KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Pissed at Kylie Jenner for Ditching Them | E!

Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall are ready for a good time at Kylie's "Galore" magazine cover party, but Kylie wants to leave! Watch on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Pissed at Kylie Jenner for Ditching Them | E!


  1. That slight smile Kylie has even when she’s pissed really ticks me off for some reason… Idk if that’s her neutral face or it’s because of the lip injections.

  2. How can she go to a club? That guy is a bad influence. However, I do think Kylie has a lot of anger towards her family.

    • seriously, while I’m here trying to find change under my couch to order a pizza these poor people have tyga problems.

    • Duck Fonald Trump, to some people in other parts of the world your problems of trying to order a pizza would be rich people problems too. It’s all subjective.

  3. I hope this is scripted. I’m really starting to worry about Kylie… I feel like she’s getting too caught up in the fame and fortune and tyga is just adding to the fuel

    • +Lovelyonuoha How so? Because he asked her if she wanted to go to another club? That’s not fair.

    • Femme404 darling, obviously you have never been in a controlling relationship..because he is most DEFINITELY controlling and manipulative..don’t go defending a guy you don’t know..especially if you can’t see how manipulative he is..

    • she’s just a really dumb person and its evident in her speech and actions.

    • Kyle Links it’s obvious that you don’t see what’s right in front of your eyes, tyga is wicked controlling and manipulative, if Kylie doesn’t wake up and see what’s going on soon..she’ll end up knocked up with his second child and then it’ll be too late

    • Ur right its like tyga controls her coz when it was them rumors that zayn likes kylie tyga was like zayn can like kylie coz in the end she will come home 2 me

  4. kylie is like that one friend who ditch you after she find a guy..and what makes it worse is that friend dont even tell u she is leaving..

  5. Tyga so wack, why would you ask “your girl” to leave her OWN PARTY just to PARTY SOMEWHERE ELSE, he lost all my respect, I’m mad the family even supported that sorry asz relationship to begin with !! 👉

    • Wynter Gang I absolutely agree with you that was so disrespectful especially the fact that clearly they don’t hang out as much like that and they all end up being the same place why not have a little family moment that’s really f***** up f*** Tyga and his new song

    • But then again f*** Kylie to she choose a guy over her family and that’s f***** up that’s the problem with the Kardashians dude this is what happens when you got too much f****** money got more money than brains

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