Nipsey Hussle Was Secretly Under Investigation for Alleged Gang Activity | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Nipsey Hussle was praised by the LAPD as a peacemaker in the wake of his death — a hero of sorts in his community for trying to stem gang violence — but it turns out the very same police department was secretly investigating Nipsey for possible criminal prosecution for alleged gang activity. Also, R. Kelly's alleged sex slaves should not be in danger of going hungry or becoming homeless anytime soon — even with the singer behind bars — but they claim someone's cut them off from Kelly's funding.


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    • @I want Sonya Blades big fat titties on my BBC are you yelew skin color i can tell from the feeling i can tell you whait dont you

    • Huh I don’t think so. Nipsey hussle is not the best. Jesus Christ is the best, the King of kings, and the Lord of Lords.

    • This nipsey hussle story is old. No wonder tmz acts like a CIA operative. Always keeps the limelight on the dead person, definitely fake news.

    • @jimmy Adams you obviously never listened to nip talk, dont judge a book by its cover!

    • Nip double crossed himself. He was still in that life and it came back and got him.

    • @jimmy Adams And how does a gangster walk, talk, and look?.. Nah, it’s just these stereotypes perpetuated by people with little contact, misunderstanding of AA culture, conditioning,and self hate; by way of swindled and denigrating (often) repulsion to make ones own appear more noble: If they had a blue uniform & badge, or white collar and tie most(with the same curiosity/attention to detail) wouldn’t see them as such.

    • @Justnn Rose are you.dumb idiot. What black community did I come from? I don’t think the black African community I came from is the same as a black American community in terms on mentality… I spoke on one main point, Love. Which is something we all lack clearly…

    • No they didn’t quit living in victims mentality idiots, look at the rap game lately,

    • Y’all slow as hell. What I’m saying is the government, law enforcement, social media, and the opposition loves to tarnish the dead’s legacy! They trying to say Nipsey and his partner were being investigated for gang activity. So it doesn’t matter that Nipsey was murdered due to gang violence because he was asking for it.

    • @Chris Sheldron I don’t understand why the LAPD was investigating Nipsey and at the same time the chief of police had scheduled a meeting with Nipsey to discuss ways to clean up the neighborhood, work with the youths and cease gang activity. Nipsey had also met with politicians and other government officials. Thats a pile of BS, no one believes that crap. Is this the best LAPD can do. I knew they were incompetent, but damn, this is out outrageously ridiculous.

    • So what he chance his life around for the better he was given back to help ppl do better it is to many ppl speaking negative on the dead let his soul rest we can’t bring him back God has called this man home rest well nispey Hussle rip I hope the family sue the hell out of them for fasle statements we don’t know what really happened to him but god has the final say let the Lord judge the wicked etc

    • @THE BAM FAM how he ask for it please answer me or do not say something like that PLEASE

  1. They’re just saying that to cover up their assassination on him used a black man to do it and blame gang violence and say we were investigating gang activity and his store was a front for gang violence basically confirming their fake investigation and saying it’s the reason he was killed when really it was them we see right through that bullshit R.I.P nip

  2. lol I love it!!! they wanna do anything to destroy BLACK MEN that aim for success… We keep raising though… Stay FOCUS Stay SAFE brother’s

    • Gang violence will never have as many killings as four hundred years of slavery and the era of Jim Crow. But hey y’all not black so y’all don’t care y’all just tired of hearin us complain bout the bullshit y’all people been doin to us for centuries

    • Robbie T Africa sold gods people, Africans and blacks in American are two different blood lines, thank me later

    • Facts you can’t destroy the creator we as melanated black men and women are the creator we will never break

    • Eric holder was the killer of nipsey. He’s black. Black on black crime stfu and take it.

  3. They just want to bring down a mans empire that came from the ground up they want us all the stay in poverty for control

    • If we keep voting for the DemoKKKrat slave masters we will continue to stay in poverty for sure.

    • this is how the white racist jealous system kept blacks down forever! I have seen many black businesses went out because of low life practic like this.

  4. I was waiting for some one to tarnish his name. What do you know!! its the police and tmz. tmz why dont you keep reporting on jeffrey epstein, harvey Weinstein and kevin spacey.

