Prince — Percocet Triggered OD Days Before Death | TMZ

Prince had OD'd on Percocet days before his death, and he ingested so much, EMTs had to administer a "save shot" at the airport where his plane made an emergency landing to save his life.

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Prince — Percocet Triggered OD Days Before Death | TMZ


    • +Paula Palais people blindly take info they’ve read elsewhere as Gospel. As for the issue of blood transfusions that is so easily solved. Go prior to ones scheduled surgery and have your own blood drawn in the event that one needs a transfusion.

    • +vstevens11 another pathetic ignorant youtube keyboard warrior who cant even dam well read let alone punch me in the head !! Stated ‘people’ Peee ople , 1 more time for the dummy PEOPLE !!! wake up to yourself ūüė©

    • +Robert H thank you for reminding me that people might take what I said as gospel, don’t do that… The one thing a person can and should do is try and find out more about your surgeon than what I did … That would be zero… Very stupid of me. I had the time to do some research which not everyone has that luxury .

    • +mellodee123 A simple blood toxicology test will give the results of opiates being present. They don’t do a DNA test to find whether or not opiates are in his system. DNA is “deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of *chromosomes* . It is the carrier of *genetic information* . It’s the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.”
      However, they probably will do a DNA test in case any living relatives come forward to try to collect Prince’s millions, as he died intestate (no living Will). DNA test results will determine whether they are related or the offspring of Prince.

    • +Dandre Spencer I was implying that they are the ones that killed him but people like you that are quick to become offended by something don’t care.

    • +Dandre Spencer get your knowledge up and start reading into ritualistic sacrifices. There’s no disrespect. We just don’t believe what lies the media puts on us

    • +J Barnz (snoopiibeatz) I know about the illuminati and what they do and I said I was wrong that’s all that need to be said…

  1. Prince himself goes into the Walgreens? He shoulda went thru the drive thru wtf

  2. A lot of people OD on pain killers by accident, ESP. when ill with something like the flu…just trying to get some relief from the flu symptoms…like anna nicole as well probably, JUST MY OPINION… but if you are addicted to them, and many are addicted to them with valid reason if prescribed for chronic pain, your body becomes dependant upon it without intent of abuse. It sucks… but it sometimes also becomes tolerant of the effects so when ill or injured you can tend to think if you usually take x amount, with illness or new injury desperate for relief you take xx amount to try handle the pain…again just my thoughts.

  3. Medical records are beyond hard to get I think there is too much speculation . Let the man rest in peace TMZ.

  4. Respect to prince! He was one of the most talented guitarists and all round musicians I’d ever heard RIP Prince.

  5. It could have something to do with it because we’ve lost a lot of stars from prescription drugs including Elvis,Marylin Monroe, Jimmy Hyndrix,Whitney and the list is a mile long!! He had to be healthy performing all them concerts especially the way he loves to dance in an athletic sort of way…not many stars perform that way! Think about it giving his age 57 is an age when arthritis and different ailments could require pain meds and when doctors don’t do their job properly this is the outcome!

    • Illuminati is something people are saying because many have died because of meds and supposedly were part of the illuminati

  6. Lol Percocet isn’t a VERY powerful medicine, unless my doctor was cheating me on the dosage.

  7. Percocet is not that strong. It’s about as strong as Vicodin, and it has Tylenol in it. Pill addicts generally take stinger things like oxy of morphine…

    • +Annette Jenkins What might help you and may not be that strong -just might be the one thing that kills me.

    • +James Donald SO TRUE! Now there are disclosure with medications and the pharmacists can answer questions but another thing is-if a person truly has an addiction-They going to go through whatever means necessary to meet their needs. Not saying he had one but it’s too common. Not only in celebrities but anyone.

  8. Prince was a genius who made emotionally powerful music that impacted people’s lives. There’s no reason to smear his name like this.

    And don’t believe that part about percocet being “very, very” powerful. Absolutely not. It’s a routinely prescribed painkiller.

    • +GwopUpEnt exactly. no evidence, but im not saying he did, but my sources say he did, so im cosigning.¬† smh.

