Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian — Signs of Banging (PHOTO) | TMZ

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are banging … or at least, spending enough time together that they should be. BC posted a photo early Monday morning with some guy's heavily tattooed arm around her and she captioned it, "The beginning." We ran a quick tatt investigation, and the arm in the pic matches Rob's.

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Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian — Signs of Banging (PHOTO) | TMZ


  1. 10 FUN FACTS

    1. You can’t wash your eyes with soap.
    2. You can’t count your hair.
    3. You cant breathe through your nose, with your tongue out.
    4. You just tried no. 3
    6. When you did no. 3 you realized it’s possible, only you look like a dog.
    7. You’re smiling right now, because you were fooled.
    8. You skipped no. 5
    9. You just checked to see if there is a no. 5
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    • +She asked me how to spell Orange oh. i m niy really up on celeb stuff. but that is weird too. hiw old was he.

  2. wow he sounds so excited telling us this story. You can see the sparkle in his eyes talking about this. I’m being so forreal too. 😂

  3. Why be mad at Chyna…Oh because she used one of their strategic moves against them.Even if this is a publicity stunt, it’s a great petty one.

    • +Rahali Dora True!-Like his sisters!!!-He knows the game!-That’s why I say the “Balls”-LOl are literally in his court!’Lol!- He’s no fool!-Rob Please use protection!-Everybody is talking about Charlie Sheen but he’s not the only one spreading diseases!!!

    • +shauna saucier Cuz she’s black perhaps? They drew first blood along with the ex hubby!! Now who’s smirkin? 😉lmfaoo

    • Awwww DAMMMN! 👌GOOD COMMENT! 👏👏👏
      Can you imagine sitting at this THANKSGIVING DINNER!! ROLLS THROWING, GREEN BEANS in people’s hair and TURKEY LEG HEAD HITTING!! Laughing, Thanks for the laugh Dear!!

  4. I don’t care for blac chyna but I have to admit, pretty nice move sleeping with the brother of the girl who stole you husband but she effed up by posting it on instagram, she should have waited til they were more solid… did Future teach you nothing about jumping the gun??

  5. Black Chyna did that… She got with Rob to get back at all the kardashians. Now who is winning?? Black Chyna obviously

    • +Taïsha Mortel – Does Rob have a home of his OWN? No, then technically he is HOMELESS. He probably have some coins, but not enough to buy his own place like Kylie. Why do you think he is shacking up with Blac Chyna like a BUM? Because he’s not that rich. As for Tyga, he’s no deadbeat dad and can seen with his son on snapchat. So I have no idea where you’re getting he puts “attention or money over his family.” By the way, I find that argument so hypocritical because Rob’s publicity stunt with Chyna is “putting attention” over family. You people have a warped point of view.

    • +Lance Donald No-Maybe don’t own but rent and leases like Denise Richards-Worth millions but only rents.

    • +Lance Donald I think maybe YOU should look up some definitions before telling anyone else to do so. Start with HOMELESS. Clearly you don’t know what that means. If rob has a roof over his head he’s not homeless.

    • +Cindy Martinez – [hohm-lis] 

      1. without a home:
      a homeless child.
      noun, ( used with a plural verb)
      2. the homeless, persons who lack permanent housing.

      Rob DEFINITELY fits the latter category.

  6. Now Rob and Kylie are going to have the same step child. If only Kris Jenner had a another son, than maybe Amber Rose could join the drama.

  7. Please. i’m just praying for the world to soon be introduced to Mrs. Angela Renee Kardashian and baby Robert Kardashian III.
    This couldn’t be better if Kris had written this script.

  8. Khloé trying to sound all Mafioso with “[don’t] go against the family”.  Puhleez, like they’re hardly a noble or respected family.  They’d eat their young for 50 more twitter followers.  God they’re gross.  Not the young ones; they’re VICTIMS bc they were forced into media whoredom.

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