Pete Davidson Bails on Stand-Up Gig After Owner Mentions Kate and Ariana | TMZ

Pete Davidson is going to war with a comedy club owner because the guy referred to Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande while introducing Pete.


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    • TOP DoG He had bipolar disorder. Everyone knows this so why egg him on??? Do you want to see him lash out and attack everyone?

    • John Smith that’s his comedy; Pete rags on everyone and might I say he’s pretty savage about it

    • Bri Wimz they ended their relationship on october and thank u, next was released nov 3rd chech ur facts honey

    • Mohit Keswani and when do you think the album was recorded, and produced? Less than a month, sweetie???

    • Bri Wimz lyrics can be rewritten anytime and yes she actually did change it last min just like she finished a new album in less than 4 months and released 2 albums in the span of 6 months, she even confirmed she changed it last min

  1. *He just wanted an excuse to ditch the show to hang out with his girlfriend “MGK”* 😀

  2. AHA So you’re telling me the guy who made jokes about a veterans eye patch is saying talk about his ex girlfriend who was a giant popstar is off limits? That’s actually crazy, i feel bad for anyone who bought tickets.

  3. I’m with Pete on this one … No one wants to be introduced with the name of their exes… He is who he is and not because of his exes

    • Nobody cares I would like to see you pay for something and not get wat u paid for

    • +Destany M well then they shouldn’t of announced him wrong it’s not his fault the club is stupid

  4. Why would u call ur club stress factory though ? Lol I wanna laugh not be stressed

    • Ciara Corr MUSIC aka Ms.Wunka I think it’s more referring to the stress of comedy’s regular heckling hahah. Very cool place though

  5. Having been with a comedian…they are broken people…life is grand…there is no reason to circumvent.

  6. As if that place is called “Stress Factory Comedy Club” 😂😂😂. Actually, it seems the perfect name judging from that clip.

  7. Mob mentality at it’s finest and the owner needs to own something other than a comedy club

  8. Pete can dish it and not take it….. He is a comedian…. your job is to give and take some.

  9. OUCH! Uh-huh that would be someone I’d work with. Yep, ‘stress factory’ ok, yep.

  10. I agree that it wasn’t that deep to ditch the entire show over. However, if you are someone close to Pete knowing his mental issues, be careful with the things you say and how you say them because anything could trigger an episode. Just my two cents. 🤷

  11. i did not understand it what did he do ?
    (I mean rlly ‘what did he do’ cause I did not understand the content)
    Can someone tell me?

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