Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Eric Holder Captured | TMZ

A man matching Eric Holder's description has been captured in the L.A. suburb of Bellflower.


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  1. “What the hell did he possibly do” says the lady.
    Oh you don’t even know the impact of what he’s done..
    So sad. RIP Nipsey..

    • Young Weber If he didn’t killed Nipsey people would be reacting different. Calling this racism and police brutality. 🤡😂😂

    • Feminist Trump I understand police are definitely horrible in certain cases.. but they never kill a man of this stature. So I want to see the black community stand up to their own for a truly BLESSED soul rather than riot for criminals that ended up shot by police. Neither are good. But one is MUCH worse.

  2. I guess the person that was filming this didn’t know that was the cat that killed Nipsey Hussle… 🤔

  3. Trust me. In Los Angeles…this man is safer in JAIL than the streets for what he did.

    • +theAlmightyKush I don’t know. But thats what Nipsey told him when he told him to bounce from his store. That “it was well known he was a snitch” or somesuch like that. Thats when he left to go get his gun and murdered Nipsey.

    • They know who you are before u hit the deck he automatically getting put on seg

  4. Thanks for arresting cuh for us now you get to feed him directly to the wolves

  5. A KING 4 SHOW I AM VERY sad about this love you KING N.H. cant get this out my mind. Hurting in my heart god bless the family

    • I’m in Australia..I knew about nipsey , he is well known globally for his life work, not just music..big loss , but his work will continue, cant as stop progress, RIP NH.

    • Corey Duncan We don’t know the fact. She may have thought Eric was going to try and talk to homie instead of bang it out. Who shoots someone in the middle of a parks lot like that. He could have crept up on him ski mask style if it was planned!

  6. What’s amazing is, how fast they caught the suspect. I’m sure there is alot of family’s in Socal that would love the same response from the law.

    • +Tobby Isiba Exactly while he talking about SoCal. It ain’t no snitching in SoCal and it’s about time they hopped on justice for a murdered black man. Usually the law doesn’t give AF when a black rapper dies.

    • Not every shooting is as easy to solve as a man walking up to three people in broad daylight and killing one of them on camera people did not need to snitch on him if more people in SoCal would help police instead of saying I don’t know anything more murders would get solved.

    • I heard the girl that drove the get away car turned herself in and thats how they found him

    • blame blacks and their no snitching code. but since it was nips snitching is ok

  7. Nipsey kicked Eric Holder off of his property and told other tenants at his property not to serve Eric for allegedly being a snitch. Eric left and then later returned opening fire. Sad we lost a leader and King.

  8. This man didn’t just kill Nipsey he killed a whole community that Nipsey helped and uplifted…this is so sad… RIP NIPSEY

    • Nah black are more likely to be killed by other blacks so he was more likely to be kill by another black guy

    • +Clorox God right. I barely interact with white ppl outside of work. N my city was the murder town for a few years in my state. I’ve been beaten by white cops more times than ive feared another black man

    • Funny, you wouldn’t have said that had it been any ole regular person! You’d be screaming for them to lock up and execute the officer who shot him….. even in the same exact circumstances had the perp murdered someone besides Nipsey!

  9. Guess the onlookers didn’t know he was a murder suspect. “What could he have possibly did” murder! A real one!! Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️😥

  10. Sure do seem like they are handling him gently…geez…apply some pressure! 😡

    • Those same cops tried to beat me up before I took my camera out to record them , they knew the cameras were everywhere that’s the reason why they treated him gentle . Smh . These cops are crooked off camera . Trust me

  11. Everyone keeps complaining because the person filming said for one guy that many cops well if I wasn’t your favorite rapper y’all would agree with him

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