Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Prompts L.A. Gangs Peace Rally | TMZ

Nipsey Hussle's death is prompting something extraordinary in L.A. — a full peace treaty between several gangs, and they're demonstrating together to show their love for the slain rapper.


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  1. This is wonderful to see RIP Nip
    But don’t forget GOD is the only way peace can stay in a person heart

  2. Nipsey definitely smiling from above seeing LA come together! Long live Nipsey! The Marathon Continues!

    • Jasmine Abiodun the dead know nothing read ecclesiastes and Jesus said the dead is sleep. The only ones who are in heaven is God, jesus, angels

    • Maniac50AE Because Majority of the world believe good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell. Simple as that.

  3. All gangs reunite in one video for nipsey hussle this is really touching glad he living up there with pac and biggie๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

    • Pac never did nothing for NY or cali in the hood!! Biggie never did nothing for ny! Or his hood LoL how can ypu compare!! The two of them did more damage then help!! East coast West coast beef? Because of two immature grown men! & ypu honor these fools!!

  4. Blesse nipsey hussle and his Family for having a beautiful artist and shared it with the world. RIP.๐ŸŒน

  5. Black and Brown ridding together in the name of peace….. We’re even more beautiful and powerfull when we unite, this needs to happen throughout the Cali and other states penal system as well.

    • I never saw a black person in my life, like the same color as my eyebrows, no…….

    • IN4RED_HNL its not thinking like a victim when you are a victim of racism,discrimination,segregation economic segregation ,which are heavy in the gang capital of U.S La and Chicago imagine that,poverty,violence,lack of education and real opportunity within the Ghetto so its like do or die especially in those conditions even worse without a decent family you are screwed so the gangs become your family ask the Italians or Irish brotherhood

    • It started a long time ago when one group said Aretha Franklin was better than Patti Labelle. Patti’s supporters said, “Oh hell naw!” Aretha’s fans said, “Bite me!” All hell broke loose and here we are. ๐Ÿคฅ

    • FURTHER back, before the drugs were killing the community…
      After they freed slaves there was a documentary that said the sheriff was hired to keep the free colored ppl under control, which actually led to more violence & racism. A gang by colored ppl were created to protect the community & their businesses FROM the sheriffs.
      More gangs were created throughout different county’s for the same reason But once drugs leaked into the community the profit was so overwhelming of course this led gangs to lash out on one another due to the fact everyone wanted more and more of this fast money. It’s like you come from nothing to the point where freedom is a privilege then start making hundreds of thousands a week, nobody wanted anyone to come on their block and take any of that…. Ego self destructed the main purpose of these gangs. SOMEONE please correct me if I’m wrong… But after a lot of research it boiled down to the fact the original gangs were really trying to protect their community from the laws that oppressed their ppl.

  6. I love it go back 2 the reason the gangs were made in the first place for the community


  8. How one man could have so much of an impact between rival gangs is amazing. Rest In Paradise Nipsey. ๐Ÿ™

    • Lmao……He has Zero impact. This “march” doesnt address the root cause of black violence…These are the deadbeat dads who created a “fatherless criminal class” in america. Stop praising them….hip hop is the PROBLEM!! They are the problem, youre the problem.

    • +William Jagiello I think this a start brother. They know its root problem but china wall wasn’t created in one day.. Baby steps..this was something POSITIVE. How many times you seen anything POSITIVE on TV, YOUTUBE .. So we cant bash this..

    • Hopefully my new rap cheers you up, I never wrote a rap before but i was recently inspired, so check this out:

      my Nipples Doubled in Size/ When I seen Nipsey Hussle just Died/ Smokin blunts at his funeral, Loving the High/ because nispey wasn’t a particularly Loveable Guy/

      Nipsey Hussle was a punk, now he’s dead as a skunk/
      maybe he should’ve shown more respect for president Trump/ ๐Ÿ˜

    • +William Jagiello – This is a start so please don’t b negative..that’s why we are so far behind for being negative…it’s a start and i love it..

  9. If all us gangs could just come together and fight the real enemy instead of killing our own.

  10. How long will it last tho? They should follow his example and try to transition and stop gang life and mentality.

    • +Tae The GOD yeah drug dealing and black on black crime is sure helping the hood smh.

    • +bruhman92 drug dealers are a minority in the neighborhood , in fact , the white community are going through a drug epidemic as we speak . So your saying that to the wrong race homie . And 2. Black on Black crime makes no sense . Evey race kills one another over 90% of the time. So umm….. go somewhere troll.

    • +CJ J since when ? Gang life has never affected the hood badly. Gangs are the reason the kkk won’t dear rude they pale, yellow teeth asses around us. Let em try it. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ less than 8% of people in the black community are in gangs anyways . They are a minority.

  11. Beautiful. Gentlemen, pls make this a movement. Pls change the gang culture, pls stop the killing. Much love. RIP NIP.

  12. Good job Nip๐Ÿ’ฏ. We all need to do more!. Not just L.a! Every hood!. Hope some of this rubs off on Chicago ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

    • I have just recently heard of everything going on in Chicago and I pray for Chicago youth. Some scary things going on there.

  13. Latinos for Nipsey…Gracias for everything brother. Vaya con Dios ๐Ÿ™

    • sound like m13 was involved? this was a black thing so now you mention latino’s, mexican gangs has also to do with it? lol

    • +Nati Daddy To be honest there are no races if you are going after the sciene in biology..

    • +Nati Daddy black and white don’t meaning anything either, as they are in fact colors and not races, asian also isn’t a race… what’s your point?

  14. Nipsey, PAC and Easy and Nate dog and Toker and Danger chilling in heaven LA can come together.

    • What has anyone that you named done for our people? The only thing theyโ€™ve done for me was entertain. Please the reason we worship those artist is because we where taught to. I can care less about pac, easy, and Nate dogg. The other 3 I donโ€™t know enough info on to have an opinion. Name people that helps build our community in a positive way, people that teachers others to be leaders, providers, and truth seekers

    • Just a bunch of rappers holmes…RAPPERS..not doctors pilots engineers scientists. Pinche rappers ese…

    • +el taco – The pharmaceutical companies already make billions creating addicts. So you’re saying the “government” supplies these addicts with more drugs while the only ones profiting are the cartels centered out of South America and the middle east? Who would in turn pay off the Pharmaceutical companies? But the IRS audits transactions like that and would arrest the companies involved. So still doesn’t make sense to me. Plus you have no evidence to support your accusations.

    • +BIG CHUNGUS the drug war started reagan 80s dummy before pharmaceuticals in2000….
      CIA/ gov’t run cartels ( stop watching cartel movies)
      Due the math fuckn lame.

    • +Shaw BeaA same thing.. CIA runs the puppet gov’t …its all antichrist holy roman church.

  15. Mexicans love you Nipsey you have always been a inspiration to a lot of us. Felt like I lost one of my homies when you died. May God watch over your family and guide you where you need to be king. RIP NIP HUSSLE THE GREAT

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