Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Defends Plan to Give $12k:Yr to Everyone | TMZ

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is standing by his plan to cut every citizen a monthly check — just for being over 18 — and says it's a necessity to help American workers who keep losing jobs to robots.


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    • 💩 so basically he’s brainwashing people into buying every votes he has no real agenda 🤔

    • Point made BUT he is running for the BIGGEST Liar Position in the WORLD. how can you believe ANYTHING??

    • Not quite sure why people think this is brainwashing. Yang is spot on with economics. What makes an economy grow is not saving, but spending, and you can only spend when you have money. The money goes into companies who would use the money to create more jobs to create more wealth. This results in money back into the pockets of consumers, and the cycle starts over again.

  1. If you’re reading this I hope you become rich & achieve any goals you want in life.🙏🏾

    • Pyromancer how is that sad bruh wow I can’t even motivate people nowadays blah blah blah dude instead of being negative towards you I will pray for you & hope you receive good blessings🙏🏾

    • African Girl things happen for a reason you were put on this earth for a reason find your purpose 🙏🏾

  2. I went to a McDonalds today and seen 2 self-ordering kiosks machines and 3 employees. I see the change companies are making. Might need to take a serious look at Andrew Yang.

    • step on em just look at New York when they increased minimum wage. Only underage people should have those jobs, not adults past 25 years old, shows they’re too lazy to advance their careers

    • step on em if you find a better economic system better than capitalism let me know, but I’m not denying capitalism has done some bad things

    • +Ivobardolf it’s the whole reason economic classes exist when they shouldn’t. Like I said the trading ou f goods and services works well enough. Its ppl needing to be better than the next that fuels this ideology

    • Nobody’s forcing anyone to pay for anyone else. This is a VAT tax. If you don’t want to pay a lot of taxes, just don’t spend much. But honestly, you only have one life – it would be a waste to be so miserly when you get free money. This is the cornerstone of why this is good economics. The economy goes up when people spend more, not when people save more.

    • Yea wishful thinking u kno they not gon let ths happen they wanna keep ther foot on our necks period hope I’m wrong tho

    • +J Henney You’re already paying for our present dysfunctional system, one way or another. This is actually a brilliant solution. It won’t solve everything by itself but it will massively reduce social stress very quickly.

  3. Some people need that to help out to either fix your car so you can have a reliable ride to work. Pay for child care till you get on your feet for the ones who don’t qualify for government paid childcare. Or even stickers or to pay traffic tickets to be clear to get a job. I mean it ain’t easy for alot of people who are really needing the financial help to make it to the starting line. I’m just saying.

    • +WALTERBROADDUS We already have that with our current system. At least working able people will be able to save their UBI to start a business and get off of welfare.

    • One aspect of this is that every individual would be benefitted uniquely serving the needs and wants found in their unique position in the whole Economy. Second comment: This should not be considered a Welfare program, certainly not in the usual sense of that word. This is more like a ‘waterworks’ distribution of liquid capital, of money. Instead of not enough of money where it is needed and too much of it where it isn’t really necessary–just like water–there is always some of it where someone needs it, according to the first observation stated at the beginning. Perfect solution to everything? Probably not. But a lot less stress for millions and millions and millions.

    • Why don’t I want to vote for a guy who wants to boost our economy beyond recognition? I don’t need an extra $12k a year, but historically when people can spend more, the economy booms despite the increase in prices because money is being recycled into the economy. People spend more, companies earn more and use more to create more jobs, more money goes back into consumer pockets, and the cycle repeats.

  4. They gone have to start payiny people something because automation taking over every job by 2030

  5. I think they’re doing a program like this in Modesto California but they’re giving the constituents $500 a month

    • +Harlem New York it’s a shame but I leaned of the stipend program by Mlk or his version of it on while in DC. A guy by the name of Matt Orfalea was asking ppl if they were aware of Mlk vision of $1k stipend. He was very interesting and informative. Then 6 to 8 months later I read an article that they were doing a pilot in Modesto but the amount was $500

    • Yes you’re right. They are testing it out but government doesn’t want to fund it.

  6. I’d give 2k to him to buy a new phone and get a new phone plan, but thanks for the other 10k, less in college debt

  7. Economically it makes sense. If you take the money raised through taxes and directly give it to citizens rather than into programmes, that money is reinvested back into the economy.

    • +Jimjim This is America most will spend it. Our entire economy is consumer driven. People will also invest in entrepreneurship ideas they always wanted to take a chance on. The Freedom Dividend will encourage more people to take financial risk.

    • Yup. Look at income tax. Once we get. We start balling all over the place. Giving it right back. So I do see why this is good. Majority will used it to pay bills. That’s just money back into the system.

    • I also think he should also pass a bill to where the money MUST be spent on American products and not be sent to other countries. so even if there are lazy people who will not work, they will ultimately have to buy American products. Excepts is allowed if it is important.

    • How about they pass a bill that once we get that money the cost of living stays the same and no inflation. For some reason ppl think it’s ok to raise prices or ppl will start living too good

  8. It’s like if i donate a $100 to his campaign, and he wins, i would get that back 10x/ monthly, 120x annually 1200x/ in a decade. I like this math

  9. This is the way it should be. The government just takes our nations revenue. We own this country. We want our money. Pay us dividends. We are the richest country in the world. Government just eats the money with their bureacry and sky high wages.

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