Pete Davidson Refused to See Ariana Grande at ‘SNL’ After Suicide Threat | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Pete Davidson refused to see Ariana Grande when she rushed to 30 Rock to comfort him over the weekend … TMZ has learned. Also, Offset poured his heart out over the weekend, begging Cardi B in the middle of her Rolling Loud concert to take him back, but there's something that surfaced in a video that makes it look like the whole thing was staged, but Cardi is calling BS.


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    • He is no bipolar, you clearly do not know what that is. If you are bipolar you can legit see them snap from happy straight to fucking pissed and mentally crazy. And it is triggered by almost nothing, it is almost just random sometimes. The can do the reverse just the same, from pissed to suddenly being happy and joking. A girlfriend of mine had an Aunt with it.

    • +Jackie Jane he doesn’t have bipolar, he has BPD, borderline personality disorder! Ffs, stop confusing the two.

    • +TheMachoCrotch bro, you are SO wrong. I have bipolar and a degree is psychology. Moods don’t just switch. Stop spreading misinformation

  1. Pete doesn’t deserve all the hate that he’s getting, I pray that he get the help he needs to get thru this

    • it’s fake. ariana is getting alot of attention ever since that marathon bomb which was fake. then she sacrificed mac miller as part of her satanic ritual and became even more famous. pete sold his soul and ariana did too. I’m 96% sure this “depression” pete has is fake.

    • +Lord Achillies You should know that being a comedian you are taught to insult others in a jokingly way.

      By the way what’s your favourite x song? Sad?

    • words hurt and now she is hurt when he doesn’t want to see her? she acts nice but she ain’t nice at all.

    • Right! I don’t understand why everyone thinks that song is kind, it’s basically saying how she used all of these men for something in their relationships and when she got what she wanted she dismisses them and moves on. It’s always all about her. If your ex told you thank you next would you be like “aww you’re so sweet and kind! Your welcome, next!” Like that’s sarcasm.

  2. No one needs an ex to comfort them in a time of need. She broke off the engagement because she was upset about Mac Miller. Then sends subtle shade tweets online. Who needs that?!

    • He shades her first on snl live and she clapped back though, it’s not one sided. Pete Davidson also treated her like a prized trophy, but go off.

    • Ruby B maybe but because the relationship is in the spotlight it’s harder I’m sure for him maybe she should just stay away from him and I try to comfort him it’s better that way since she is the reason why he’s hurt

    • +Rosalyn Adams okay but she still tried to promote her song while the conversation was none of Ariana business, she probably even got engaged with Pete just to promote her album sweetener as well, she has no heart.

    • I think she dumped him or because it was the fact that he cheated on her. Nobody that is going to really commit suicide broadcasts it first. He is a waste of space It should have offed himself without telling anybody.

    • +Royal Digital Media I don’t think she is the reason but I definitely think some of her fans are. They are always rude and saying really hurtful things to Pete online. Maybe the that’s the reason but we’ll never know.

  3. Her and her fans are making it worse tbh Ari might mean well but no hun I think you’re the last person he wants to see. And Arianators are just nasty af

    • +Tray Ward you are so quick to judge something you no nothing about just because somebody says something on the internet your gonna believe it, damn you fold to fast .

    • Fayanna Rena Look, not all of us arianators are bad people or bullies! I am 24 years old, consider myself a normal girl (not really but you know what I mean 😂) and I just happen to love Ari bc she helped me go through a lot recently. I stan her and all but I don’t blindly follow anyone to the point of no ruturn lol so… I understand why Pete didn’t want Ari being there for him but I also understand why she wanted to help. Now both of them need healing and only time can do that. Wish them both the best!

    • +kidrobot I don’t think I ever seen a fandom push someone to the brink of suicide though. This is the first one I’ve seen so far!

    • +Samanta Rizzi (I’m not sure what your age has to do with anything but…) Well you sound like a fan not the Arianators. I consider myself a fan of Ariana’s but not an Arianator cause I don’t blindly follow her either.