  9. I’m wondering if the naloxone (Narcan) could have had a role in his death. Typically it only works for about an hour to an hour and a half. If Prince had a high enough level of percs in his body, once the naloxone wore off, overdose symptoms would begin to creep back up and he would need another dose of naloxone to stop that process all over again.

    I’m wondering if maybe there werent several administrations of naloxone that he had to take in order to weather the overdose and then had complications due to the detox/withdrawal you immediately face after taking the opiate blocker. He very well could have been sick/in withdrawal and front loaded doses of percs, trying to get “well” and then all of that hit him at once and caused his death. Just a theory, very interesting tho.

    • +Justin Grace it has ALSO been reported that the man really did have a flu that migrated to a walking pneumonia. If so, with pneumonia, one has a fever, and with walking pneumonia, one refuses to give in to the illness until one collapses. This I know from personal experience. Additionally, his brother in law said he had been up working for 4-5 days.
      One needn’t rush to an OD/Narcan solution, with that additional info.
      And NARCAN is usually reserved for heroine ODs.

    • +michelle stein-evers frankl¬†Michelle I apologize if it came across like i was jumping to the conclusion that it was definitively an OD/Narcan issue. ¬†At the time I wrote my comment, a LOT of speculation surrounding that topic.¬†

      More evidence coming to light since my comment actually has me stepping back and investigating the no sleep/flu РWalking Pneumonia angle also.  IF drugs were involved, especially heroin, it could have simply been the icing on the cake that pushed his body to that point.  Either way it goes, I think Prince rocked and was an amazing man and entertainer.  I have nothing but love and respect for him and the pioneer he was/has been/will be forever.  Again I apologize if It seemed i were jumping to conclusions.

    • +Justin Grace unfortunately it is now reported (I saw it on the msnbc crawl) that the Minneapolis police are now consulting with the DEA about his death as there were prescription drugs found around and they need guidance about how they work together.

    • +michelle stein-evers frankl¬†I literally just read this article as I saw my response notification light up from your message in the corner of my screen. ¬†It breaks my heart that, possibly, we’ve lost another legend due to drug complications(if that’s what they ultimately decide). ¬†

      So so so so many people that revolutionized the music industry are gone due to that crap. ¬†How awesome would the world of music be today if we still had Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Keith Moon, John Bonham etc etc? ¬†The same thing goes for actors/actresses like River Phoenix. ¬†It’s a sad time right now to say the least. ¬†Prince was a giant in the history of music and guitar.

      Eric Clapton did an interview once where the reporter asked him, “What is it like to be the best guitar player on the alive?” ¬†And Eric answers, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Prince.” ¬†You dont get that type of praise in that industry from people like Eric unless you’re legitimately the very best. ¬†He’ll be missed =(.

    • +Justin Grace Despite the fact that I should have known Prince from way back, I didn’t take him seriously until I saw the video of the R&R Hall of Fame induction of George Harrison. I saw Dhani nodding encouragingly at someone off camera, and on comes Prince in red bowler hat, doing things I never knew a guitar would agree to do. His modest (by Prince standards) solo dropped my jaw and by the end of the six minutes plus, I was in AWE. Then, instead of a mic drop, he threw the axe in the air…walked off. And it never came down. Audacious.

  10. I love Prince. But I believe it. The story makes sense. I saw the picture of him at Walgreens. The ONLY reason Prince would have to be there is because he is picking up a Controled Substance. You HAVE to show ID when getting those meds. And the ID has to match the Script. He wouldn’t be at Walgreens for TP or toothpaste. Percs aren‚Äôt very strong compared to other Painkillers such as Oxys but he was a small guy. He could easily OD. IMO, I think he OD on the plane. Went to the hospital. Then when he got back home. He got a script for a more effective med cause he had a tolerance built to the Percs. And he ODd on whatever that med or cocktail he may have taken. Just a theory. But I have seen this story before many times in my life. So I won’t be suprised if it turns out to be right. In any case, doesn’t change the fact that Prince was my childhood and I will miss him

    • That’s what they want you to think. Perception is just “that!” Don’t buy the BS. Prince was murdered.

    • allverity23 Percocet is oxy. Morphine is not as strong as oxycodone..

  11. It doesn’t matter why he died…he is gone now…just respect his memory and legacy

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