Nikki Bella & John Cena Officially Call Off The Wedding | Total Bellas | E!

Nikki Bella opens up to family about her emotional heartbreak after calling off her wedding with John Cena. Watch this heavy moment on "Total Bellas".

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Nikki Bella & John Cena Officially Call Off The Wedding | Total Bellas | E!


  1. Hmmm. Both of them knew what it was from jump street. She wants kids, he doesn’t, it was bound to end because each would hate or resent the other for life.

    • he only wants kids now to get back with her. u don’t just change ur mind about tht after 6 yrs.

    • His pull out game must be strong asf 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • He had a vasectomy. Honestly, he says NOW that he wants kids….he’s saying that because he wants her to come back. We’ll see if he actually attempts to have kids with her.

  2. Now, this is not only the fault of John , Nikki is also responsible for
    this. You see, John was very clear from the first day that he did not wanted marriage and kids. So Nikki, reluctantly, decided to sacrifice that because her love for John was real. It is also true that John has made no sacrifices. After 6 years, when things were starting to change for both of them , they decided to call off their wedding. And the fault was more in the corner of John. It’s time for him to start making some sacrifices for Nikki.

    • Devdutt Pattanaik it is his fault. When she dumped him the first time, he came back claiming he wanted kids and marriage. Get a clue

    • Coco Pops Yes sir…… but Nikki is also responsible for this to some extent…..!!

    • It’s not right to say he never made any sacrifices. You do not know what goes on in their relationship. And please do not assume anything on the basis of a reality show. We all know how real they are. And anyway, he’s making a big one now, he said he’s ready to have kids if that’s what needed to make this relationship work. That is a lot from someone who did not ever want kids and was straight up clear about that from day 1.

    • Anjushree Verma Haha…. I guess you are a die hard John Cena fan…. That doesn’t change the reality…. reality show is reality show…. #nofilter, they take us into their world…. What they show us, that is what we see…. John Cena
      is a hypocrite. #buried

    • Devdutt Pattanaik I think she was just hoping that hewould change his mind cus he loves her

  3. What I don’t understand is that she knew from the beginning. She still chose to be with him probably in hopes he would change his mind about marriage and kids. I have seen it happen before so she’s not crazy, but I just wouldn’t put myself in that situation to be with someone who could never fulfill what I’m looking for in a partner. You should never sacrifice a big thing that could change your life for anyone, because you will always go on in life feeling empty and living with the thought of “what if”. She should have just walked away from the beginning now they are both put in a tough spot. He now wants children because he knows that’s what she wants, but he never wanted that for himself. Although I think he would make a great father this whole situation could have been avoided. Ladies bring a check list with you on your first date 😂😂

    • i think him losing her opened his eyes to being a dad more. He realized that she is worth anything in the world to him, including having children even when he never saw that as being something he wanted in life.

    • Bay Blonde that’s awesome! Good for you! I’m happy that you did the right thing and your happy too 😃

    • Coco Pops He never changed his mind about having kids. She said it herself that she hoped he would. He told her several times they might not be meant to be together and she decided to stay. Nicole uses that I’m leaving crap to try and manipulate him but he has called her bluff several times and she didn’t go anywhere. The bottom line is he has told her from the beginning no kids or marriage, he should’ve left her years ago.

  4. Their mom is extremely quiet and weak. She has to be more a mom for her kids. I mean say something, do something, be involved. They are your babies ! Cover them, be active ! Ah !

  5. Brie is concerned about Cena and how he feels remember several years back when Brie set up the Breakfast with her family to secretly talk to cena about Nikki wanting kids that nearly broke them up.

  6. The fact that some people in the comments say this is Brie’s fault is so insane. Nikki is responsible for her own heartbreak. She knew John didn’t want children and she stayed with him for six years. Now she wants kids and he doesn’t. She literally did this to herself and Brie has told her so many times that she deserves better. Its not Brie’s fault that Nikki is in this mess.

    • Odalys Rodriguez Marriage and children are two completely different things. John said that if he gives marriage, he still doesn’t want kids. There was literally a whole season on total divas where they debated that. And even if he does give marriage, that doesn’t give Nikki the right to think there will be children when he said that one thing that won’t change. You have to respect his decision, and if you can’t, then that’s unfortunate.

    • Dramatic. She thought she was going to change his mind and she crying because it didn’t work.

  7. It’s funny how we humans get into relationships that we know isn’t going to work out and still do it anyway.
    We never learn and We probably never will.
    Stay strong, Time will heal you..

  8. People are saying they are mad at john….TF WHY? He told Nikki from the beginning of there relationship and from what we seen on season 1 of total bellas/ divas, he doesn’t want kids, he’s been straight forward with what he stands by, can’t get mad at the man. People talk about how Nikki sacrificed so much for him, yea she did but it was her choice and her decision, John didn’t force that on her. And if you guys haven’t noticed he has sacrificed a lot too, not as much as Nikki but they were BIG sacrifices like marriage, his home, etc. So don’t come at john, he did nothing wrong.

  9. Sometimes you have to let it go to find out if it’s really meant for you. If it is it will come back ❤

    • Lerayasha Allen I think that we’re the only culture that says if you love something, you abandon it….

    • A. Smith I didnt get that from the quote. I got that sometimes u have to learn to let go

  10. I love how supportive Brie is to Nicole no matter what happens in their relationship as sisters.

  11. Can Nikki not just adopt cause I bet it’s the thought of parenting scares him. Maybe he should go through therapy like Nikki did x

  12. Everyone is saying that it is Nikki’s fault because she knew John didn’t want kids but she stayed with him For 6 years. No! Nikki maybe thought that things may change between her and John because people do change their minds. After her engagement, Nikki thought John might change his mind about kids because not getting married was a RULE, but he changed his mind! But as much as I love and adore Nikki and John, they’re both responsible, Nikki loved John so much she was willing to sacrifice being a mom! And some of you are blaming Brie aswell?! Ik she said stuff about John but she still loves him as her brother. Don’t blame anyone until you know what actually has happend, in a relationship it’s never only one persons fault, it’s always both! It might not seem so drastic on tv as it is in real life for them!

  13. I’m sooo sorry for niki I can tell she feels horrible but on the other hand John probably feels the same I just hope they all have good life’s like if you agree I love the Bella twins❤️❤️

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