    • +721 Rena he’s been “mentally ill” tho. the fans may not of caused it directly. but they do add fuel to the fire. also, i meant all fandoms are toxic and cyber bully others

    • Julian Gomez I care. and so many others, even if we dont know – or benefit from helping them. We are called good hearted people for a reason. if u need someone to talk to, im here💓

    • mickey Odom Its possible. Even though the chances arent so good. It’s not Pete im only worried. People all around of world gonna stumble upon these disgusting comments. KIDS! who cant think for themselves and are looking for ways to end their pain. Are u seriously okay with kids turning words into action? (aka killing themselves).

    • You have no idea how hard finding “help” is. Most of us have already looked everywhere, even professional help. They just give you pills, they don’t know anything about what is up with your problems. They know your biochemistry. Pills make you feel different, give you some mental relief for a short time, but they still drain you too and don’t change what creates the problem. No good help, no hope. It is pain, it is lack of love and love is the cure. People don’t understand that you can go through so much it can break you and it is hard to recover to what you once knew how to think and feel and be

    • TheMachoCrotch Those ‘professionals’ you are referring to are psychiatrist. They only diagnose & write you prescriptions. You need to see psychologist. If that doesnt help in long period of time, take the meds. I hope you feel better soon💓

  4. Good for him. He needs to focus on himself right now. I understand her wanting to be there for him, but right now her being around is just gonna cause him more pain. He needs to heal and gets the help he needs.

    • MG N I think the song is fine, but the jab she makes on the video about their relationship isn’t cool, especially after her freaking out about the joke he made on SNL, which was stupid anyways because the joke was towards himself. But I can still understand her wanting to be there for him, she cares. I just think she needs to back off though

    • +Lynzeep what jab at him? she literally wrote “i’ll always love you”, “sorry i dipped” and “huuuuuuge”

    • Luna when the girl from Mean Girls says Arians broke off an engagement so she found someone to propose to her so she could break off an engagement

    • Seriously Pete heard it away before any of us did and she’s thanking him not putting him down read the lyrics

    • Anyone who sees the song as a diss is stupid, she even let the ex’s she mentioned hear the song beforehand to make sure they were all ok with it. He was not surprised or attacked by that song.

  5. Arianna, quit playing this young man’s feelings. You’re done, you’re done! Stay df away. No text, no none of that ish. You’re giving him hope. If you’re in, then go all the way in. But if you’re out, then stay df out. If you cannot make up your mind, then do not drag this young man. Ish!

    • +Kali Correa are u one of these females who love to play men’s feelings cause it superimposed your femenity? She was obviously been dragging him with her confusion!!!

    • +Jordan Harrison : any normal normal female would not play a young man’s heart. Of course, she will come to rescue cause her actions caused too much confusion in the first place, which then led to his suicidal ideation.

    • Lol u sound like her mother but I definitely agree with u she might give him the wrong impression and the last thing he needs is for his ex fiance to go comfort him bc its so painful. If Ariana tries to reach out it’ll only be a reminder of what he lost, THAT will make him more depressed and that could be enough to trigger a possible suicide attempt !!

    • I kinda agree with you but Ariana was just probably trying to make sure he was okay I think anyone would try to help out someone if they finna harm themselves even if it was your ex so don’t be too harsh on her

  6. I don’t blame him. He’s depressed. I wouldn’t want to be depressed any more than I already am

  7. Ariana needs to back off she knew damn well titling her song “thank you, next” after her tweet was gonna cause her fans to harass him she’s known her fans are ugly to the point he had to delete his social media and after the breakup he felt safe enough to reactivate it and then gets harassed by them again she was blocked for a reason if they broke up on good terms she wouldn’t be she’s just making it worse on him and her fans too

    • hermelinda rodriguez sad to say this is true. I’m an Arianator and it is absolutely disgusting in that fandom at times. You have no idea how many people I had to block recently especially since they broke up. I wish the best for both of them and if they truly love(d) each other, I hope one day they find their way back to each other.

  8. It’s annoying that she had to tweet that she was there instead of keeping it private and not saying anything publicly. It’s like she wants the public to kno she’s doing something good for him after she writes a shitty song about them breaking up and calls off the engagement altogether. She just seems like she wants more publicity instead of actually caring about him. He doesnt deserve it. He seems like a rlly good and funny guy.

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