    • @Mike Hunt he was /is he died makes It was but him living he was getting away from that. Not rolling with the gang. In fact he helped inmates after exiting jail with clothes, shoes…

    • Cynthia Martinez Where did I say all was Guilty? I have a male friend right now being accused by his daughter. Him and the mom both said he hasn’t been around her in a year. His indictment said he was preying on 7th and 8th graders like really😔

    • Larry_Legend Abasi Ummmm my kids don’t be around white men😏Another thing when I was between ages 6 and 7 a white Man didn’t molest me 2 black men and a black female did👌🏾 That Epstein drama is going on in my city so trust me I know all about predators I’m surrounded by them😔

    • Hell I thank TMZ!!! They were actually exposing how messy the lapd is behind the scenes to this day. Hell it may be a clue to something bigger to do with his murder.💯💯💯💯

    • a ford so it’s racist when that happens okay, but why doesn’t anyone talk about how hussle was killed by blacks? So people correlating gangs to blacks is bad, but blacks killing blacks is not worth saying? Hmmm? Black lives don’t matter huh

    • Bullshit. There’s only two type people this surprised…liberal white people and fools who had no idea who Nip was until he died. He didn’t beat around the bush…he claimed to still be active but bcuz of his platform he had to operate differently.

      You got to be hella naive to think hood politics and shot callin wasn’t going on down there at the Marathon store.

    • What they do is get the most influential one out the gang Nipsey tap his phone then approach Nipsey with the conversation and hope he flip. As far as LAPD people don’t know nip and black Sam got into a shoot out with the cops in that same parking lot so that’s why LAPD saying what they saying

  5. They are hookers plain and simple….RIP NIPSEY they looking for any reason to get his money.

    • You can trust LAPD to smile in ya face and shoot another brotha in the bacc…

    • This bitches are trying to get money from R Kelly you dumb fucks… how about actually watch the video. The first half is about R Kelly and his arrest THEN Nispey. Nispey has a queen and she will always be loved.

    • Real street niggas in LA been knowing this is ya who think bro was killed by the government , when he was no Malcom x or milk be a small fish in a big pond .

  6. Nipsey knew they were investigating him..and that’s y he moved the way he moved…and that’s y he didn’t have no HEATER on him…bc everybody knows if u a felon and get caught with one…u done..his shop would’ve been in jeopardy again…who knows when the police would’ve raided again…the police didn’t want them to have the shop anyway..smh

    • Nipsey knew they was investigating him, that’s how he knew SHITTY cuz was a snitc$🤔🤔 duh

    • Couldn’t NO ninga get in my car and I not know he had a GUN…bc when u know people u dealing with are abt that life…u never know what to expect….so bk in the day when my “homeboyz” wanted a ride…they had to answer a series of questions before I even started driving and I patted them ningas down before they could get in my car….I had to much to fr🤣 That’s how I know she knew he had a GUN she knew with a name like SHITTY cuz… he couldn’t have been a good person, Whether she knew he was really going to kill NIP….🤔🤔

    • So the New York Times is GOD now? Whatever they report is BIBLE?🤔🤣

  7. Here goes TMZ bringing down another black man. The whole world knew he was a crip. Let him Rest In Peace

  8. that’s dirty that they were actually trying to destroy that man secretly an then pretend that they cared when he passed away smh!

    • Absolutely! If you praise them and act like you are going hard for him, then no one will ever put two and two together and suspect that you were the one actually trying to kill him! The motive behind it, is pure and simple, power and money!

  9. Blacc Sam already the said the District Attorney & LAPD was putting pressure on the old owner to kick them out. All this was said at the funeral.

    • Nipsey was saying that when he was alive. The marathon store got raided multiple times. They were basically harassing Nipsey in hopes to find dirt on him but Nipsey was legit.

  10. They couldn’t evict him because he owned the property lol wow so they killed him

    • Thats wats up, they made it seem like a gang related so they used people in his circle, big U, cowboy, Rampau etc.Nip was about progress since day one alwaz raided by police, his lack of fear got him, God will rise….

  11. “The media has the power to make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent”
    Malcolm X

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