we will get a childhood memory sung by them to remember the creator of spongebob squarepants who died in November of als

  6. We stand by CK united forever… ✊🏾we all know whites can play anything without us …

  7. You guys can stress yourself at the end of the day maroon 5 will be collecting there money

    • Performers don’t get paid for Halftime show. So they will be collecting Nuthin like Colin Kaepernick…

  8. I might watch Maroon V during half time.
    I will not and have not graced the NFL with my time since they began to hate Law Enforcement. Why do they not use their monies and efforts to stop black on black violence and killing. The black on black hate has killed a vast number more than the officers who try to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.

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