‘No Jumper’ Podcast Host Adam22 says Gunman Came Close to Being Killed | TMZ

Adam22 tells TMZ … the gunman came THIS close to getting shot and killed after someone in his crew pulled out his gun and pointed it at the assailant's head. Adam told us, "That's the thing I'm thankful [about], this guy didn't get killed cause it was really, really close to happening."


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    • Aevoke and you totally contradicted your first comment with the second comment. So according to you anyone who experiences “adrenaline” is a “soyboy”?

    • Soon as it hits my veins I become enraged and my arms feel like fire , no giggling here

  1. Yeah but what about YOUR life almost ending…things could have went left real fast. Your boy shoulda clapped him or else you all could have been shot up.

  2. Not a huge fan of adam22 but no one should be robbed like that or even put in that situation

    • SM SHMNOD you ever watch The First 48?? People getting killed over joints 😂 so yes $100 is alot for some people to kill for. Not saying hes in the right.

    • Guys the gun was obviously an intimidation tactic he wasn’t pulling nothing we all damn well know that

    • KodyTV so why is everyone acting like there was such a big chance Adam could’ve died right there lmao😂🤔you made yourself look stupid for going out of your own way to comment that bro feels bad😪

    • Dethrone My Bone keyword: “COULDVE” died…. you dumb child. In any robbery involving a gun COULD end up with a shooting thats just common sense… it happens every day in the USA. if anyone looked stupid its you and your 9year old thinking brain

  3. I’m stoked everyone’s okay but like what about my song play i got robbed too for $60 dollars

    • +doja smk sick burn bro…. And it was my homies track I was tryna get played. Haters everywhere, and dont even know what they hating on lmao

    • +no pe everyones so quick to judge lol im happy hes okay before im worried about my scammed dono. plus it wasnt my song i was tryna get played

  4. If Adam would of died I would of been seriously upset.

    Edit: first my comment said “ if Adam would of died I would of definitely went through some depression “ but depression isn’t really the right word so.

    • Depression shouldn’t be thrown around so carelessly I’ve noticed my generation fetishising mental illness like it’s a positive you wouldn’t spiral into a depressive episode you’d just be sad like most of us would it’s a natural response to death.. This is coming from someone suffering with Bipolar type II PTSD and GAD I understand your comment but you’d be fine G

    • Rock Tekhne yea that’s very true depression probably isn’t the right word sorry I would be extremely sad. I’ve gone through depression before so I know what it’s like so yes depression isn’t the right word and I know this. Ima edit the comment actually.

    • +UziYuma You’re a real you don’t need to do that bro I’m just saying there’s a lot of others who we see throwing words like anxiety and depression around way to easily but I respect you for that most people wouldn’t even be able to drop their own ego to critique themselves let alone to consider what I said stay blessed 💯

    • Rock Tekhne no because ur right about that and I often complain about people using those words to carelessly also like you said so I shouldn’t be making the same mistake.

    • Atlantic didn’t want anything to do with him after the sexual assault claim. you late af

    • You guys do realize Atlantic can say they “Dropped him” but be lying right? They have been known to set up fake robberies, stunts, amounts artists signed for, inorder to create publicity and clout for their artist.

  5. The kid that try to rob adam had revenge pants on😂. Must been a fan of x but not a fan of no jumper. Like I honestly feel like he got Robbed because he didn’t get his song played.

  6. That laugh lets me know its real. He definitely did not need this for “clout”

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